Wednesday, June 29, 2011

every teardrop is a waterfall (14/30)

this really should be outfit 15, but it rained yesterday so i didn't take a picture. that's ok, because next time i have no idea what to wear, i'm going to repeat that outfit.

so this is the new #14:

cardi: anthro. dress: cotton candy. boots: target. tights: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: refashioned.

i don't know if it's because fourth of july is coming up this weekend and i'm feeling patriotic or whatever, but my last two outfits have been red, white and blue. how fitting.

the above two pictures were taken at this middle school in the mission. i've passed by it several times before (and even used it as a backdrop during a shoot once), and i'm always in awe of those mosaic tiles. seriously, i wish i went to a middle school like that! (although i never went to middle was k-8 then high school for me!)

also, this just may be my new favorite photo location:

it's in a mall parking lot, near my house.. i know, i know. random, much? but the light is always so pretty there!!!

(p.s. anyone else having issues with blogger? i keep getting an error 400 and it is driving me INSANE).

Monday, June 27, 2011

skinny love (13/30)

rocking the neutrals again today. i know y'all are shocked.

cardi: h&m. top: anthro. skirt: bcbg (thrifted). boots: target. tights: target. necklace: forever 21.

this outfit looks like something one would wear in the fall, not summer. but i live in san francisco, where it doesn't feel like summer. in fact, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. rain. at the end of it just me, or is something wrong with this picture?

i am actually kinda looking forward to fall. mostly because there are a bunch of concerts that i want to go to (two door cinema club, bon iver, and yes, jimmy eat world - AGAIN. and death cab). and it actually kinda gets warm here in the fall.

anyways. i got to soak up some sun while it lasted yesterday. a few friends and i headed over to summerthing - it's a free concert in golden gate park. this year, the lineup included onerepublic (who were really good), and matt nathanson (whom i freaking love, partly because he is sooooo damn hilarious), michelle branch (who reminded me of my high school days), and parachute.

all-around fun day. )and yes, i skipped my 30 for 30 and thew on a summery dress because i felt like it).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

use somebody (12/30)

i was supposed to have a photo shoot after work today...except it was crazy windy and the fog was rolling rapidly and so we decided to postpone. san francisco, i both love AND hate you.

anyhow. the point is that i was supposed to take photos of someone else, but turned it into a photo shoot of my outfit, of course.

cardi: anthro. top: h&m. jeans: gap. boots: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: vintage.

i then walked over to the palace of fine arts because they are FINALLY done with renovations on the inside and it had been awhile since i'd seen it. it's funny because i cringe every time someone tells me they want to do an engagement shoot there (it's gorgeous but super cliche), yet i ended up taking pictures there. lol.

if you really want to go somewhere where lots of tourists keep walking by and gawking at you taking pictures of yourself, the palace is the perfect spot. i'm just sayin'.

my point & shoot also fell on the ground while taking these, hard. did i mention that it was windy? oh, i did? the lens is dented but miraculously the thing still works. i should probably think about getting a new one though. or getting a tripod and remote for my "real" camera. or both. this is what i should buy with all the money i'm saving with my shopping ban for 30 for 30, right?

oh right. i've been completely failing at that part. don't judge me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

faced with a dodo's conundrum (11/30)


well, my "friday" is technically tomorrow since i tend to work saturdays and have sundays off. but i like fridays - they go by super fast! add the fact that i got to go shopping for work (shopping and spending someone else's monies? FUN!) - am helping out at setting up the window displays at out store. AND my promotion is now OFFICIAL official, which means my pay raise is kicking in - holla!!!

cardi: forever 21. top: the limited (thrifted). pants: gap. shoes: rocket dog. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

it's easy to pull together an outfit when you haven't done laundry and you are only limited to like 3 things in your 30 - well. maybe. i ended up throwing on a cardi (because i allow myself to wear those a couple times before washing them), but i was down to like two tops. i like the color on this one.

but don't you worry...i'll be back to stumping myself with all my options, because i am doing laundry as i speak (type? whatever).

on a side note - my post title is from a shins song ("australia," to be specific). anyone miss them as much as i do? they are one of my all-time favorite bands. i think james mercer is a genius. they are playing outside lands here this year - i reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly wanna go (especially because muse and arcade fire are also playing).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

oh simple thing, where have you gone? (10/30)

cardi: gap. top: thrifted. jeans: gap. shoes: h&m. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i snapped two of these during a slow period while i was all alone at work today. don't judge me. but i was running late this morning and thought it would probably be took dark for photos after i got off, so i had to squeeze these in somehow.

one of these was snapped outdoors after work, though, best part of june? it's still light enough, albeit barely, to be able to snap a couple of pictures without flash when you get off work at 8:30.

this is as laid back as i get: cardi, button down, jeans, flats. of course i threw in the belting, because that apparently makes it a signature outfit for me.

anyways. i can't believe i am 1/3 of the way through the 30 for 30. i skipped a recap of the first 5 outfits last week, so here is the first 10 combined:

i'm noticing a lot of similarities between the outfits. for example, i throw on a cardigan over almost every outfit (a necessity here!), and i belt almost everything. but i have been mixing it up as well. i have been trying to wear some thing differently than i'm used to wearing.

i've worn almost everything in my 30 at least once. there are a couple of things i haven't worn yet, and they will probably be worn tomorrow since i STILL need to do laundry. i'm gonna ask again if anyone wants do it for me? again, i will pay you in chocolate. delicious chocolate!

i'm also wondering why i included a pair of heels in my 30, because i hardly wear them? i think i threw them in there juuuuuust in case. i am determined to wear them at least once!

oh, and i apparently left out this pic 3 skirts of my 30 when i posted all the items from my 30, so i am just gonna post them now:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

orange sky (9/30)

the fog + wind + chilliness is back here (yes, i do talk about the weather a lot), so i only lasted 5 minutes of outfit photo-taking before i had to put my coat back on.

top: forever 21. leggings: jaques moret. shoes: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21

i still love this bird tunic. and i threw on leggings with it again, and i went with the noisy necklace. i kinda like the mix of neutrals here - i'm surprising even myself that i am wearing like no color here!!!

that belt got turned sideways somehow and i didn't notice it til now, but i kinda dig it.

i am having a really hard time thinking about what to wear tomorrow, because i really, REEEEEAAALLY need to do laundry and my options are starting to get slim. anyone wanna do my laundry for me? i'll pay you in chocolate!

come on get higher (8/30)

it's hot here. as in, i wore something sleeveless without a cardigan. *gasp*

tank: forever 21. skirt: urban outfitters. shoes: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21

two of my old coworkers asked me if i had lost weight. i think that makes this outfit a winner.

these pics were snapped all over the place, because i literally was all over the city today (hooray for being able to enjoy a day off in the sun). started off my day in SOMA, where i had delicious chicken & waffles for lunch at little skillet, and enjoying a cup of iced coffee from blue bottle.

(this is an old phone pic that i snapped last time i was there)

i then headed over to the mission because i was craving ice cream. i ended up at humphry slocombe, where i happily consumed the secret breakfast. what's that? bourbon + corn flakes. oh yes, you heard me right. it's DELICIOUS.

then headed to painted bird, which i knew was super nearby. i failed at my shopping ban AGAIN (thank god there are no rules for this round because i would be breaking ALL OF THEM) and got myself a pair of vintage boots for $10. among other things. but who buys knee-high boots in 85 degree weather? oh right. i do. (but it was back to foggy as usual tonight, so, i guess it wasn't that ludicrous after all).

anyways. i then headed over to the marina, kidnapped one of my coworkers, and headed to happy hour. you can't go wrong with $2 beers and munchies. headed home for a second, then went to my old workplace to meet up with my old coworkers to go to rosamunde. sausages (and beers), holla! it was delicious. and we laughed about lots of things.

i love my new coworkers, but man, the one thing i do miss about working in the mall is the people i used to work with.

the end.

oh, and expect a fun scrappy announcement+giveaway tomorrow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

let it happen (7/30)

it was 84 degrees here in san francisco today. EIGHTY FOUR degrees, people! this almost never happens here, except for one or two days each year. we are used to foggy summers, not temps in the mid-80s. i almost don't know how to dress myself when it gets this warm!

it's funny because i grew up in LA, and 84 is normal over there. so are 100 degree days in the summer. in two years, my definition of hot and cold have definitely changed dramatically - i now think 60 is "normal" and 70 is "hot."

anyways. my day started bright and early at 8am because i had a shoot before work at crissy field. it was super hot even at that hour! i had a little bit of time to kill before i had to be at work, so i tried to take some outfit pics there, but the lighting failed me.

it was so warm that my boss thought there wouldn't be much to do, so he let me go an hour early. i decided to take advantage of the sun, but ended up downtown and took the rest of my outfit shots in a random alley near my old workplace.

top: h&m. skirt: bcbg (thrifted). shoes: rocket dog. necklace: forever 21. earrings: charlotte russe.

detail shot of my shoes:

i threw on this outfit was the first thing that i could think of at 6:30 am? haha. i needed a short sleeved top so that i didn't need to put a cardi on top of it, and i knew i wanted to wear a skirt instead of pants. probably not the best attire to be wearing while trying to snap photos while chasing around a one-year old baby, but oh well.

apparently, i looked very business-like, because when i walked into work my boss said "why are you dressed all business-like?" haha.

day off tomorrow. i think it will involve the beach. my boss always talks about how he is going to the beach on his days off when it's warm, and i point out that it always gets warm right before i have a day off, but when i finally don't have to work it gets cold again. not this time!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

on a sunday i'll think it through (6/30)

spent the day in japantown with some friends and didn't take official outfit photos, but got some fun pics!

this umbrella backdrop in one of the malls there just might be one of my favorite photo backdrops, ever...

me trying on an umbrella with my look in one of the stores (i think it was at daiso, which i mentioned a few days ago)...
cardi: forever 21. dress + belt: forever 21. shoes: h&m. bag: target. necklace: forever 21

wow, am i really wearing that much forever 21 here? lol.

we spent the afternoon browsing the fun shops (and buying a bunch of little things that we don't really need, but decided to get anyhow), browsing the japanese fashion magazine selection at kinokuniya - i walked out with a couple of them. i've decided that i quite like japanese fashion mags - they tend to feature outfits that i actually WOULD wear, and sometimes they come with cute little tote bags. (they ARE expensive, though). my mom is going to japan next month, and i asked her to bring some back for me!

we also ended up taking ridiculous sticky pics at pika pika.

because that is how we roll.