Taking the camera for a spin!

My mother came home from Japan on Wednesday. Our old digital camera broke, so she brought home a new one - A Canon Elph SD400. A bunch of my friends own an Elph, so I joined their club. haha. I love it.

I went out for dinner, a movie and some karaoke last night so I took the camera out for a spin. I was only able to take about 10 pictures because my memory card only houses 16MB worth of pictures at the moment. I have to go and purchase a new one, like, very soon because I love to go out and take tons of random pictures.

Anyways, I decided to share -

We went to eat at Market City Cafe, a place in the mall. It was okay. We were originally going to get some Middle Eastern food (that stuff is sooo delicious) but we had to pick up our friend who lives closer to the mall, where the theater is, anyways so it would've been like going back and forth if we went to the MIddle Eastern place. So we just at at the mall....

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My attempt at being artsy. It didn't quite work out though. lol.

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My friend Marylou and I

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My buddies Linda, Victoria and Elaine

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We ran into my other friends at the mall - they watched the movie at the same time with us. Albert, Sara, Ashley and Cristin.

We saw Mr.&Mrs. Smith. What an awesome movie! It was funny, clever and you can't help but drool over Brad Pitt's hotness. If you haven't seen it yet, well, go do sow. I command you!

We then went karaoke afterwards. I belted out some teeny-bopper anthems (by BSB, Britney and the like) and some of them Japanese tunes that I've sang in Japan. The boys that were with us kept singing Usher.

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Henry singing Usher. I don't remember what song.


Bay in TN said…
Hey!!! Cool camera!!!! I'm jealous. I think that first photo *is* artsy -- just run it through a few filters on Photoshop Elements, and voila! You're the next Andy Warhol!


(nice blog, btw!)
I like that artsy pic, too! Looks like y'all had fun! :)
doris said…
i love your artsy pic. and i will see mr and mrs smith. as soon as it comes out on video. :)
nadine jenine said…
i saw 'beer' on your artsy pic and gave it an immediate thumbs up. ;)
Chris-el-da said…
what?! i think your artsiness came through on pic one! but you're just fishin for compliments aren't you? haha!

looks like you had a good weekend... where the hell have you been on the board? damn you!

Brynne said…
Ok girl i think it's time to udpate!

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