Wednesday, May 26, 2010

carry you home

couple of songs i've been in LOVE with lately...

nashville skyline - "carry you home"
this was on one tree hill's season finale. i actually really dislike the show, but i had it on because i was waiting for gossip girl to start...this song came on and i was in loooooooove. it's been on constant repeat since. and i keep thinking "OTH kinda has good music." this song was written/created specifically to go with the episode.

crystal bowersox and lee dewyze (american idol) - "falling slowly"
ok, so i don't really watch idol either, but i happened to have it on while i was waiting for glee to start (notice a pattern here? hah!) . "falling slowly" is one of my most favoritest songs to begin with, but i fell in love with this cover, and have been rooting for these two since. and of course, they're the finalists. :)

love discovering random tunes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

i know you think that you've been down

i turn 25 in 10-ish days.


so i came up with my annual birthday wish list :) (hint, hint, hint. HA!)


these dresses:

forever 21



Publish Post



cute tops:


liberty of london for tarjay

forever 21

these shoes:

payless (i actually would've already bought these had i found them in my

(yes, i've got a yellow thing going on)

(it's summer, why boots? you ask? it's san francisco, that's why)

a sewing machine:


a netbook:


cute jewelry:

toastjewelry @ etsy

RachelleD @ etsy

jc penney

a new purse:

tagodesign @ etsy

purseona @ etsy

this fabulousness:

everyjotandtittle @ etsy

a romper?


yeah, i'm kind of ridiculous.

that is all.