Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm on my feet, i'm on the floor, i'm good to go

i am ridiculously excited about this today.

SEI has been one of my favorites since i first started scrapbooking, so i am honored to be on their design team. i remember loooooving granny's kitchen and stockpiling on those alpha stickers since i loved them so much (i think i used them on every layout in the beginning. lol). over five years later, i'm still in love with the lovely patterns and fun products.

some new pages showing my SEI love...

another thing i'm ridiculously excited about this week? jimmy eat world on thursday!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

to make sense of it, make it last

dude, september is just flying by. it's mid-month already?!?! sheeeeeesh.

anyhow, here are some scrappy creations from recent days...

these are all done for the garden...

this next one was for last week's weekly challenge...

i also have a LO on the AC blog, so go check it!

life is busy but good :)

so anyway. i keep listening to jimmy eat world's clarity (the album) over and over again. i loooooove this album so much. and i want to see them when they play here at the end of the month.

have a good one!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhiel

a couple scrappy shares...

this went up in the garden this week! as soon as i saw those sassafras whimsies cards, i knew that this was what i would do with them. i went with a "12 things you should know about me" layout, and this are those things:

1. My Japanese gets worse and worse as I live longer here.
2. I can't function without coffee.
3. I am dying to go back to Japan and New York City.
4. I'm a klutz...I'm constantly tripping, running into things, falling into ponds...
5. I talk about food - a LOT!
6. I love the Office, Dexter, 30 Rock, How I met Your Mother, and Gossip Girl...
7. I'm kinda hooked on Twitter.
8. I love San Francisco, but I hate the fog.
9. I've been called an "energized shutter bunny"
10. My last name is pronounced ilke "EKG."
11. I like playing iwth paper & glue.
12. I'm an only child. James says I'm spoiled. I disagree.

and here's one for KI -

with some photos i took of madelyn when i visited breanne in april :)

and holy crap, how is it september?!?!?!?

been busy as of's back in session, still doing photo shoots, among other things!

have a good one :)