Saturday, December 26, 2009


hope you all had a lovely christmas!
mine was fabulous - plenty of food and laughter with family and friends. i am STUFFED as i have eating a ton since i got back to so-cal!

i apologize for my looooong absence - i've been busy, busy, busy! first it was the christmas rush and finals, then lots of time spent hanging out and catching up in so-cal and a vegas trip in between - i've barely had time to breathe!

will come back with a more substantial blog post in the next few days :) i have lots to share!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

it doesn't matter where we take this road

i mentioned in my other post that i'd post again about andy the dog. he's a little (well, not so little - 15 lbs!) malti-poo and he's completely adorable! amy adopted him a couple months ago, and the rest of us had been seeing a bunch of cuuuuute photos of him on facebook. i couldn't wait to meet him (so i could take pictures of him, duhh), and finally did when we were all home for thanksgiving!

is he not the cutest thing ever, even though he's giving off the "please stop taking pictures of me" look in half of the photos? heeeee. :)

more here.

you can bet you'll see andy on my future scrapbooking LOs :)

speaking of going home...i'm heading to so-cal for christmas next week. can't wait - especially for the vegas trip that will be happening during that time! so much to do before then, though! sigh.

have a good one :)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

and we'll be jolly friends

it's FREEZING here. i'm talking not quite 50 degrees. i think that's about as cold as it'll get here. brrrrrr.

anyhow. this is a post of scrappy shares :)

some stuff for the two peas garden that went up on the 1st...

so this month's theme is two pagers. i'm not much of a two pager gal, although i've done more this year than i usually do, and they don't scare me as much as they used to!

product focus, using some prima felt vines/branches.

here's a KI layout...this was for the focus on being grateful feature. used lots of goodies from the heirloom line here!

some more of cheryl's challenges. i'm having lots of fun with these, and it feels good to scrap "just cuz" for a change (even though if i didn't have assignments, i probably would barely scrap - HA!)

that's all. i am off to jump into bed and be buried by all my nice WARM blankets. also thinking of playing space heater roulette - we have old electrical wiring here and i've been refraining from using my space heater because i'm afriad it will blow out the circuit (i can't blow dry my hair on full power because of this). sigh.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

make me understand that i am free

um, how is it december already? i'm in complete denial. time is just moving WAY too fast for me.

ANYWAYS. this is a much-needed update about my thanksgiving week in so-cal.


we made sweet potato balls - SO yummy!

i love random cooking adventures with these two.

spent time with the fam on the actual holiday. i ate WAY too much - i don't think i quite stopped eating that night, and just kept stuffing my face. ha.

these two crack me up:

we have a bunch of late november/early december birthdays in our family, so they just decided to celebrate them all on thanksgiving (not everyone is in the photo.)

the next day, i got to hang out with jamie and liz! jamie and i had hung out a few times before i left for norcal, but i was so excited to finally meet liz! we've "known" each other online for something like 4 years now!

we had yummy taiwanese shaved ice :) mmmmmmm....we were originally going to meet up for tea, but the place we wanted to go to wasn't open yet! this was a great plan b :)

liz's daughter, audrey, is just a cutie patootie.

later that day, the girls and i had our annual gathering...

see the dog in the picture? amy got him a few months ago, and he's completely ADORABLE. we had a doggie photo shoot the next day, but since i took way too many pictures them and am too lazy to sort and edit them, that will have to wait for another post. meanwhile, here he is with me!

and while shooting, judy and i realized that we were wearing matching outfits. we tend to do this a lot, totally unplanned!

unfortunately, i got much of nothing done while i was down there, so i'm paying for it now and am buried under a looooong to-do list. sigh.

hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving! have a good one :)