Friday, July 31, 2009

let's get this party startedddd...

so hey :) i've been neglecting the blog as i've been hiding out in the east bay, where it's nice and sunny. it's super foggy back in my hood. lol.

anyways. just wanted to share this little peek with y'all:

i was able to play along and create a sample for shimelle's new class on two peas, stress free scrapbooking. the class comes with some cooooool printables! check it out :) she's also having a weekend-long blog party, so be sure to stop by her blog for a ton of inspiration and eye candy!

i'll be back with more musings later!

Monday, July 20, 2009

the only way to really know is to really let it go

this page went up as today's featured layout at two peas today..

seriously?! 10 years? where did time go?
it seems like yesterday when i met these girls (plus a few others...they just happened to be in this picture, heee) at various points during my freshman year of high school.

and here we are, a decade later, at various points in our lives, doing different things, yet always managing to find a way to be in each others' lives. i *heart* them and think we'll be friends for many years to come!

speaking of old friends...

this girl pointed out to me the other day that we'd been friends for about 20 years. um, what?! now THAT makes me feel OLD.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

xavia, won't you save us?

we'd been having a string of really nice days here in SF...until today. i live in one of the foggier neighborhoods, but still.

the view from my street:

it's funny because i got lost in the ghetto earlier today, on the complete opposite side of the city, and it was nice and sunny over there. after that, i had a shoot in golden gate park where it looked similar to my neighborhood (that's also one of the foggiest neighborhoods in SF). the poor girl said it was 90 degrees where she was from (on the other side of the bay, towards the south), and was FREEZING because she was wearing a tube top.

you've gotta love SF microclimates...

anyways. i realized that i've barely posted any of my LOs lately, so here are two from the midmonth garden which went up today...

the theme this month was fashion...this particular LO was inspired by this shirt:

which i would probably never buy because i think the colors are kind of fugly, but i did like the text and used that as inspiration.

have a good one :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

don't look back, you can never look back

oops, so i haven't blogged in 2 weeks. so here's a quick catch-up post of what i've been up to since i last blogged...

- before i left so-cal, i insisted that we have a bonfire at the beach. as much as i love it up north, the beaches just aren't the same - too cold, and bonfires aren't so common. so we headed out to huntington beach/bolsa chica, which was actually kind of cold and windy (go figure. that, plus i decided wearing shorts at night at the beach was a great idea. go, me!), but we got a nice little fire going.

i also got to chase around mario and jen around with a camera around sunset time...this was probably my favorite of the bunch:

you can see more here.

mario also got this awesome jumping shot of me and amy:

- right before i left to go back to norcal, i got to see the boys (remember our weekly photo outings back in the day? yeah). it had been a while since i hung out with them, let alone seen them, so it was fun. and half of us always had a camera in front of our fact. i guess some things never change?

- came back to san francisco for a day, then headed back out to the cabin for the long weekend. we mostly just chilled on the lake, but we did go out to the south grove of big trees briefly (it was 95 degrees and we didn't feel like hiking 3 miles).

must go back again, when it's cooler.

- saw fireworks while we were up there!

- back again in san francisco, i hung out at the MOMA on free museum day. it was same 'ol (a lot of new stuff doesn't open til the end of this month or the beginning of next month), but i did check out the rooftop garden, where there was a blue bottle coffee stand (i'm kinda obsessed with this stuff now. mmmm)!

- took a walk trek through buena vista park, which is a little gem of a park nestled in the haight. it's in a hilly area, and the park itself is also very hilly and has a lot of stairs, but once you get to the top and see these views, the climb is totally worth it:

sometimes, i really, really love this place. this was one of them.

- apparently, they have these film nights in the park every week at parks in and around the city. yesterday, they showed woody allen's "manhattan" in union square and a couple of us went. it was a cool experience, especially when we were waiting for the movie to start and saw this gorgeous sunset:

so. that's what i've been up to the last two weeks. how about you?

also. i'm making another (short) trip down to so-cal in september. someone asked me if i can do a shoot for them, so i was wondering if anyone else would be interested? if you are, shoot me an e-mail (there's a link in the sidebar to your right >>>).

well then. have a good one :)