Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i know who i want to take me home

first off - i saw friends with benefits over the weekend, and i can't get that stupid "closing time" song by semisonic out of my head. arghhhh. hence, the post title.


i met up with jenny again over the weekend and she photographed my outfit/demanded me to play along with her crazy ideas. LOL. just kidding. but she wanted to play around with some vintage-style shots, and i did pose for her.

my outfit...

all photos by jenpics photography.
dress: h&m. leggings: forever 21. coat: borrowed. shoes" target. necklace: forever 21. sunglasses: hand-me-down. headband: h&m

is it sad that i already have my next outfit, location AND concept planned out for the next time i see her??? and the time after that? 

maybe a little. hah.

this was my first set of outfit photos since i finished my 30 (i took a little break from looking cute for a few days), that i was so excited to be done and threw on my newest purchase: the polka dot dress. just a note that i should probably never be allowed to wear white, because when i came home, i noticed that i had lip gloss stains all over me. what the...?! argh.

so i threw on some heels again, and i actually was able to stay in them all day without them bothering me...i was still in these when i went out to dinner that night! these are probably my favorite pair of heels (not that i own very many, but still) for that reason. maybe i can eventually train myself to wear heels more often? it would help because i am SHOOOORT.

FINALLY saw harry potter over the weekend. i cried. but it was a wonderful end to the entire series...now i need to re-read all the books again! also saw friends with benefits which was cute. toured a chocolate factory for work today.

no complaints at the moment.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

don't make me a target (30/30)

oh yes, the grand finale!!!

top: thrifted. skirt: bcbg (via goodwill). shoes: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

so i unintentionally threw on an almost entirely thrifted outfit (everything except the necklace), and i realized today was thrift day over at EBEW - yay! :)

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

today also marks the end of my 30 for 30! i made it! the last week or so has been a struggle to keep motivated, but i made it through the end. i even threw on the pair of heels that was the last unworn item in my 30. hooray!

also cool today - i got to meet the lovely jessica from what i wore

my friend alice works for shop it to me, which sponsored her book signing here in SF. i wouldn't have known about it except for the fact that she emailed me about it this morning (i am super behind on my blog reading, and i read through a reader so i would've missed the banner on her site!), and thank goodness she did. jessica is super lovely in person - so sweet and definitely stylish - how fabulous is that dress! she told me that she loved my outfit (and said so in writing when she signed my book - holla!). :)

i've only flipped through her book, but i can't wait to dive in and read it!

to conclude this post, here's a review of all 30 outfits:

i really enjoyed the fact that this challenged pushed me to be creative with what i have...but boy, am i happy to have the rest of my closet back. and to wear all the new items i've bought, since i completely failed at the shopping ban thing. siiiiigh.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hope dangles on a string (28+29/30)

soooooo close to the end!

cardi: forever 21. tops: forever 21. pants: gap. shoes: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i was on my lunch break at work when i realized that this outfit was super heavy on the forever 21 items - hah. excuse the crappy picture, but this is the only snap i got of it all day. this is in the courtyard of this stationery store near work. i think i will go back one of these days for another set of outfit pics because those banners are AWESOME (hence, i asked my coworker to take a pic of me with it). hung out with my coworker after work, and we went...shopping! it's ridiculous because i keep trying to buy cute clothes to wear on my japan trip (it's gonna be hot & humid and i don't have appropriate clothes, yadda yadda), but we all know that i am going to end up buying a ton of clothes while actually IN japan. sigh.


cardi: wetseal. top: mine. skirt: urban outfitters. shoes: rocketdog. belt: forever 21. earrings: charlotte russe.

i really like grey + coral/salmon pink together. i also like the navy with that pink, so i added that skirt. the weather has been schizo lately, and while it was freezing with high in the high 50s/low 60s all last week, it has been in the low to mid 70s this week. anyways. i hardly wear my hair up because i prefer how i look with my hair down, but i decided that i wanted to sleep in an extra 20 minutes instead of dealing with my hair, so i threw it up in a bun. my hair is also starting to get super heavy again (argh), so it might be time for another haircut soon. definitely before going to japan - can't take this weight in that hot & humid weather over there.

one more outfit to go - i think i might actually break out those heels (aka the last unworn item in my 30) for the occasion. gasp. i know you all are shocked.

Monday, July 18, 2011

fake empire (27/30)

as i near the end, i keep skipping days. this should actually be #28, but i was unimpressed with my original #27, so i didn't really make an effort to photograph it.

anyways, for the new 27, i got photographed in a field. and then with balloons. oooooh yes.

cardi: gap. dress: forever 21. boots: target. tights: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

i decided that i am liking red and pink/coral together, so i decided to go with the red cardi today. i also have no idea where my grey leggings went. seriously grey leggings, where oh where have you gone?? it was a nice day here but i wasn't sure if i could get away with bare legs even with boots, so i opted for tights. i am quite excited for the fall stuff to hit stores so that i can stock up on different colors of tights, because apparently i only have 3 pairs right now and i have been wearing them quite often lately.

i had a SUPER FUN shoot today. she is also a reader of my blog (hi teresa!), and knew i probably needed photos of my outfit today, so she snapped a couple for me. yay :) she also incorporated balloons in her shoot, which made me squeal with delight because i have been DYING to do a shoot with balloons for AGES! so much that i asked her if she could snap more photos of my outfit, but with the balloons. unfortunately, we were shooting near the beach and the wind was making the balloons go crazy, so they wouldn't do what we wanted them to do! grrr. and they flew away soon after we tied them down to a bench while we went to shoot some other sets. FAIL.

other fun things this weekend...two words: PARTY TROLLEY.

dress: target. coat: forever 21. headband: h&m. necklace: unknown.

how often can you say you went on a party trolley?! it was suuuuuper fun! the theme for the night was "roaring 20s," and this was the closest thing i had to that so i went for it. unfortunately, it's been freeeezing here in SF, especially while the trolley was in motion. and so i kept my coat on most of the time.

good weekend. except for the fact that someone had "used" my debit card somewhere in sacramento, grrrr.

Friday, July 15, 2011

no one's gonna love you like i do (25+26/30)

getting close to the end!

cardi: anthro. top: foreve r21. leggings: jaques moret. boots: target. belt: thrifted.

i went to the comfy route yesterday. it's been pretty chilly in SF lately (like, highs in the upper 50s/low 60s), especially in the morning, when it's always foggy and misty! i basically have to drag myself out of bed, and the last thing i want to do is get dressed. in that case, leggings and a cozy cardi tend to do the trick.

cardi: gap. top: the limited. jeans: gap. shoes: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

only a couple today, because apparently the spot i chose wasn't as empty as it looked, and people kept passing by. it was also super windy. sigh.

this is a rather simple outfit, but it must have taken me 20 minutes to come up with it. i'm at the stage in the 30 where i start getting bored with what i have, and everything seems same 'ol. but only 4 more to go, right? i was trying to pair things with different items than i normally do, like the top with the jeans here. speaking of the jeans, i noticed that i hardly ever wear jeans lately. what is up with that? i used to wear them almost every day!!!

here's a week 5 review:

in other news...i just clicked "buy" for a plane ticket to tokyo tonight. holy crap, i'm actually going!

in oth

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ninth & ash on a tuesday night (24/30)

cardi: forever 21. top: kensie girl. pants: gap. shoes: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21

it's EBEW yellow day!!!

it's no secret that i love yellow (although, by the way i've been wearing red and blue lately, you wouldn't be able to tell). i'm a yellow people (inside joke at work). my friends always point out the yellow things to me that they think i would like while shopping. i think i probably have too much yellow stuff in my wardrobe, because while shopping with one of my coworkers, she told me "caroline, you are not allowed to buy yellow things anymore."

i obviously haven't listened to her, because i keep gravitating towards yellow, even while i am trying to branch out to other colors in my wardrobe.

so this month's theme was a perfect fit. i paired my favorite yellow cardi, with this polka dot blouse (which has yellow dots on it too, but it's kinda hard to see).

and yes, i DID spend about 20 minutes at borders trying to get my outfit pics. if you haven't already been judging me by now, you probably are after seeing these pictures. in my defense, i had dinner with my coworker and since it was getting super late, it was either a) take them at borders since i had to go there anyway, or b) no outfit pics at all. which would've been a shame because i wanted to show off my yellow!!

i am surprised i didn't get discovered, because THAT would've been super embarrassing. but bookshelves make an excellent tripod and hiding spot for your camera, and i came to find out that the children's section is pretty much deserted at 9:30 on a tuesday night. just sayin'.

Monday, July 11, 2011

crimson and clover (23/30)

cardi: gap. dress (worn as top): cotton candy. skirt: urban outfitters. boots: target. tights: target. necklace: forever 21. headband: yes and yes designs.

excuse the fact the i've worn the same colors for the last 3 posts. this 30 for 30 is also turning into the "let's see how many times i can wear red, white and blue before i get sick of it" challenge. in my defense, i did wear a 30 for 30 outfit yesterday that consisted of OTHER colors. the only problem was that it never got photographed. and i bwill definitely be wearing something yellow tomorrow for EBEW. so, there!

like my headband? i do too. i picked it up at the renegade craft fair yesterday. i chose that particular one because it had the 3 colors i seem to wear most, so it can go with almost everything i wear.

renegade was pretty awesome. seriously, so much eye candy and must-haves everywhere i looked. i only managed to buy 2 things since i am on a serious budget right now (homegirl needs to save up to go to japan next month), but i wanted EVERYTHING...if only money grew on trees. or sugar daddies were easy to find. right?

some photos of goodies that i snapped...
(l-r: headbands from yes and yes designs, fabric-covered button ponytail holders from cookie and the dude, rings from sora designs, fabric necklaces from homako designs (i was gonna get one. then i forgot).

i can't remember where any of these are from, but they looked cool, so...yeah.

it also made me reeeeeaaaally want to pick up sewing and jewelry making. because i have sooooo many ideas for things i want to make...but so many ideas, so little time. oh well, it's something on my 27 before 27 list.

we went to dinner at izakaya sozai afterwards. oh yes, deliciousness!

how was your weekend?