Wednesday, December 09, 2009

it doesn't matter where we take this road

i mentioned in my other post that i'd post again about andy the dog. he's a little (well, not so little - 15 lbs!) malti-poo and he's completely adorable! amy adopted him a couple months ago, and the rest of us had been seeing a bunch of cuuuuute photos of him on facebook. i couldn't wait to meet him (so i could take pictures of him, duhh), and finally did when we were all home for thanksgiving!

is he not the cutest thing ever, even though he's giving off the "please stop taking pictures of me" look in half of the photos? heeeee. :)

more here.

you can bet you'll see andy on my future scrapbooking LOs :)

speaking of going home...i'm heading to so-cal for christmas next week. can't wait - especially for the vegas trip that will be happening during that time! so much to do before then, though! sigh.

have a good one :)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I do love me some doggie pictures! What a cute little guy.

lisa dickinson said...

eeek those are cute photos! and i can't wait to see how you scrap thme :)

Jana Eubank said...

What a cute pup!

Trude said...

Such a cutie! And I'm super jealous of your Vegas trip...even though I was just there in October. :) Have tons of fun! We've actually been having real weather down here, so bring your coat!

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

sweet sweet little guy!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, SO cute!! That one looks like a cuddler for sure! :)

Lydia said...

He's so cute! I have that same elf hat for my dog too!

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