Hot and Humid

It's another scorching hot day here in California. Ah, I shouldn't really compain because it's about 125 in Arizona, where my aunt lives....

But what I've been complaining about for the whole day is the stinking humidity. It was humid last week, it's humid again today. WTF. I hate humidity. It makes me cranky and pissy.

The heat also makes me sit, sweat, get thirsty. Then I drink stuff and I have to pee. Then the cycle starts all over...

Of course, the L.A. area isn't the most humid place on the planet. I recall hot, humid summers in Japan - summer is always the time I end up visiting there and it's humid almost to thepoint of nauseum (they also have a rainy season to go along with it). Dallas, when I went there about 2 years ago, was also incredibly humid. And Hawaii is humid also.

Maybe I should shut up but I'm dying right now.


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