My semester is over!

By walking out of my marriage & family sociology final yesterday morning, my semester is finally over and done with.

I only slept two hours Wednesday night. I was studying for my women's history final, which scared me, even though it really wasn't that hard. I just had to go through all the books and mark them up with Post-its and such since it was open book but not open note, and we had to quote from the books. I was up until 3 doing that and then went to sleep and woke up at 5 to start again. The final was at 8 in the morning. Whoever comes up with the finals schedule must be on crack because they schedule a final for an 8:50 class at 8 a.m. What kind of mofo expects me to be fully functioning at 8? I did it in high school, but I was still half-asleep in class anyways.

I've declared O-zone - Dragsotea Din Tei as my study anthem. It's a Romanian club song, supposedly a gay anthem according to my gay friend. haha. It's pretty funny and it's really catchy. It kept me going when it came on last night.

I think I did okay on the final, but I hope I did well enough to earn me an A. I have this perfectionism complex going on for that class, or any other class I've taken from that teacher because I think he's the coolest ever. I ended up running out of time, like I've done for every other in-class final for his classes. I also hope that my answer was coherent and sufficient.

Sometimes, I just think too hard.

My sociology final was just eh. I still couldn't find my book but I did what I can.

Final thoughts on the spring 2004 semester -

- It was most definitely a busy one. Editing for the opinion page definitely took up most of my time and energy but definitely not enough to not make me want to come back. I will be back to the Courier next semester. I think the experience was interesting and worth it though, and I hope it's something that'll take me places in the future.

- It was sort of tough. Women's history was tough, but it definitely had to be my favorite class by far. (I should post about it someday). I had Hugo for the third time now and I have to say he's one of the best. I can't stop raving about his classes.

- I met cool people. I hope I keep in touch with at least some of them. Oh yeah, and I got to know the boy better. That was the greatest.

Okay, I have no idea what to write...haha.

I went ice skating again yesterday. it should be my weekly workout. I fell on my ass twice but I'm not bruised and I'm not crippled! Oh, and I landed my salchow. Sort of. hah.


Emily Kate said…
Congrats on being done! It feels great doesn't it?

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