Saturday, September 26, 2009

keep spinning around I know it won't stop,

(hooray!!! you've found the CP blinke!!!)

so fall tv season is upon us. here are my shows this year:

the office. duh. hands-down my favorite show on TV. i'm also watching last season on DVD, and cracking up over the deleted scenes :) plenty of the office in my world = happy me. also. i still *heart* jim!

gossip girl. i am almost ashamed to admit this, but i because super addicted to this over the summer. seriously, once i started watching, i couldn't stop. it's so bad, yet sooooo good. i spent many late nights because i couldn't stop watching! can't help but love the clothes!!

glee! i ended up watching the pilot right before the season started, just to see what everyone was talking about - and i was hooked! it cracks me up, has some great lines, and i love the musical numbers.

grey's. i have to admit that i am not in love with the series as i was in the first few seasons...but i still watch (albeit, i usually end up watching online since the first half hour is on at the same time as the office). i was really turned off by the izzie-denny scenes last year, and i wasn't wowed by the premiere this week...but i'm still hoping it'll pick back up again.

HIMYM. seriously, how can one not love barney? he's legen...wait for it...DARY!

curb your enthusiasm. i am sad my free HBO ended a few weeks ago, grrrr. but i head over to the boy's house for this. i am SO HAPPY that it's back!! it's SO painful but that makes for some pretty awkward, hilarious moments. SO funny!

what are you watching this fall?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you smile and you make my life complete

this is bianca and her fiance patrick. bianca is one of my blog readers, so it was fun to do a shoot with them! they are soooooo cute. they look sooooo happy, don't they?

more here :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

i wanna see the sun rising anywhere but here

just a couple of layouts to share from the midmonth garden at two peas:

i took the found objects theme as an opportunity to scrap that cuuuuute bag from my >milk outings! i knew there was a good reason why i made cristin give it to me ;)

i thought of knitting when i was thinking of something to scrap that was fall-related. i think i need to start knitting again, it's certainly chilly enough to put on scarves!

also, i have a little soup craving (maybe because it's kinda cold here today?), so if you have any yummy soup recipes (especially if they're done in a crockpot!), please direct me to them!! :) thanks in advance!

have a good one :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

there's something about you that i can hold on to

i'm back in the bay!

this happens to be the only personal photo i took while i was in so-cal. i had all these grand plans to snap a bunch of pics while down there since i am desperate for some new ones to scrap, but it didn't happen.

i love those flags, though, no? it was in old town pasadena!

anyways, it was REALLY HOT down in LA...i'm not sure how i survived 23+ years in that heat? i should be still be acclimated to it even though i've gotten used to this SF weather, right? it's only been 8 months! while i was gone, it rained up here...and now it's supposed to be something like 90 degrees this weekend? (so says the boy)...i thought i left that back in so-cal.

oh well, at least it'll probably be nice and cool when i go home for thanksgiving (for the entire week!!!)

i need to stop blogging about weather.

it was kind of a short visit, at least compared to my previous ones...and i didn't get to fit in all that i wanted to, which probably explains the lack of photos. but i got to see everyone, which is always nice :)

i also did an engagement shoot with one of my blog readers (hi bianca!)...i'll share that soon!

been busy, busy since i got back here...

i also have the digi challenge at two peas this week (you can also chat with me next tuesday!), which is to enhance the edges of a photo.

have a good one :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

and one for you and one for mes

scrappy share:

i had the challenge over on the KI blog this week. it's to use up your scraps :) i have TONS of scraps sitting around in my paper pile, and a bunch of KI papers at that, so i cut them into strips and used them on here. play along if you can :)

highlight of my weekend:

the boy's sister was in town for a few weeks, and since her british boyfriend wanted to go to an american football game, we all headed over to the cal game on saturday. i think this is my first college football game. i'm a bruin gal myself (shhh...), but i had fun cheering for the bears...and they kicked maryland's butt, 52-13 (i THINK that was the score). good times :)

i'm heading back down to so-cal for a few days on thursday...i'm kinda looking forward to hot weather (it's currently freezing here), but i hope it's not TOO hot, because i can't deal with that anymore (why am i such a wussy about weather? sheesh.)

have a good one :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

someday we'll know if love can move a mountain


and now:

it's been three years since i came up here with a couple friends on labor day weekend. it was my first time visiting san francisco in 10 years (from then on, i started coming every 4 months, then every month or so, hah), and my first time in the east bay. i kind of hated san francisco the first time i came (too cold and windy! lol), and had a completely different impression of berkeley than what it turned out to be. but it was during that trip when i fell in love with norcal, and decided "i want to live up here someday."

i didn't think that someday would be now, but here i am. who knew? so much has changed since then. life is completely different than what i'd thought it would be 3 years from then. it's so weird thinking about it.

but you know what? i wouldn't change it for anything, fog and all.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

i'm jettisoned to the center of the storm

ugh, i'm in denial that it's september, and that my summer is over...even though it feels like i barely had a summer since it was cold and foggy most of the time! lol.


a couple weeks ago, elaine moved across the bay and into the city. we've had many adventures in the east bay, bur i'm so happy to have a fello SF resident now. :) yesterday, we went exploring...we realized that both of us had never seen the "painted ladies," aka the "full house houses," so we headed over to alamo square to take photos of them...

i want one of those houses! (actually the house in SF that *i* want to live in is this awesome purple and gold house in pacific heights. the colors are so rich, and it's so beautiful. i should take a photo of it when i see it next time).

afterwards, we headed to japantown and fell in love with this wall.

notice how i'm throwing up the asian tourist sign. what can i say...i WAS in japantown and i AM japanese, after all.

anyways. i'll try to get back into a more regular blogging routine this month...i realize that i have barely posted in the last 2 months.