Sunday, May 22, 2011

lucky denver mint

seattle was AMAZING.

i completely fell in love with the city - perhaps because it has awesome food and, more importantly, COFFEE! - and would even consider moving here if it didn't rain so much up there (it's gloomy enough in san francisco for me, thank you very much).

i did take a ton of photos to chronicle my seattle adventures (and brought out my "real" camera for a lot of them!), so this i'm just warning you that this will be a photo-heavy post :)

so this is what i wore the day i flew out (i also worked a half-day that day, so this is what i wore there, too):

shirt: thrifted. skirt: express. boots: target. tights: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: vintage.

this skirt is a tad longer than what i usually wear (i am still debating whether or not i kinda get swallowed up in it), but it has a semi-swingy shape that i kind of love. i even did a tiny twirl in it, heheh.

well then. on to trip photos!

i got to fly out of the new terminal 2 at SFO - i ended up getting a 20% off voucher for virgin america, and that was part of the reason i decided to even go to seattle in the first place. it was pretty awesome - lots of cool art type things, and plenty of good food (which i sadly didn't get to eat much of - next time?).

joy ended up picking me up and we hung out for a couple hours (sadly, forgot to take a photo with her! shucks - next time!). first stop - space needle!!!

it was sooooooooooo clear when i got there - the first thing i saw when we landed was mt. rainier which looked soooo close! that meant perfect views from the space needle (part of the reason why i wanted to do it first. the other was that it was open late).

i also got lucky because i flew in right before sunset, and by the time i got to the needle, the sun was about to go down but there was still light out. i had contemplated doing the day/night ticket, but there was no need, because i got to see seattle in the light:

and dark:

and mt. rainier made an appearance in both!

the next morning, my first stop was pike place. i conveniently stayed in a hotel about 2 blocks away, so i made MANY stops here! the weather was super perfect that day - 72 and sunny!!!

sooooo much good stuff...

made a stop into the original starbucks just to see it, and ended up getting a latte because i was caffeine-deprived and the line wasn't too bad (i had originally planned on getting a latte at one of the OTHER places on my list. oh yes, i am a coffee snob these days).

had something like 3 breakfasts while at pike place - including at piroshky piroshky and donuts at daily dozen.

also at pike place, i took a trip out to the gum wall. it's apparently the second germiest attraction in the world (i wonder what the first is), but i was super amused by it. it was totally AWESOME and gross at the same time!

took my outfit photo (sort of) in front of it...

cardi: h&m. top: kensie girl. skirt: forever 21. belt: thrifted. shoes: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

oh yes, you better bet it was warm enough to wear a short seattle!! i had planned to wear boots, but decided it was too warm out!

after a stop back at the hotel to drop off the extra goodies i picked up at the market, i headed out to lola. i was determined to hit up a tom douglas resto (or two), and was actually planning on dahlia lounge, but it was still before 11 and dahlia wasn't open yet. so lola it was.

it was delish - i had a pork kebab thing (lunch started 10 minutes after i got there). i also had a ginger mint spritzer (kind of like a mojito without the alcohol, and with soda) - super refreshing!

i decided i needed to walk off my four meals before noon, so i hoofed it all the way to capitol hill for some coffee. i heard from several sources that vivace had the best coffee in town, so i went there first.

i was gonna stop by another place but i got lost (twice) trying to find the place, AND i got distracted by a crossroads (yes, i ended up buying stuff. oops). i had also wanted to stop by top pot for donuts, but completely forgot as i was trying to find my coffee. argh. next time?

went back over to seattle center to walk around. i did wanted to go to EMP, but figured i wouldn't have time for it to really get the full experience, so i settled for a photo in front of it instead.

headed back downtown, went back to the hotel, changed and walked allllllll the way down 1st, from the waterfront, through pioneer square, in front of the stadiums, and through sodo, to the showbox sodo to see jimmy eat world.

oh yes, this was the other part of the reason why i decided to fly out to seattle. don't judge me. it was completely worth it, and not only because the show was pretty epic! soooo glad i made it out to seattle because i really did have an amazing time - this just added to the whole experience.


ended up chatting with the band again after the show, and got pics with all 4 of them. (i've done this before, and i have gotten a pic with the entire band, but i'd never actually gotten a pic with all of them on one day. nor had i ever gotten a pic with tom). ended up talking to jim for awhile...i am always so taken aback by how down-to-earth and just NICE he is (they all are, but especially him). it's really refreshing. oh, and apparently, he remembers me. erm. yeah.

the next morning, i finally did make it to dahlia lounge for breakfast!

this french toast was pretty AMAZING. i also wanted to get his doughnuts, but was waaaaaay too full for that. oh well. another one on my list for next time.

headed back to pike place to pick up more goodies (at le panier). it also was raining that last day, which made this seem more like typical seattle.

next was the olympic sculpture park. it was pretty awesome - and i loved this wall inside the visitors' center, that i had to snap some outfit photos in front of it.

cardi: forever 21. top: mine... pants: h&m. boots: target. necklace: forever 21

there were lots of cool sculptures all around, and it was a nice little walk, but i loved the ampersand thingie.

headed back up to capitol hill for some more coffee - this time at stumptown.

i wanted to stop at another spot or two, and then make it out to top pot, but i got lost - AGAIN - and ran out of time. sadface.

last stop before heading to the airport was dahlia bakery. mostly because i wanted that coconut creme pie. i ended up getting the teeeeny tiny little bite-sized ones - delicious! i want more when i go back! also got a chocolate truffle cookie to go, and have been munching on it today. soooooooo good. i wish i bought more goodies!

such an amazing weekend. i loved seattle - i didn't want to leave. i am sure i will be back, very soon!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the time i would spend with pictures i would not send

the sun is back here!

cardi: ann taylor (hand-me-down). tunic: forever 21. jeans: gap. boots: target. necklace: forever 21. belt: thrifted.

am i the only one loving bird patterns on clothes lately? i quite adore this top. i almost bought another super cute top with birds on it (with navy blue, pink and purple on it which is another plus!) - i didn't get it at that time, but i am reeeeeally tempted to go back and get it.

but seriously. bird prints. love.

so i decided that i wanted more bolder necklaces so i've been on a statement necklace buying spree (mostly from forever 21, hah).i got this one over the weekend. it was super cheap, and i liked that it was pretty simple (yet bold at the same time) so it went with almost everything.

the only problem? it clinks and makes noise. a lot of noise. sort of like a bunch of tags on a puppy's collar.

every time i walked, it was like i was a puppy. i even started annoying myself after awhile.

i still love it anyhow.

also, what i did this evening: fancy carnie food at straw!!! fried foods, lots of cheese, funnel cake, tater tots, and donut burgers? OH YES PLEASE!!!!!!!

my friends and i split a bunch of stuff, but my favorite thing by far was this chicken & waffles sandwich, complete with raspberry jam.

it was EPIC.


i'm off to seattle tomorrow evening. if anyone has any suggestions on things to go/see/do, pass them along! i am trying to do as much as possible in a very short 2-day span. i have barely had time to think about these things, and i finally started yelping/looking through guidebooks last night.

oh yes, i am a last-minute gal. that's just how i roll.

Monday, May 16, 2011

say it's possible

the rain is back here in SF. it's also freezing. i thought that we were approaching summer, not reverting back to winter?

apparently not.

oddly enough, i'm flying up to seattle this weekend, and the weather forecast says 70 and sunny for the time i'm there...yay!

anyhow. the weather is keeping me from outfit photos the last couple of days, but here is one from over the weekend.

cardi: forever 21. top: old navy. jeans: delia's. shoes: target. necklace: forever 21.

super casual...perfect for a lazy weekend :)

i got that striped shirt at old navy a few years ago and i love it. those jeans are from delia's. like everyone else, i got the delia's catalog in the mail but i hadn't actually been in an actual delia's store (none in california!) until i went to austin a few months ago.

i ended up getting these jeans because they had 26" inseams. i don't really own flare/bootcut jeans because even the short sizes are too long (and even some kids' jeans!!! who knew 12 year olds were so tall?!), so i was quite thrilled that they had such short inseams. i got them on sale too, no less!

the sad part? they are still a tad too long. but nothing a pair of wedges can't fix.

anyways. is it thursday yet? i am super excited to get to seattle!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

you say goodbye, i say hello

so today was my last day working in a mall. this is what i wore:

cardi: target. dress: cotton candy (via ambiance). leggings: forever 21. boots: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: vintage

i'd been working in a ginormous mall, in the heart of union square (where all the ginormous flagship stores are) for the last 8 months. it was dangerous - so tempting to spend your paycheck there!

i recently accepted a promotion at our company's other store, and i start there next week. part of me was like "YAY no temptation to spend my entire paycheck shopping." the problem is that the other store is on a street with a bunch of cute boutiques. my friend alice had been telling me about one of said boutiques, ambiance, saying that i MUST check it out because they had tons of cute stuff.

i was in the area on my day off last week, so i decided to stop in. ooooomigoodness, she was right. TONS of cute stuff.

i managed to only walk out with this dress (on sale, no less!!!) and an adorable pair of flats that i could wear to work (i haven't actually worn them yet, though). but i seriously wanted to buy out the whole store.

i am soooooooooooooooooooo screwed. sigh.

anyways. this is my outfit from yesterday...

cardi: m. klein (from japan). tank: target. pants; h&m. flats: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i've had this tank for about 3 years now. i briefly thought about getting rid of it, but decided i still kinda liked it so i kept it. besides, that coral color is trendy right now, and i love the print. it's kind of summery and fun! i usually wear it with yellow, but i decided i would switch things up a bit and went for the blue cardi. i like!

i also got to see leila broussard and terra naomi last night...they are both quite awesome and have pretty amazing voices!!!

it was my second time seeing leila (accidentally discovered her at another show), and i hadn't ever heard of terra (but she was apparently the first big youtube star?), but i really enjoyed both girls.

got to chat with and take a pic with leila too. she's awesome.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

got everything and you can just choose it

i'm behind on outfit photos lately. the fog and wind is back here in SF - it's chilly!!! i think i need to suck it up!!

here is one, though...

cardi: wet seal. top: old navy. skirt: h&m. tights: target. boots: wet seal. necklace: vintage. belt: forever 21

um, is it kinda embarrassing that i still sometimes shop at wet seal and that i have two items from there in this outfit? what am i, 13? don't judge me. they have cute stuff....sometimes.


i love the salmon + navy blue trend i keep seeing and i think i've been wearing it fairly often as well. i love that color combo, though! i added the yellow necklace, which i got at a vintage shop in austin, for another pop of color and a bit of fun.  i love that thing...when i saw it, i knew i had to have it because the yellow was calling my name.

hope y'all had a great mother's day. i didn't get to spend it with my mother since i didn't fly home to LA (i had to work saturday), but i did send her a box of chocolates. and this layout went up on two peas today as part of their connecting with creativity event...

it's kinda crazy how much my mother and i are alike, because i never would've admitted it when i was younger.

anyhow. busy week ahead - last week at my current job...i'm getting transferred next week (and it comes with a promotion). and in 10 days, i will be in seattle! woot!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

doesn't that make us the perfect pair?

my cinco de mayo outfit:

dress: urban outfitters. cardi: gap. boots: target. necklace: forever 21

i didn't wear this outfit to work earlier in the day, but i decided to change into it for dinner and cinco de mayo festivities. of course, when i decided to bare my legs is when it started to get cold again. hmph. i almost never wear my hair up, but somehow i was in a ponytail kinda mood. woot.

i heart this dress. i had spotted it at urban and thought it was quite adorable, but kind of forgot about it until one day i was browsing the sales racks (we have a huge urban downtown that has a huuuuge room full of sale stuff) and found it. it was also an additional 50% off sale items so it came out to less than $10. SCORE. i love when that happens. you can't go wrong with polka dots, strawberries, and cherries, right?

had the day off today, and FINALLY gots my hair did. i kinda love it...

let's just say that i have SUPER THICK hair and that it gets super heavy - fast. it was starting to be a pain the last few months but i couldn't figure out how to cut it, or was busy, or both. finally decided that it was bothering me too much and made an appointment. i only got 2 1/2 inches or so cut off (i told her i wanted to go shorter than that but she said this was a good length, so whatevs), but it feels sooooooo much lighter. i swear i just lost 5 lbs without dieting. awesomeness.

however, all that hair on the floor afterward was pretty crazy. even with only 2 1/2 inches cut off.

cardi: uniqlo. top: thrifted. pants: h&m. shoes: target. necklace: forever 21. 

after that, i stopped into a boutique my friend kept talking about (and bought comfy shoes for work ANDDDD a cuuuute dress on sale. but i'm in trouble because they have SOOOO MUCH CUTE STUFF!), stopped at sephora, stopped into work to get my mom a gift (ooooh, chocolate! never fails), then went to see something borrowed. okay, so that movie got super terrible reviews, but i kinda liked it. my favorite part of that movie? JOHN KRASINSKI. he had the funniest lines. and i adore him.

i could you not love jim on the office? can someone please find me a jim? pretty please?

also, tomorrow is national scrapbooking day. two peas is having a garden project hop, and my layout is a  part of it!

go check out all the fun here, post comments on the projects, and be entered to win a prize!!

anyhow.i should perhaps go to bed now because.