God, I'm old. This is the birthday post, yo!

Geez. I'm in my 20s. You know how weird it is to say that, let alone believe it?

I can't say that I'm glad or sad that I'm not in my teens anymore. It wasn't hell like some people, it was actually pretty good, but I'm looking forward to what's ahead, although, in a way that's sort of scary. I've got college to finish, a job to get, and possibly a marriage and kids? Or that may be in my 30s. Wow, in 10 years I'll be in my 30s. Whoa. That's even weirder.

Anyways, the point is, there's so much the future can hold. I'm looking forward to it, although I'm a little apprehensive about it.

The teenage years left me with a lot of treasured memories, though. It had it's ups and downs, but I have to say that it had more ups than downs for me. For some people, it's a tumultuous time, but for me it wasn't. I was quite a normal teen, and did have some problems, but not many. Compared to those around me, I did have it kind of easy. But the times I choose to remember are those filled with happiness and laughter.

I kicked off my celebration a day early - starting with yesterday. I had a huge get-together at Macaroni Grill, which ended up being a lot larger than anticipated. I let some people do some of the inviting out of my own laziness, and WHOA. haha. I also didn't know who was coming for sure. I made a reservation for 15, I ended up having over 20 and we had to start a new table.

It was sort of cool though - my high school friends got to meet my college friends. Or some of them, anyways. For my high school friends, I have two groups, and they sort of got to reunite with each other (they all know each other, but not well). So that was kind of fun.

I got lots of cool presents too! A Dodger bear from Build-A-Bear, Roxy flip-flops, a gift set from Bath&Body Works, a thong (hah), 2 of the same halters from GAP (but in different colors, so it's all good), a set of notecards, an hourglass, a purse, and a knitting kit. Cool stuff!

Afterwards, about half of us went to my friend's Mark's house (or rather, his garage). We played pool, poker and Smash Brothers, which I suck at. It was all fun though.

I'm going to celebrate tonight with my friends in Irvine (down in the OC). They plan to intoxicate me...that's going to be interesting. haha.


Emily Kate said…
Happy Birthday, girlie! I wasn't around or online yesterday so I missed it but hope your day was fabulous!
Chris-el-da said…
hope you had fun last night! i hated turn 20 too! i thought i was soooo old! felt like i had to officially "grow up." And here i am 25... going on 26 and STILL not sure if that's happened yet!

Chris said…
happy birthday!

Man do I long for the days when I was turning 20 or rather I guess I just wish I looked like I was still 20.

BUt take it from this 32yr old gal (I know I am seriously ancient) that don't feel like you have to grow up and do everything at once.

And also once you hit 30 and move on from there, what you once thought of as so old is really not.

Hope you had a fab time celebrating!
Ashley said…
Awww Happy birthday! I'm gonna be 21 next month and I still kinda consider myself a "teenager." Not *really,* but kinda. Maybe I just don't wanna grow up?? ha

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