Wednesday chaos isn't that chaotic around here today, but as I sit here waiting for a photo illustration that would complete my page (Ive actually been in great shape early!), I wanted to reflect on the chaos that we see here every Wednesday, a.k.a. Producation Day.

When you have your own page to design, you can definitnely appreciate the beauty of deadlines, although you yourself never feel like sticking them. Of course, I feel like a hypocrite when I say this, because I am as guilty as the next person (and especially editor) when it comes to getting stories in on time.

But when stories come in late, that sets me back because I end up having a hole on my page, and there is no way in predicting how long the stories I am going to be. Until the stories are in, the hole stays. And as the clock starts ticking, it gets more and more annoying...

I'm as guilty as the next person (and especially editor) when it comes to late stories. But I always get it in, at least by Wednesday morning. But some people don't turn their stuff in until Wednesday afternoon then get upset when they don't see their story in print that next day! Well, you think?! We can't wait all day - the paper is technically due at the printer at 6 p.m.

Page design never quite works out the way you want it to, either. You have to play with elements, move them around and adjust them so that they could fit on the page. Sometimes, this is frustrating. No matter how much I play with it, sometimes it still just doesn't fit. This is when I have to get creative, and put a PSA directing readers to our website, or something like that.

Right now, I'm waiting on artwork for my page. It always seems like that's this thing that takes longest every week. i love my photo illustration person who I always buy to provide art for my page, but sometimes, like right now, I'm done with everything and sit and wait for hours to my illustration to come in.

Today is a pretty relaxed Wednesday. We've had Wednesdays from hell, in which hardly anythign was in, or people kept taking off.

It's all good though when the paper comes out the next day, and everything looks fine...of course, there's never a perfect issue (little typos/grammar erros pop up), but if nothing big is screwy, we're happy.


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