Idiotic baseball fans

I love being a fan of baseball (and the Dodgers), but sometimes I am embarrassed to be a fan because of some of the idiots I come accross. They just make me want to puke.

There are two kind of fans I absolutely hate - the unnecessarily rowdy ones and the groupie/fangirls.

The first, I come accross all the time at Dodger Stadium. They usually sit in the cheap seats, in the Pavillion (outfield bleachers). The one time I sat in the Pavillion, I could not stand it. Almost all the idiots sitting there only seemedto be interested in chanting "so-and-so sucks," booing people, throwing stuff at people who were in the opposing team's jerseys, throwing around a beach ball and booing when it got taken away and trying to start up a wave. It was close to impossible to pay attention to the game.

They also did a lot of cussing. Now, I am the first to admit that I have a total potty mouth, but never would I consider cussing out an opposing player or team, especially at a stadium. I think the players/teams deserve more respect than that. I was also surprised and bothered when I saw a little 7-year-old kid yelling out "fuck you Barry (Bonds)." A kid like that should not be saying that in a stadium, let alone using that language at all.

The Dodgers came up with a $2 Tuesdays promotion, where tickets would be only two bucks on Tuesday nights. I loved the idea (I'm always broke) and went to the first game it was offered. Well, this past Tuesday, they had it and two fucktard teenage boys jumped onto the field from the Pavillion seats. THIS WAS EXTREMELY STUPID OF THEM. After security got them off the field and arrested them, fans in the area started to boo them and then started to throw trash onto the field. It took six minutes for people to clean it up.

Now the Dodgers are considering cancelling the promotion. It makes me very angry that some fucktard fans have to just ruin it for everyone else. It also just annoys me and embarrasses me that these fucktards consider themselves Dodger fans.

Being a fan of a team doesn't mean that you should cuss out every other player on the opposing team or boo them constantly. It's not about that. Being a fan means rooting your own team on, through thick or thin. Screw the opposite team.

Now the fangirls. They make us female baseball fans look horrible! It always makes me happy when I'm able to impress some guy with my baseball knowledge, because, well, I break the "girls are groupie" stereotype for the knowledgeable female fans in the game. Best compliment I've received was when a guy in newspaper (who was hot HAHA) told me "I think it's hot that you write about baseball." It was nice to know that I could hold my own.

My dear LJ friend is having drama over her journal with a groupie girl. This girl is absolutely psycho. The girl waits for players to come and go from the stadium so that she can ask them for autographs. She comes to the stadium, gets her autographs, and sometimes LEAVES the game. She also gave some player a wedding gift. How creepy is that? If you don't know them personally, you have NO PLACE in giving them a wedding gift!

Do I think certain baseball players are hot? Yes. Do I like to stare at these hot ones? Yes. But is that all I care about? No. There's a reason why I became a fan of baseball and none of that has to do with the fact that certain players are attractive.

I don't care whether or not a player is hot for me to like them. If they perform on the field, then I shall like them!

Fan girls just give us a bad name. It's annoying to have to prove that you're not the stereotypical female fan.


Ashley said…
I'm a total baseball fan too and I get a li'l too...involved sometimes ;) It's cool you're so knowledgeable and it does suck that some people are stupid and ruin it for everyone :P
Levi said…
"Fucktard" LMFAO!!!!!

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