My friends came home!

I always sound like a lame loner when I say that, but there's nothing like when all your good 'ol buddies from high school come home. Because, well, there's no one quite like them, in my opinion.

It's not like I don't have friends for the rest of the year, because I still hang out with the friends from high school that go to PCC with me and I've also got my newspaper crew.

But there's nothing like the times we's quite hard to describe. I have no idea how. We always have a ton of laughs and great moments...and we always seem to pick up right where we last left off.

They only come home a couple of times a year (most definitely summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus some other times along the way), but the time that I get to spend with them when they are home are one of the moments that I cherish most.

I don't know how it's going to be when I transfer and I'm going to be coming home all the time...that's going to be interesting, I suppose.

Anyways, yesterday, here's what we did: we went to dinner with a party of 20+. Our group is known for huge get-togethers....there's like a "core" group and other people come and we have fun reminiscing and catching up with each other....I noticed that we talk a LOT about school more than anything else.

Afterwards, about half of us went karaoke-ing. It was cheap - you had to buy two items off their menu (it was in this Asian cafe place) and then it was free. So we were there for about three hours for $6. We had tons of fun belting out lame teeny-bopper songs (what was really lame was that most of us knew all the words without looking at the screen) in our really horrible, ear-deafening singing voices. I did "Baby One More Time," "Genie in a Bottle," "Candy," and "Breathe" by Michelle Branch, which isn't teeny-bopper. hah. It was a blast!


nadine jenine said…
i totally know that feeling about being with old friends. its impossible to describe but its like time just stands still. i love that feeling.
Emily Kate said…
Ya know, I've never really karaoked before. Well we sort of did on Halloween but, it wasn't very exciting. I need to try it again with the right people, I think!

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