This is the introductory post.

So, since this is the first entry, I suppose I should introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Caroline.

I'm a 19-year-old(turning 20 in June) college student hailing sunny southern California. I attend a local community college with plans to transfer to a four-year college after next year. I plan on being a journalism major, although I might change that depending on what school I decide to transfer to(likely prospects include mass communications and women's studies or ethnic studies). All I know is that I do plan to end up working somewhere in the media, preferrably in magazing journalism. Other prospects include column writing, sports writing, or even public relations.

I spend most of my energy being the opinion editor for my campus newspaper. Although I generally don't consider myself opinionated, I found myself best at writing opinion pieces. I guess you can sort of attribute it to my sarcastic nature, which came in quite handy while writing my opinions. I generally write opinions about pop culture and sports, rarely politcs.

I am quite a sports nut. Baseball is my favorite. My favorite team is the Dodgers, but the A's, Cubs, Red Sox and Angels are some of the teams on my "favorable" list. I depise the Giants and the Yankees. I also enjoy basketball, but my knowledge about baseball far exceeds that of basketball. Since my neighbors are season ticket holders to the Clippers and I've gone to several games with them, I've grown to like them over the last season.

I enjoy watching sports, but I am hopeless at playing most of them. The one I did try and did have reasonable success at was figure skating. I skated for about four years(non-competitively), and I miss it terribly. I do enjoy watching it though.

I am generally a self-proclaimed girly-girl. I am a shopaholic and a cosmetics whore. Stuffing my closet with new outfits and continually replenishing my endless supply of beauty products is what I seem to be doing all the time. I am also a sucker for chick flicks and love girly magazines.

Reading is among my favorite things to do. I enjoy reading books, but love going through my stash of magazines. I also love listening to music. My taste is quite diverse, and I have favorites in almost every genre. I played piano for over 10 years. I never became the virtuoso that I would've liked to been, because I lacked the patience to practice for hours on end every day. I do like to bang out some tunes on my piano once in awhile, though.

Taking picture and scrapbooking them are among my favorite things to do. I am quite an amateur at photography, but do sometimes come out with great shots of just whatever. All I know is that I love playing my camera and taking it with me everywhere I go. At social events, I usually end up taking over 100 pictures(ah, the beauty of a digital camera!). Of course, I don't develop all of them(I only develop about a third or so of them), but after I do, I love to spend hours crafting layouts for my albums. They are not fancy, but I like them.

I'm friendly but some people do piss me off. I'm easily approchable. I'm generally seen as outgoing, but I can be shy. I'm quite a silly girl, and I love to have a ton of laughs.


Emily Kate said…
Yay for starting a blog!! Love it!
nadine jenine said…
good work caroline! and i still love that picture!

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