Friday, May 29, 2009

i find a fatal flaw in the logic of love

i'm moving tomorrow, so i'm up to the wahzoo in packing and cleaning (ugh. remind me that 6-week sublets are NOT a good idea), but wanted to stop in to share some scrappy stuff.

these are some of the LOs i had go up this month in the twopeas garden

for KI. it was for a sketch challenge.

for prima, using the rebellious papers:

also realized i never updated about last weekend, which ended up turning out totally different than i was planning. i didn't get to spend anywhere near as much time hanging out with linda&co. as i was planning (girlfriend duties, and bad scheduling. she says i'm domesticated now, LOL), but we did go here:

this is proof that i actually hung out with them, lol.

i actually DID wake up EARLY for them!!

next week is my birthday weekend :) a bunch of us are heading up to the boy's cabin for the weekend, and the two of us are staying several extra days. i even have a couple of friends driving up from so-cal, so i'm super duper excited!

have a good one :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

don't wake me up i plan on sleeping in...

okay, so finals are over, and so is all the memorial day craziness. which brings us to my birthday, which is in 8 days. which also means, i get greedy :) heh.

nikon d90. yes, this was also on my christmas list. yes, still wishful thinking, i know.

yes, i want the YELLOW one. yes, this is another repeat from the christmas list. (sheesh, apparently i didn't get anything i want for christmas - HA).

cute summery tops. some examples:

1)forever 21. 2)forever 21. 3)forever 21. 4)forever 21 (see where this is going?) 5) forever 21. 6)forever 21. 7)old navy. 8)target. 9)target. (anything similar to any of these will suffice).

summery dresses (notice a theme here?)...some examples:

1)target (i tweeted about this one the other day). 2)forever 21 3)forever 21. 4)old navy.

this skirt. i think i like the green one the most?

a prime lens in the 20-30mm range. i can't use my 50 for "stick your arm out" photos, nor can i use the tamron because it's too heavy. this one is 30mm f1.8.

concert tickets/ticketmaster giftcards. i really want to see death cab for cutie and/or wilco this summer...

a planner. something simple, unfussy, with lots of room to write in. i lost mine somewhere along the way from so-cal to norcal. i like the ones from paperchase (borders).

this gloss. i love it so, and i'm just about out.

a crockpot. i might actually be inspired to *gasp* cook once in awhile. then my mother (and the boy too, actually) can stop nagging me about eating healthier and blah blah blah...

a summery purse or just a roomy bag that's not tooooo huge. these are just some examples. (i also saw someone on the muni today with a printed yellow and grey purse, and i thought "i would really like a purse like that. but i can't find any. it kinda reminded me of this and this) 1)target. 2)payless. 3)gap. 4)anthro.

(i also am in DESPERATE need of a new wallet, lol)

cool necklaces and earrings. i started making another collage, but then i got lazy. but this site has cuuuuute stuff.

that is all :) lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

we don't do it now we'll never make it

this weekend:

-4 a.m. scrapping session
- candlelight, pasta, pesto pizza, and awesome white wine
- planning for my b-day weekend
- posing as a high schooler prepping for her SATs. (see my twitter >>) yeah, let's - just say that if i ever were to take them again, i would NOT do well.
- 90 degree days (in SAN FRANCISCO. i thought i got rid of this weather when i left so-cal?)
- a couple of hours hanging out with jenni, and her cute family:

(more to come soon)
(also, i have a photo blog set up in case you're curious to what i'm up to over there)

next week: FINALS. i thought they were the week after, until last week. ooooooops. doesn't look tooooo bad, though.
and then: partying it up with linda&co. over memorial day weekend! :)

(oh and re: the office finale. "send in the subs." eeeeeeee!!!!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

country roads, take me home

we snuck off to the cabin for a little bit last weekend. the weather was perfect (although not quite warm enough to play in the lake), we ate too much (mmmm...homemade lasagna. and strawberry shortcakes!), watched a bunch of harry potter movies (getting sooo excited for the new one to come out!), hiked around the lake, and had a lovely time.

i always really enjoy these cabin trips...the first time the idea was proposed, i remember thinking "you want me to go to the boonies for five whole days?! are you sure i'm not going to get bored?" lol. we are in the middle of planning another trip for my birthday weekend (which is in...23 days? yikes), and are inviting several friends to come along. should be good times :)

there's just something kinda nice being away from busy city life and being in the middle of nowhere (well. sort of), isn't there?

(those two pictures were actually taken on the drive home from a previous trip)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

i can tell that we are gonna be friends.

it's pouring.

happy national scrapbooking day! lots of fun challenges going on at two peas over the weekend. i'm hosting a 5 product challenge.

my challenge is to use:
* something blue (the background cardstock)
* something clear (MME stars)
* chipboard (KI buttons, little yellow bicycle accents)
* something die cut (MME stars)
* a star (MME stuff)

hope you play along! if you do, upload your layout to two peas, and be sure to check the corresponding challenge box. you have until 11:59 p.m. CST on sunday!

the GGs also did a special member inspiration garden. lots and lots of good stuff in there :) this is in addition to the regular first of the month garden, so it's a HUGE pile of inspiration! for my layouts, lifted vee (her gallery is here):

and nic (her gallery is here

busy weekend ahead, but hoping to do at least ONE challenge in between.

have a good one :)

{p.s. DanelleB and Ori - i got your comments but don't have a way of replying to you...please e-mail me. my e-mail address is on the sidebar. thanks!}