Grey's Anatomy

I must say that Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Too bad its season finale was tonight, and we won't see it for another 5 months or so (I did hear that ABC renewed it for another season, though...). Boo.

Reasons I like the show -

- There's an Asian in one of the main roles. Really, Asians are quite invisible when it comes to media. So when someone's in a leading role (ESPECIALLY on T.V.), that's big for me. And I must say, Sandra Oh's character is great.

- It's got the perfect mix of romance, comedy and drama. I'm not big on the medical shows, but this is about so much more than that. It can be funny one moment and heart-racing the next. It's got sex and it's got the life-and-death moments.

- The funny moments are really funny. I mean, come on, walking around with a severed penis all day? (I think that was the funniest in the whole show so far).

- I really like the characters.

- It's got heart.

The finale itself was good. Who knew Sheperd had a wife? That left me hanging. The other thing that left me hanging was what Christina was going to do with her baby. I was surprised to not see her bring it up to anyone else since the whole episode was centered around secrets. I thought George having syphilis was pretty funny too, and when Alex was examining him, I really thought someone was going to walk in on them. The scene where George was supposed to get the shot of penicillin up his ass, and ended up having that done with three girls in the room was also hilarious. The sex ed scene was also pretty funny.

I can't wait for the season opener...


Ashley said…
Who knew Shepard had a wife?! Oh my goodness. LOVE this show...can hardly wait until the season premiere in a few months. What do you think will happen with Meredith and Shepard now??

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