Slowly picking myself up + pic post

I'm better. Not quite over it but way better. I don't know....I was high on anticipation and optimism the past two weeks, and now it's all gone. I don't know how to explain it - but the bounce in my step is gone.

Anyways, on a happier note -

- I don't think I updated about how the game went, you know, my hot date with my friend Elaine. It was fun - but we got lost in the parking lot because we had no idea where we parked. We were walking around and circling for an hour. That's what we get for getting there late and having to park far, I guess. The Dodgers won and it was a great game, so that's all good.

- I finally got a memory card for my new camera. I'll be rocking it tomorrow, since we are taking a little outing to the Huntington Library, this museum/garden around here. It's free admission day (normally $12!) and it's beautiful there (so I hear, I've NEVER been there) and that'll call for plenty of photo opportunities.

- I'll be going to my aunt's house in Arizona this weekend. I'll probably be back Sunday night? I think..

Oh, and here are some pictures from my visit in San Diego last weekend! These are all from my old camera...

We got there Friday around noon....traffic wasn't too bad. Saw my friend Amy's condo for the first time - it's soooo nice! She just moved in a week or two before we came.

After settling in, we went to lunch then took off to the beach - after all, that's what we went down there for! The water was freezing but it was a nice beach!

Image hosted by
Elaine, me, Nora (I have no idea why she's cracking up like that), Judy. We seem to be the hanging out together this whole summer so far...

Image hosted by
Elaine, Amy, me, Nora

Image hosted by
Amy and me

Image hosted by
I like this silhouette effect here.

Image hosted by
Judy and me

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Palm trees!

Image hosted by
Shadow picture....mine looks fat. I don't know why. Oh well.

Image hosted by
We built this village thing complete with these tunnels....then we stomped on it and destroyed it.

After going back to Amy's place, showering, and primping, we went to dinner with Amy's boy, Garrett to a Korean BBQ place...yum. Then we went back to Amy's place, baked some cookies and ate them with ice cream (sort of like BJ's pizookies). They were divine. Then we started to play some Simpsons Monopoly...

Image hosted by
Flaunting my property. I had Park AND Boardwalk and eventually put houses on them but no one landed on them :( grr.

Image hosted by
Nora with hers....nora and i were winning at the beginning (we had most of the property) but somehow Judy made a monopoly, made us all broke and won. grrr.


Chris-el-da said…
ugh... skinny bitches! i hate hate hate you!

and who ever wins Monopoly... i end up quitting because the game never effin' ends!

dammit! you've ruined my day KATHY! but at least your pictures are in focus - lmao!

Ashley said…
It's about freakin' time you're updating this blog!!
Emily Kate said…
Wow, this looks like so much fun! I'm beyond jealous...
Anonymous said…
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