The Boy.

Oh goodness. It's more humid here than yesterday. And I believe it's hotter.

My friend tells me it was even raining at school today...I looked out and it's cloudy outside.

EWWW. I would like to jump in the pool right now, but these two lovebirds are in there right now...

Anyhow. I ran into the boy today. Yeah, remember him? I was on my way to class and literally almost bumped into him. I looked up and realized it was him and he said hi to me and hugged me which was ehhh. He was all icky because he came out of his weightlifting class. Anyways, he was all scruffy. We talked a little bit. Met his twin brother. They look exactly alike (except said brother doesn't have scruff). He was surprised I hadn't met him before. I said I probably mistakingly said hi to him. I needed to get to class if I wanted a seat. He needed to pick up his diploma, which he said had been there for 2 years (wtf). So we took off.

It was weird. Not awkward, but just weird. It was the first time I'd seen him after the whole ordeal. So. I'm over what happened. I'm just not sure if I'm over HIM yet. I guess it's a good sign, though, that I had no reaction after the encounter.

It's just that....well I thought he was pretty fucking close to perfect. Even more so than any other guy I'd liked or dated. He was cute, he was the nicest guy ever, he made me laugh, he was one of the only guys I know that I could talk sports(okay, baseball) with, he was smart, we had similar interests and goals...I didn't fall for him when I first met him, in fact I fell for him after he left newspaper. I was sort of hesitant to fall for him, especially because I was afraid of this happening, but I let myself go and let myself fall hard. It was different, in the way I was liking him. I don't know how to explain it. So trying to get over that is not exactly the easiest thing in the world.

Whoever that girl is is pretty damn lucky, that's for sure.

*sigh* I want things to go back to normal.....


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