Sunday, July 21, 2013

29 before 29

it only took me a month (and them some) to finish up this list, but here it is finally:
1. run a half-marathon
2. travel out of the country
3. take more pictures
4. blog once a week
5. bike to sausalito
6. clean out closet
7.  upgrade camera
8. be a tourist in LA
9. discover 3 new brunch spots
10.  photograph a wedding
11. take a girls' trip/have a girls' weekend
12. go roller skating
13. take a fitness class
14. read 5 books
15. go back to NYC
16. learn illustrator + dreamweaver
17. revamp website & blog
18. go to a meetup
19. learn a new skill
20. take more day trips
21. make more friends with shared common interests
22. rewatch the office from start to finish
23. have a so-cal beach day (bikes + bonfire)
24. ask for what i want more
25. go ice skating more
26. watch a new TV series
27. make a significat change,
28. cook more often
29. do a shoot entirely in film

here's to hoping i have better luck crossing things off this list than i did last year, haha :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

for the love of ramen.

the other night, my friend amy mentioned that she had been watching the mind of a chef on netflix, and that i might like it too. the series follows david chang (of the momofuku restaurants) as he travels, eats, cooks, and shares his process. he even takes other cuisines and adapts it into his own style - i.e. making gnocchi out of instant ramen (true story), or making microwavable strawberry shortcake.

it is awesomeness. and involves a lot of ramen (one of his most popular restaurants is the momofuku noodle bar, known for amazing ramen). which made me pull out all my pictures of the bowls of ramen i've consumed over the last year or so, and throw this page together.

yep. i totally scrapped about ramen. don't judge.

amy and i are totally high-fiving ourselves for discovering this little gem of a show. and i'm craving a bowl of ramen so bad. and i want to go back to japan to eat my way through the country again. and i want to go back to NYC to eat at momofuku.

oh dear, what have i gotten myself into?