Monday, November 23, 2009

autumn fallin'

it's looking like fall around here :)

one of the things i love about living up in the bay area is that we sort of get seasonal changes here, without the super chilly weather. i'm sure this doesn't compare to an east coast fall, but this is way better than a boring so-cal fall (which feels like summer anyway).

on saturday, the boy and i headed out for a day trip to sonoma (technically north sonoma county - healdsburg and geyserville), figuring that it would be gorgeous with the fall color changes (also because we tried last year and failed miserably because it poured the day we went!). we were right. it was an absolutely gorgeous day (we timed it perfectly, as it rained friday and was cloudy and drizzly today). we did a little bit of wine tasting, eating, and a bit of walking through a couple of vineyards, and came across scenes like this:

yesterday (sunday), i had a shoot up at the marin art and garden center. i'd never even heard of the place, but it was gorgeous. lots of fall scenes there, like this! i LOVED all the red/orange/yellow trees there!

today, i am off to so-cal for thanksgiving festivities. it's supposed to be 77 degrees on thursday - can you believe it?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

if i don't let myself be happy now

so i've been scrapping for fun the last few days!

when cheryl invited people to play along with her blog challenges, i decided to play along because a) i haven't scrapped "just because" lately (mostly out of laziness), and b) challenges push me out of the box and bring out some mojo in me. i think i need to do this more often.

this one is to alter your embellishments in some way. i cheated a bit and went digi, since it's much easier to do it that way lol :)

(and yes, that's another playlist LO. i've completely failed at my plan of doing monthly playlists every month again this year - blame it on the fact that i lost my ipod on a plane at the beginning of theyear, and i had computer woes soon after - but i really hope to do them again next year!)

use song lyrics as your title. i used some from jimmy eat world's "for me this is heaven" - which i've been listening to pretty much all day long. this one's also hybrid - something i haven't done in a while!

scraplift a layout you did over a year ago. this one was done almost two years ago, and it's one i never posted. i couldn't pick one out of my gallery at 2 peas (and they were a bunch of stuff i pulled down for publication, and i didn't feel like hunting those down), so i went back and found this, which was party of my HOF entry the last time they had the contest.

(i've held onto those photos for over 2 years too - i kept meaning to scrap them, but never got around to it. it's been a long while since i saw them in concert, too - they haven't really come out this way lately. hmph.)

this is the original (i know the lift came out nothing like it, hah)

that's all for now :) thanks for the fun, cheryl!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

belle of the boulevard

scrappy share time :)

the midmonth garden went up today...more stickers :)

and a seasonal thanksgiving one!

here's one i did for prima, using the new blooming retro papers :)

*hoping* to get some fun scrapping in tonight (but i'm feeling lazy at the moment, so we shall see?)

happy things in my world lately:
these -

maple leaf cookies from trader joe's. so good. also munching on candy cane joe joes! mmmm... :)

my first gingerbread latte of the year :)
a green coat for $20! (outerwear sale at old navy + friends&family coupon!)
so-cal bound in a week. excited to see family & friends! (if anyone is interested in a photo session, i will be doing those as well. e-mail me if you're interested. addy is in the sidebar

adorable couple + perfect light = this:

modern family. it's HILARIOUS.
stanford beating usc. i can't stand the trojans, so any team who beats them makes me happy!
a page (one of my faves) picked up by scrapbook trends - it's been awhile! i've been sooo lazy with the submitting thing lately, hence the lack of pubs. i miss it...
and THIS - super cool!

that's all folks :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

it's time to try defying gravity.

two things:

1. wedding photos! i was assistant to the amazing maurice ramirez. seriously, he's awesome and i learned lots, for sure. here are a couple of my favorite shots:

you can see a bunch more over here. the number one thing i learned: you have to be quick and think on your feet. i'll get better (i hope). also - weddings are exhausting, but there's something kinda magical about them.

2. i have the digi challenge at two peas this week.

it's to joural within/around a shape. confession: i didn't know how to do this until it was assigned to me, lol. it's pretty easy, though. i'm still very much a digi noob sometimes...i still don't know a lot of the photoshop tricks that can come in handy. just enough to move around layers and use brushes...which is usually enough for what i do. lol. i guess that's what google is for though, hah. ;)

have a good one :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

and sunday always comes too late

happy day after halloween!

this is what the boy and i ended up dressing up as. we originally had a different plan, but i left my outfit at his house and he ended up wrecking it. we were cutting it close so i let him pick what we were going as, and this is what he decided on. his costume is way better than mine because he ended up borrowing a bunch of medical doodads from his dad, who is a retired doctor. although my fake stethoscope actually worked!

i had someone tell me i looked "hella cute" though, and a couple of others came up to us and told us we were awesome, so i guess that was successful. lol.

anyhow. here are a couple of scrappy shares...

for this month's garden...

and one for prima, using the november build-a-page sketch. yes, a 2-pager! i've done something like 3 2-pagers in the last 2 months - shocking, right?

this layout uses the newest prima papers - blooming retro. love love looooooove it!

i can hardly believe it's november already. i am so in denial.

have a good one :)