Sunday, November 28, 2010

giveaway: journal your christmas!

can you believe thanksgiving is officially over, and that christmas season is officially here?! um, i'm in denial.

one of the things i'm excited about this december is shimelle's journal your christmas class. in her words -

Every year, Journal your Christmas includes daily prompts from the 1st of December to the 6th of January, the twelfth day of Christmas. The 37 illustrated PDF files are delivered straight to your inbox so you can read them over your first cup of coffee and mull over each topic for a full day. There’s also an archive of the class materials online in case you can’t get to your email or in case something dreadful happens to your computer. And like every year, you can go it alone or be as social as you like, with a private discussion forum where you’ll find other Christmas journallers who will cheer you on and share your excitement, but if you prefer to stick to the prompts only, that’s completely fine too. And like every year, if you’re participated once, you can join us every Christmas for as long as you like at no extra cost.

In addition to ideas for writing topics and styles and notes on photos not to miss, the 37 prompts include more than 300 scrapbook pages to inspire your crafting creativity.

Every year, I change it up a little to make sure there is something new for those of you who keep coming back. This year, those goodies include:
…By request, the return of the photography focus. 37 talented photographers share their tips and examples for taking your best photos throughout the holiday season.
…A brand new digital kit, including 50 papers, 5 full alphabets, 20 square and 20 rectangular page templates, 20 square and 20 rectangular quick pages and more than 100 embellishments. We’re talking crazy amounts of stuff, and this will be available for you to download on the 15th of November, two weeks before the start of class. If you’re a paper scrapbooker, much of this kit is suitable for printing out and adding to your book.
…A selection of step-by-step crafting tutorials for Christmas projects and journal embellishments.
…An online chat party to get things started at the beginning of December.
…Bonus workbook for bloggers with special holiday blogging tips and resources.

sounds cool, right? you can sign up or find out more about it here.

she was also kind enough to give me a spot to give away here on my blog, so leave a comment here about what you're looking forward to most this christmas season and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave your email address so i can have shimelle get in touch with you if you are the winner!!! i'm looking forward to spending time with friends and family, and i'm looking forward to hitting up one of the awesome outdoor ice rinks here in SF). you have until 9am PST to enter!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

fell down, found love but i can lose it again

some recent scraps...

from the garden the last few weeks:

a KI challenge, to use all the colors of the rainbow...

a random one, just cuz...

hoping for more scrap time this week!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

you call me a mountain, i call you the sea

sometimes, i really, really miss these people...

(photos by my friend patrick, whom i made come play paparazzi for the night, since i was too lazy to do it, hah).

well, i always miss them. but some days more than others :)

went to so-cal last weekend for a visit home. it had been a while. got to catch up with some lovely people, some whom i hadn't seen in over a year. i haven't laughed that much in so long. it felt so good catching up, and i miss them something fierce right now. looking forward to next time :)

also ate a ton of good food, discovered i had gained 7 lbs since last time i was there (mostly due to my job, i'm sure. more about that later), drank a bit, and had a ball.

i love living in san francisco, but damn, sometimes i miss so-cal. mostly due to these people... ♥

saw ingrid michaelson last night immediately upon my return. more on that later, she's fantastic :)