Monday, April 30, 2012

where have i been?

um, that would be a good question.

(top: nordstrom. pants: h&m. shoes: h&m).

unfortunately, i don't have a great answer. i got busy, i got lazy, then it turned into winter and it was too dark to take pictures after work and i was too half-asleep to take pictures before work...the list goes on. blah blah blah, excuses.

anyways,  i'm trying to take another stab at this blogger thing, because i decided i miss it. also, i need to get more creative in my outfit combinations as i've been shopping way too much again thanks to "i have nothing great to wear" syndrome.

so here i am. hopefully to stay.

this was an outfit i wore when i was home in LA for a weekend for a friend's wedding. my friend amy took these pictures for me because she was nudging me to get back into blogging (of course it took another 3 weeks after the fact to actually BLOG the pictures). i miss LA sometimes, with its awesome asian food (at least in the parts i grew up in), awesome beaches, the dodgers, and warm weather that allows me to wear things like cropped pants and shorts and skirts - WITHOUT tights. sometimes i wonder why i even bothered to move up to foggy san francisco in the first place. but then i think of 100 degree summers (there's warm then there's grossly hot), endless traffic, and dirty smog and i realize that i love SF and can't live in LA again.

but then there are days when i can wear my brand spanking new cropped mint green pants. i think colored pants are my obsession this spring. i keep adding to the collection. i loveeee mint green so i had to have these. added my other favorite color (yellow!) and voila - a springy outfit. oh, and since i last blogged i decided that i enjoy wearing heels. especially these pumps, which i bought around the time of my last post. i can't wear them to work because i'm on my feet all day, but i certainly have been getting enough wear out of them on my off days.

anyways. i'll be back.