Thursday, September 19, 2013


it's always a bit of a conundrum: when i have the time and energy to scrap, i don't seem to have any ounce of creativity and end up pushing paper for 30 minutes before giving up. when i actually want to scrap and have creative ideas floating around in my brain, i don't have the time or energy.

since i have a ton of kits piling up that i've been itching to play with, i sucked it up and ignored my lack of energy and cranked these babies out.

as a side note, let's back up and talk about the lack of energy part for a second. i recently became hooked on breaking bad, and that show has been ruining my life the last month or so. i finally caught up to the current season, then proceeded to stay up til 4:30am and finished all six episodes. i'm too old for this late-night binge watching, so i was dying the next day, but this current season is cuh-raaaaazy. i don't even know what to do with myself now that i'm all caught up and have to wait a week like everyone else. siiiiigh. #firstworldproblems

Monday, September 02, 2013

hello september

well, howdy there, september. you sure snuck up on me and i am protesting the fact that you're here but i am excited for what you have to bring.

had a gloriously lazy labor day weekend, filled with plenty of gingersnap iced coffees from philz (my new obsession), picnics in the sunshine, top knots, the spectacular now (go see it - it was fantastic), TV shopping, sangrias, cheese, scrabble, BBQing, and gorgeous sunsets. september, you're off to a great start.

i am excited for what's coming up: the possibility of new opportunities and change, fantasy football, the playoff race in baseball (go dodgers!), lots of concerts, changing scenery, new creative ideas...lots up the sleeves.

september, i'm excite about what you've got in store for me.

Friday, August 30, 2013

florals, stripes, and mint

had a little bit of fun with my friend glen hanging out in the lower haight and taking pictures with some of these cool murals...

(cardi: old navy. tank: forever 21. pants: h&m. shoes: target. necklace: forever 21)

the weather has been a bit schizo here. that's summer in SF, i guess. part of me wants fall to start, because that's when it's actually warm out here. because the weather is schizo here, layers are a must.

i'm still in love with those mint pants. i scored them on sale at h&m for $10 - woot! that floral tank i've had for a couple years, but forgot about it, and then rediscovered it in my closet recently. i love that striped cardi it's on the thicker side and warm.

i love the lower haight. lots of fun restaurants and little dive bars, and these murals are super cool. and there is some cool, funky architecture too. i kinda wanna come back here for a shoot one day.

here are some of my shots, too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what i ate the last two weeks (+ giveaway winner)

last week completely got away from me - it's been busy, busy, busy. really though, this whole year seems to be getting away from me. can anyone believe it's september already next week?! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?

lots of exciting things happening next month, but first things first - what i've been eating the last two weeks!

left to right, from top:
tortilla soup from tacko (perfect lunch for when you're sick)
schnitzel + mashed potatoes from suppenkuche (one of my favorite restaurants in SF!)
eggplant parmigiana from olive garden (sometimes, i really really crave olive garden. don't judge)
spicy pork, tonight ramen, and seafood pancake from tonight soju bar
pork belly bun from chairman bao
chips + guac from la canasta (because you can never have too much guac, amiright?)
animal style cheeseburger + fries from in n out (seriously can't go wrong)
braised lamb sandwich (with avocado) from gregoire (this has become j and i's go-to spot for lunch)
carnitas special from juan's place (j has been talking about these carnitas for years, but our timing is never right - til now. oh man, they were tasty)

left to right, from top - 
stuffed spinach & mushroom pizza from zachary's (our go-to tailgating meal of choice)
turkey + avocado sub from marina submarine (because they add SO. MUCH. AVOCADO.)
baja style fish taco, nick's way from tacko (yes, i've gone here three weeks in a row)
strawberry & peach muffin + a latte from mavelous
mac & cheese from cowgirl creamery (almost as good as beecher's in seattle. almost)
deluxe sushi combo from miyuki

now that i've made myself hungry, here's the winner to jill sprott's scrapbooking from the soul workshop: yam!

yam, please send me an email (on the sidebar on the right), and i'll get your set right up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

what i ate this week

just a reminder that the giveaway for a spot to jill's scrapbooking from the soul workshop is still going on over here :)

i've noticed that many of my instagram photos (and really, most of my photos in general) are of what i eat. soooooo, i decided that i should compile all of these weekly and turn them into a blog post. go ahead, judge me all you want.

i now present to you -  what i ate the week of 8/5-11. (meant to post this monday, but i'd been under the weather)

left to right from top:
ahi tuna burger from gott's roadside
chicken & waffles (and latte) from beachside cafe
chicken pho from turtle tower
happy hour oysters from cafe des amis
carnitas street-style tacos from tacko
mitarashi dango from kissako tea
sweet corn and berry ice cream from smitten
garlic tenderous rib ramen from genki ramen
steak burrito from chipotle

Saturday, August 10, 2013

scrap binge + a giveaway

i was so honored to be able to contribute to jill's new workshop for two peas in a bucket, scrapbooking from the soul. jill has a beautiful way with words (and she makes amazing pages), so i knew her workshop would be amazing!

from the class description - 

As scrapbookers, we do not document life as passive observers -- we have the power to make meaning, sharing what matters in ways that matter. Join Garden Girl Jill Sprott for Scrapbooking from the Soul, a workshop that explores ways to embrace the “soul scrapper” within and infuse pages with layers of meaning.  

In this workshop, Jill shares a variety of approaches and strategies for how to become more invested in creating layouts that feel authentic to you as well as authentically you. The workshop emphasizes in particular the role that journaling plays in enhancing meaning and contributing to a sense of unity. 

To serve as a creative springboard and to help you expand your repertoire of strategies for journaling, the workshop is based on a series of challenges, each of which serves as a key, unlocking the possibilities of a page and making the idea of scrapbooking from the soul a more accessible concept.

If you would like to adopt a more thoughtful approach to your layouts, hone your journaling skills, and seek the “soul” within your scrapbooking, then this workshop was made for you.

jill has kindly offered up a free spot to her class for me to give away. leave a comment here by friday, august 16 and i will draw a winner!

in other news...i've been scrapping up a storm these last few weeks. this is good because i had barely touched a piece of paper in the last couple of months and i have all this year's worth of studio calico kits piling up (with another on the way). here are some things i've come up with lately...

i still have plenty left to kill, so i better get on that, i guess! (luckily, i have a free evening, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of episodes of breaking bad to watch).

Sunday, July 21, 2013

29 before 29

it only took me a month (and them some) to finish up this list, but here it is finally:
1. run a half-marathon
2. travel out of the country
3. take more pictures
4. blog once a week
5. bike to sausalito
6. clean out closet
7.  upgrade camera
8. be a tourist in LA
9. discover 3 new brunch spots
10.  photograph a wedding
11. take a girls' trip/have a girls' weekend
12. go roller skating
13. take a fitness class
14. read 5 books
15. go back to NYC
16. learn illustrator + dreamweaver
17. revamp website & blog
18. go to a meetup
19. learn a new skill
20. take more day trips
21. make more friends with shared common interests
22. rewatch the office from start to finish
23. have a so-cal beach day (bikes + bonfire)
24. ask for what i want more
25. go ice skating more
26. watch a new TV series
27. make a significat change,
28. cook more often
29. do a shoot entirely in film

here's to hoping i have better luck crossing things off this list than i did last year, haha :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

for the love of ramen.

the other night, my friend amy mentioned that she had been watching the mind of a chef on netflix, and that i might like it too. the series follows david chang (of the momofuku restaurants) as he travels, eats, cooks, and shares his process. he even takes other cuisines and adapts it into his own style - i.e. making gnocchi out of instant ramen (true story), or making microwavable strawberry shortcake.

it is awesomeness. and involves a lot of ramen (one of his most popular restaurants is the momofuku noodle bar, known for amazing ramen). which made me pull out all my pictures of the bowls of ramen i've consumed over the last year or so, and throw this page together.

yep. i totally scrapped about ramen. don't judge.

amy and i are totally high-fiving ourselves for discovering this little gem of a show. and i'm craving a bowl of ramen so bad. and i want to go back to japan to eat my way through the country again. and i want to go back to NYC to eat at momofuku.

oh dear, what have i gotten myself into?

Friday, June 21, 2013

neon, pastels, and triangles.

do you ever have an outfit that's become your "go-to" of sorts, and you wear it over and over again when you don't want to think about what you should wear?

sweater + tank: forever 21. pants: gap. shoes: bandolino (via DSW). necklace: oh hello friend (via renegade craft fair).
the bag was not intended to be a part of the outfit but it came with a a japanese fashion magazine :) 

this outfit is one of those for me (i have several "go-to"s. i'm lazy like that). it combines a few of my favorite things right now: neon, pastels and triangles. i am also in love with that necklace - i bought it at renegade last year from oh hello friend, which is one of my favorite blogs. i wear that necklace every chance i get, i loooove it.

these photos were snapped in clarion alley, which is one of my favorite spots in san francisco. there are tons and tons of cool murals there. some of my favorites from the past have been painted over and there are new favorites that i'm sure will be painted over at some point, but it's always fun to check out what's new there.

we also had a blast hanging out in the mission, which is always fun. we picked up some treats at craftsman & wolves, had a chicken tikka masala burrito from curry up now, and tried not to buy out the whole store at therapy.

we then had some yummy pho at turtle tower and all ended up buying unnecessary but oh-so-cute stuff at target. why is it that going to target with a bunch of gal pals is so much more fun than going with a boy??

all in all, a fun day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

golden hour.

i was hanging out on j's back patio one evening, waiting for him to get some work done. i was enjoying the sunshine, kicking back with some magazines and a glass of wine. all of a sudden i looked up and noticed that the light was amazing, so i grabbed my film camera and snapped these shots. these are all straight out of camera, no editing whatsoever.

isn't golden hour magical?

(side note: i just got 4 rolls of film developed so excuse the related posts with film photos to follow. film photography is magical, too.)

Monday, May 27, 2013

28 before 28 update

my 28th birthday is in just about a week now, which made me pull out this list and wonder about my progress:

run a 10k and/or half marathon
 planning on one in the summer. i have been very on and off about my running (run 5-6 miles 3x a week for 2 months, then not run at all for a month), so i'm trying to get more consistent first. 

get back into photography again working on it.
 new branding, new website, setting up some styled stuff. i watched jasmine star's reSTART workshop on creative live and was totally inspired so this is a big goal of mine this year. 

read 6 new books
fail. i have a huge stack of unread books, too. 

go to yoga
fail. my gym offers yoga classes and i really should take advantage of them. 

\make more time to be creative.
i feel like i've done good on this.

go to portland 

go back to NYC.
i'm putting this back on the list for next year. 

take a vegas trip with the girls
i went to vegas, but not with my gal pals. i'm going to cross it off anyway. 

see 3 new bands live.
 i'm at two. (frightened rabbit and animal kingdom). guess i need to see another show in the next week! 

take an illustrator class.

master latte art.
 i can pour a decent rosetta into my lattes, so can i cross this off now? i can do better, though. 

ask a boy out.
 uhm. yeah. 

blog once a week
epic fail. 

cook once a week
epic fail. i need to stop putting this one on the list every year, because i seem to just set myself up for failure.

upgrade camera.
coming this summer! 

create a budget and stick to it.
i've been better at this some times than others this year.

bike to sausalito.
i'm going to put this back on the list. 

go to a music festival.
didn't happen.

go to the symphony, ballet, and/or opera. 
i went to see the ballet a few weeks ago - yay! i still want to go to the symphony and opera though. 

have a picnic. 
i've picnicked several times, but not what i had envisioned in my head when i put this on the list. i'll still cross it off though. 

go to sleep earlier

watch sportscenter again
fail, but does checking the ESPN app on my phone count?

set up a styled shoot

photograph a wedding
didn't happen. played assistant to one of my favorite wedding photogs this year, though!

go to an amusement park.
 i really want to go to disneyland. 

discover a new hobby.
i didn't even figure out what hobby this would be!

hmm...not great progress this year. oh well. working on next year's list though - and putting some stuff from this year's list back on it - and hopefully will do better! will share that list soon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

adventures in seattle

took a little getaway to seattle a couple weekends ago. it was full of adventures and tons and tons of (over) eating. i've had a love affair with seattle since the first time i visited two years ago, and it's probably my perfect little getaway city. i still haven't recovered and am having trouble adjusting to reality.

here's a little long rundown of our trip!

first stop upon arriving: macrina bakery.

my travel companion had mentioned this place to me and i had been reading about it, and it was near where we were staying so we made it our first stop. there were soooo many delicious-looking pastries, and i wanted to try them all!!

lunch was a meat sandwich of some sort (i can't remember what was in it, ooops) and a quiche. i also got myself a nutella brioche, which was tasty. we also ended up making a return trip later that weekend, and i got a delicious hazelnut orange pinwheel pastry and a spinach pastry as well.

we walked up the waterfront up towards the olympic sculpture park. the weather that weekend was PERFECT - mid-70s to low-80s every day (warmer than san francisco!). this view of the cascades was pretty awesome...

the olympic sculpture park is one of my favorite places in seattle. it's the perfect spot for a nice little walk, and the beautiful weather made it even better (last time i went, it was misty). and that ampersand sculpture is my favorite thing there.

took a little break, then drove up to capitol hill. it's probably my favorite neighborhood in seattle, mostly because that's where i seem to find the best food and coffee. it's where my favorite coffee shop in the world - espresso vivace - is located.

oh, vivace. you are the best.

dinner that night was at poppy, which i ate at the last time i was in town, and has become another one of my seattle favorites.

isn't the branding awesome? their cocktails are also tasty, and i looooove the little thali concept (thalis are a southern indian platter that is a collection of small dishes).

i went ahead and ordered a 10-item thali, and went the veggie route. lots of deliciousness, including a paneer dish, and a goat cheese ravioli, among other goodness. we also HAD to get the cute little dessert thali - lots of sweet treats!

the next morning, we headed back out to capitol hill and hit up crumble & flake. this was highly anticipated, as it came highly recommended by my foodie friend trisha, and because i spent a good two weeks drooling over the photos of the pastries on yelp.

their pistachio croissants are AMAZING, and their macarons were some of the best i've ever had (they have a really bomb strawberry cheesecake one). my travel companion said they had the best croissant he's ever had. we loved it so much that ended up going back the next day, and now i'm having withdrawals. sigh.

we had a little bit of time to kill before brunch, so what better thing to do than eat more - this time, at top pot, another seattle fave of mine!

they have the bestest old-fashioned style donuts there. had a salted caramel one this was quite delicious.

brunch was at lola. i am a huuuuuuge tom douglas fan (that man can do no wrong in my eyes), and i enjoyed lola when i went for lunch. however, the last 3 friends of mine who went to seattle all went to lola for brunch and loved it, so i decided that i had to try the brunch there too.

i had an omelette, with feta, nettles, caramelized onions, and mint. it was a great combination of flavors - that mint made it really different, but it was the perfect touch. travel companion had a lamb burger.

we headed over to the seattle center, and made a stop at EMP.

they had some cool stuff, like a fantasy exhibit and a video game exhibit, in which they let you play on game consoles from throughout the years. it made me want to play super mario bros. allllll day long. some of the hands-on activities were fun too, though i found out that i suck at playing drums.

and this sculpture was really cool.

probably the coolest thing i did on the trip was go to the chihuly garden and glass. i've always been a dale chihuly fan (the glass ceiling in the lobby of the bellagio is my favorite), and so i knew this was going to be a must-visit.

lots of amazing glass sculptures. i also loved the reflections the lights cast on the wall here:

the glass house, and how the glass flowers frame the space needle was pretty freaking awesome, and probably my favorite in the entire museum. apparently, the lighting from the time of day changes the look and feel. next time, i want to see this at night.

we then headed to bathtub gin for a little afternoon cocktail. it's a tiny little speakeasy that you enter through an alley in belltown, with very well-crafted cocktails. we did the dealer's choice, where you choose your base alcohol and then choose between sassy, sweet or savory. i went with gin and sweet, and the bartender whipped me up an amazing concoction with some peach in it. he was pretty awesome and we had an awesome time chatting him up. i must say that the drinks here are STRONG.

dinner the second night was at tavolata, which is one of ethan stowell's restaurants. since stowell is the other well-known restaurateur of seattle, i wanted to try one of his restaurants as well. tavolata is well-known for its pasta, so that's what we ordered here.

the rigatoni, with spicy sausage and tomato sauce, is their signature and was phenomenal. we also ordered a paperdelle with pork belly and egg which was also delicious. our waitress was also pretty awesome, and they gave us some of their pasta to take home! all in all, a pretty amazing meal.

the next morning, we headed out to fremont for  brunch at joule.

joule is a koean-french fusion place and i thought it would be an interesting twist on brunch. i was right. travel companion got some sesame waffles with a fried chicken steak (so basically, a korean-style chicken & waffles), and i got a sausage mac 'n cheese. both were delicious, although the wafffles were heavy on the syrup. each brunch entree comes with a breakfast buffet, which includes salads, sides, and pastries, and there were some tasty items there as well.

we tried to go to the mobile food rodeo, which ended up being a big fail: too many people in a too narrow street, which ensued in chaos. we kind of just gave up. oh well.

travel companion wanted to take a nap, but i wanted some oysters and a glass of wine on the water. so, i left him in the apartment, and i headed down the waterfront...

the weather was still amazing, and so the views were equally amazing. mt. rainier made an appearance all weekend long.

i stopped into elliott's oyster house.

craving satisfied.

we had some time to kill, and travel companion wanted to watch some games at a sports bar in queen anne, so i made him make a stop at kerry park, which is where they take that photo of the space needle and seattle skyline in all those postcards.

how can you beat that view?!?! you really can't.

dinner was at serious pie, tom douglas's pizza joint.

this place had been on my to-eat list every time i headed up to seattle, and i failed both times i was there before, so i made sure i went this time. we had a sausage & fennel pizza. it was delicious. the crust was perfection.

on our last day, we finally made our way to pike place.

all the activity and the array of goods is just so inspiring to me that i can't stop snapping away every time i'm here.

had to make a stop at the gum wall, just cuz. it's equally super disgusting and super awesome at the same time.

ate something like 4 lunches, while at the market...

our stops:
- le painier. they have tasty pastries and macarons (the noisette/hazelnut one is by far the best).
- beecher's cheese. the mac & cheese is amazing.
- pike place chowder. it was something like 84 degrees out that day, and it was not the best day to be eating chowder...but it was damn good chowder.
- piroshky piroshky. i had to cancel a trip to seattle last fall, and while my friends were there, i had a dream about pike place and the piroshkys here. i was so sad when i woke up. it was extra satisfying to finally have one.
- pike brewing company. i keep hearing that seattle has some great breweries and i keep meaning to try them, but i never do. we did the flight here.  

headed to bedlam coffee for some joe. i loved the funky interior of the place.

they have some fun stuff, like a lavender mocha.

our last stop in seattle was umi sake house, for a quick sushi dinner.

they have some great happy hour specials, and i wish we had time to stay and eat longer, but we had to rush off to the airport after 30 minutes. oh well. i will be back next time, for sure.

an iphone snap on the way to the airport:

mt. rainier always looks so majestic.

i miss seattle already. can't wait to be back.

(i also shot a couple rolls of film there, so i'm sure that will be eventually be another post...along with the 5 rolls of film i have yet to develop. oops).