Friday Blab

First of all, I present to you my weekly Baseball Bias article. Even if you could give a rat's ass about baseball, go click on it because my article has a pathetic number of hits as of now. hahaha. Not a masterpiece, but hell I was tired and I had no idea what to write about until about 7 p.m. last night. So, this will have to do. Hopefully, them Dodgers will make a crazy-ass trade and I'll have plenty to write about after that...

Secondly, I now officially have a lifetime of patterned paper because I am a weirdo and suck at life. I bought another one of them Stacks and now I have a grand total of four, which gives me an even more grander total of about 720 sheets of paper....well I've used up part of the others so maybe around 600. God, that is still a lot of paper. Combine that with my other paper and I don't even want to think about it.

I also want to stop by the LSS to buy some more paper (like I need more) and letter stickers (I'm like totally out and am now rocking out the computer fonts&hand lettering), but since I suck at life I am kind of broke and lazy. So who knows when this will happen. haha.

Third, I talked to the boy last night (kinda needed to vent about Dodgers' craptacular performance) and also another boy that I liked on and off for five years. Yes, FIVE. He goes to the Naval Academy and I was wondering if he came home for summer yet...he was home, has been for a couple of days and saw me the other day but didn't bother to say HI. PFFT what a punk.

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Doesn't that look yummy? I had some of that at Porto's yesterday. If you live in So-Cal, you need to haul your butt over there NOW. It's in Glendale, they have Cuban (and other) sandwiches which are totally yummy and not to mention, CHEAP! They also have a bakery, and that's where the above comes from. The orange one is mango mousse and the other is Italian cheesecake. both are divine. They look like boobs, though...hahahah.

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I lifted this from the amazing elsiecake over at 2Ps. This LO was sooooooo much fun to do!!!!

My mother is cooking fish and now the house smells fishy....*holds nose and makes a face*


Klala said…
You don't suck at life, you suck at saving money,lol. I think all scrappers do.

I love CUBANS!! Yum yum yum.
Missy said…
caroline! I love that page :)

and you don't suck... trust me on that one... we are all addicted to something!

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