Friday, June 18, 2010

why georgia, why

made it down to so-cal, where it's quite hot.

one of the things i've been up to since i got here: taking some maternity photos for fantabulous paige.

she's completely adorable, super awesome, and a totally amazing scrapper (and her blog is one of my favorite reads), and i had tons of fun with her! she was up for anything, and kept up with all my crazy demands.

so i have a couple of peeks :)

lots more to come later on the photo blog :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

i'm still yours, faithfully.

i've spent a lot of nights the last few weeks chatting with the lovely reyanna, which has meant a lot more scrapping for me. it's been fun bouncing off with each other, and she's been making me get off my lazy bum, and directing it towards my scrap table.

anyhow, some of my recent creations to share with you...

these were for two peas:

i always struggle with the seasonal theme, because half the time i don't have appropriate photos for said theme and have to improvise, but this time i had the perfect photos and theme - my new york pics! :)

this was originally supposed to be used for a challenge, but there was a mix-up, so it ended up in the regular garden. it's inspired by something i saw on tumblr. yes, hand cut (albeit freehand and very randomly) all those letters.

i had just gotten in an order of stuff right before i created this page...and there were 3 things i knew i immediately wanted to play with: the EK double crochet lace border punch, the jenni bowlin butterflies, and the girls' paperie stickers. so i played. i have a lot of fun playing with product lately :)

this one is for the KI blog. it was for a challenge that i hosted - to create a grid layout.

had fun with the groovy line. did i tell you that i really love the new schtuff? :)

using some crate. i love this stuff too!

this one uses some new papers from echo park paper, a new paper company. they're designed by crystal wilkerson, who used to design digi kits at two peas - she was her favorites and i miss her stuff! i was super excited to hear that her designs would be available in paper form, and even more excited when she offered to send me some to play with! here's the one layout i've done with it so far, but you can bet that more will follow because i am in LOOOOOVE with this line! and it will be perfect for some beach pictures from my trip home, dontcha think?

that's all for now, but hoping to squeeze in some scrapping time this weekend :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

even at 25, you've gotta start somewhere...

so. i'm about a week into twenty five.

25 things at 25:
1. coffee has become an absolute necessity
2. i eat a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast every single morning.
3. after taking a trip to the east coast, i've developed an affinity for bagels.
4. i still hate scrabble.
5. sometimes, i get really lonely.
6. i am starting to think that i'm getting old and bitter.
7. i miss so-cal sometimes.
8. i am kind of addicted to cafe world and farmville on facebook.
9. i am starting to have WAY too many shows to watch on TV
10. i miss going to concerts.
11. i have big dreams, but am sometimes overwhelmed by them.
12. i do still kind of want to live in NYC one day. and work in magazines.
13. i've finally become a texting fiend.
14. i loathe the post office.
15. i really like going to brunch.
16. i really enjoy drinking wine. and somehow, i like beer.
17. i miss gilmore girls.
18. i don't understand the ipad - it makes me feel stupid.
19. i really have not kept up with the dodgers much lately. or really, sports in general.
20. i no longer think 60 degrees is "cold."
21. i really want a cute pair of yellow flats.
22. i feel like time is moving WAY too fast for me, and that kinda scares me.
23. my japanese has deteriorated a bit since i moved to SF.
24. i enjoy flipping through wedding magazines, even though i am not getting married anytime soon/
25. i stay up WAY too late some days, but my productivity doubles after 11pm.

birthday weekend was nice - boy and i went up to the cabin. i managed to not take a single photo the entire weekend, how's that for relaxation? LOL. we ate lots of food, took some walks, had a picnic, went wine tasting, and it was *just* warm enough for us to spend a little bit of time in the lake. i came home with tanned legs, woo :)

next week, i'm heading down to so-cal for some time at home. i feel like i can really use that right now. it hasn't been the best month or so for me, but hopefully this will kind of refresh me so i can take the rest of the summer by storm! planning to take a few days in san diego as well, the beach will do me some good. i'm available for shoots as well, if anyone happens to be interested (just email me - the link is in the sidebar over there >>>)

anyway, i'm also working on a 26 before 26 list (the list is done, still haven't done the corresponding layout), and one of the things on said list is "blog at least once a week." so i'll be back soon.

have a good one :)