Monday, August 29, 2011

what a dizzy dance

hello from so-cal!

spending a day here after spending the last week in japan, and headed back to SF tonight.

i have tons of photos and stories to share from japan, but until then, here is a quickie outfit post...

cardi: old navy. tank: old navy. skirt: cotton on. leggings: forever 21. shoes: payless. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21. headband: forever 21.

these were taken right before a night at the exploratorium. i like the bright colors and florals here :) i love the orange and blue combo, too!

some scrappy stuff to share.
this one went up on the pink paislee blog:

and this one for the design school event at two peas!

jetlag never went away while i was over in japan, so i am not very jetlagged here, but i am still pretty exhausted. i slept through most of the 10-hour flight home and i am STILL tired. back to work tomorrow - it will require lots and lots of coffee to make it through the day!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

my racing thoughts

cardi: old navy. top: mine. skirt: banana republic (thrifted). shoes: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21. earrings: forever 21.

funny story about the last photo: that mosaic wall is in front of a middle school in the mission. right after i took that shot, this group of girls came running out the doors. oops. hence, the rest of the shots are in my backyard.

anyways. i was trying to have a little bit of fun with colors today. :) i haven't had a lot of luck lately with thrifting (either nothing catches my eye or whatever does isn't in my size and i don't feel like altering them), but the red skirt is one of my recent finds - i think it was $3 at goodwill. red + aqua is one of my favorite color combinations so i threw on the cardi. i added the pink polka dot top because it was cute and a bit more fun than wearing something white.

notice that i'm wearing wedges? they were on clearance at target for $12. in fact, most of the target shoe department was on clearance...a total danger zone. i originally threw like three pairs of sandals in my basket, but i tried to be good and only came home with one pair since i don't wear sandals all that often. today was my day off and i tried to break those shoes in so i can wear them in japan without dying.

had a relatively productive day today: one week til vacation but soooo much left to do before i leave and a busy week at work.

and a scrapbook page to share - for the pink paislee blog.

i love that nantucket line. so summery!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

like sunshine on a cloudy day

cardi: old navy. top: loyale. pants: gap. shoes: big buddha. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i wore this outfit about 2 weeks ago, but i wore a very similar one today so i thought it would be good to post this now. it's been particularly dreary out here lately (but i suppose that's business as usual in SF during the summer) so wearing yellow kind of adds a bit of sunshine to my day.

i took this set of pictures at crissy field after a shoot there. every time i come to crissy field in the summer, there's fog...except you can sunshine streaming through on the marin side of the bridge. it always taunts me, that sun. pfffft.

my friend amy gave me this top because she knew that yellow would suit me. i am a yellow person after all. finny thing is that i haven't bought anything yellow lately because i thought i buy too many yellow things, and have noticed that because of that i have been purchasing an abundance of OTHER colors (i'm talking to you navy blue and coral). what is up with that?!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

so says i

cardi: gap. top: target. dress (worn as skirt): urban outfitters. leggings: forever 21. boots: vintage. necklace: forever 21.

it's pattern mixing day!! i for one am admit that i am not very adventurous when it comes to mixing patterns in my outfit. which is kind of weird because i LOVE mixing up patterned papers in my scrapbooking and such. so i kind of struggled with this theme...i think i threw on about 3 different outfits this morning (and yes, i literally ran out the door...AGAIN).

i decided to go with something simple on top, like these stripes, to balance out a more fun print on the bottom. i also did the wearing dress as a skirt thing, which i'd never tried before. i like that it gives me more options in remixing my dresses. the only problem was that it didn't quite want to stay up where i wanted it to be, but that's what belts are for, i suppose?

also, this necklace may be my new favorite because i've worn it almost every single day for the last week. it jingles too, so if i get los, i will make noise so someone can find me!

anyways. excuse the redness in my face. i took these pics on the way home from happy hour. they call it asian glow for a reason, you know what i mean?

also check out my wind-blown hair.

sexy! ...NOT. seriously though, this wind is why i'm freezing ALL THE TIME. grrr.

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

Monday, August 08, 2011

i'm ready so don't stop

excuse my absence. apparently, doing 30 for 30 sucked out all the "i want to look cute today" outfit mojo out of me, because i have spent most of the last week wearing super uncreative outfits. i think staring at alllll the clothes i have and can finally wear has been overwhelming me. i think it also has something to do with the fact that it has been cold and dreary here and i can barely get myself out of bed every morning because it is cooooold.

seriously, where is the friggin sun? it's august for chrissake.

i am full of excuses lately. but anyhow, i am baaaaack!

i've taken photos of a couple of the ensembles that i've worn lately, so i have a little queue of outfits. here is one...

cardi: anthro. dress + belt: forever 21. leggings: forever 21. shoes: payless. necklace: forever 21.

this is my "i woke up 2 minutes before i usually leave the house and still made it to work on time" look. it took a lot of hustling and running but i made it on time - even i was impressed with myself...although all that running made me realize exactly HOW out of shape i am. this cardi has been getting a lot of wear lately because it's been chilly (gotta love SF summers) and it's cozy. leggings have been getting a lot of wear lately too.

i got this dress about a month ago and i love the stripes. and the fact that it is super versatile AND comfy. and it was only $15. awesomeness. what's funny is that my coworker also got one in a different color, so apparently we are twinsies. haha.

anyways, i should shut up and quit complaining about the weather here because i am sure it will be SUPER hot and SUPER humid once i get to japan in exactly two weeks - i am sooooo excited! i am counting down the days (and especially workdays) until i leave. woot!

someone needs to remind me that i probably need to stop buying cute things to wear when i get there (my excuse is that it's always cold here so i have nothing to wear in hot weather), because i will probably buy tons of cute clothes when i'm actually IN japan.  oh dear.