Disorganized + baseball sadness

God, I am so disorganized. And my room is an absolute disaster zone. Do I want to clean this mess? Not really. But I sure would want a clean room. Dude, I need a maid!

I spent a lot of time looking for stuff yesterday and ended up getting nothing done. I sat down and decided I suddently wanted to start my "soundtrack to my life" album(I want to be cool like Ashley and Chriselda, and went off looking for my 7x7 book that I had lying around. I figure it's on my desk(because that's where I last saw it), so I start going through the piles of stuff....can't find it. Try again. Can't find it. Turn the whole area upside down and try to find it. Can't find it. ARGH. I'm frustrated at this point. I KNOW it's on my desk because where else would it be? So, I spend 30 minutes looking for it. Can't find it. I give up. I look at the clock. It's 12:15 a.m. already. No time to scrap anything else. I'm disappointed.

The I decide that I want to crawl into bed with a magazine. A specific magazine - the September Seventeen (yeah, I'm 20 and I still think Seventeen is cool. Shush). Being the mag whore and freebie addict I am, I get dozens of magazines a month and have piles of them in my room (I need to go through them and start getting rid of some of them..). I look through the pile in the basket on my nightstand. Not there. Piles on floor? Not there! Argh. I have no idea where it is. It's somewhere in this disaster zone. BAH. So I pick up something else. By now I am hot because I was going through piles for the last hour or so, and I'm cranky.

At least I didn't wake up this morning to not being able to find that one shirt I wanted to wear....haha.

Someone, find me a maid. I don't want to clean! hmmph.

Other things on my mind -

-The Dodgers lost the weekend series to the Giants. I am pissed. Losing to the Giants sucks. Hmph. At least we didn't end the weekend in fourth place.

-I believe the Yankees are now in first. Great, the two teams I hate the most are doing well. Grr.

-The A's lost today. Yeah, I don't think the baseball gods like me.

-And here's my Baseball Bias article of the week. Go! Read it NOW!


Chris-el-da said…
clean your damn room you slob! and while you're at it... get a big box together of all the crap you don't use and it send it my way! ;) soooo needin' new stuff too!
Emily Kate said…
I wish I liked baseball better so I could relate :)

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