Friday, June 21, 2013

neon, pastels, and triangles.

do you ever have an outfit that's become your "go-to" of sorts, and you wear it over and over again when you don't want to think about what you should wear?

sweater + tank: forever 21. pants: gap. shoes: bandolino (via DSW). necklace: oh hello friend (via renegade craft fair).
the bag was not intended to be a part of the outfit but it came with a a japanese fashion magazine :) 

this outfit is one of those for me (i have several "go-to"s. i'm lazy like that). it combines a few of my favorite things right now: neon, pastels and triangles. i am also in love with that necklace - i bought it at renegade last year from oh hello friend, which is one of my favorite blogs. i wear that necklace every chance i get, i loooove it.

these photos were snapped in clarion alley, which is one of my favorite spots in san francisco. there are tons and tons of cool murals there. some of my favorites from the past have been painted over and there are new favorites that i'm sure will be painted over at some point, but it's always fun to check out what's new there.

we also had a blast hanging out in the mission, which is always fun. we picked up some treats at craftsman & wolves, had a chicken tikka masala burrito from curry up now, and tried not to buy out the whole store at therapy.

we then had some yummy pho at turtle tower and all ended up buying unnecessary but oh-so-cute stuff at target. why is it that going to target with a bunch of gal pals is so much more fun than going with a boy??

all in all, a fun day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

golden hour.

i was hanging out on j's back patio one evening, waiting for him to get some work done. i was enjoying the sunshine, kicking back with some magazines and a glass of wine. all of a sudden i looked up and noticed that the light was amazing, so i grabbed my film camera and snapped these shots. these are all straight out of camera, no editing whatsoever.

isn't golden hour magical?

(side note: i just got 4 rolls of film developed so excuse the related posts with film photos to follow. film photography is magical, too.)