Thursday, March 26, 2009

the world keeps spinning 'round...

so i got the sophia bush cut -

it looks a bit different. it was styled wavy yesterday, but still different. short hair g. short hair gets a bit to get used to, though. and i remember why i stuck with long-ish - it's waaaaay easier to style, for me anyway.

i've been scrapping a little bit at home, which is a challenge when a) most of your stuff is still in san francisco, and b) you have no paper trimmer here. i've managed, though...and even did a digi page :)

i'm continuing the playlist layouts...this is january's. i think i might have to skip february because my computer was down and i really didn't listen to ANYTHING. this page has a bunch of digi goodies from two can see what i used here

for kelly's challenge to do a LO in under 30 minutes on the KI blog. easy peasy. i did the page around that sticker.

using up a bunch of prima goodies!

i'm flying back up north tomorrow, but won't be going back to san francisco immediately...quick cabin trip first. yep, again. lol.

have a good one :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

eenie meenie miney

i'm indecisive, so i figured i'd give this a try...i'm scheduled for a haircut tomorrow, and really have NO idea how to get it done (really, i could live with what i have right now, but i figured i should just get it done while i'm here). so, here are my (many) options -

a friend pointed this out to me, and i liked it because i've been styling my hair wavy these days (it takes less time than straightening. who knew?). but, straightened out it looks kind of like this - looks so much cuter wavy.

i really don't like paramore (especially after i got moshed at a show where they happened to be performing)...but i love hayley's hair. my hair is a bit thicker than hers, but this one seems much more manageable and do-able than her other cut (when she had the orange hair). and did i tell you i really like it?

this is supercute. i was wanting something longer though, because i like to be able to throw my hair up whenever i'm too lazy to do it (which is more often than i'd like, lol. but i'm getting better at it). i wonder if it would look good if it was shoulder length-ish, or just above the shoulders?

i wish i could see the front, but i like it from the side.

i was flipping through marie claire for inspiration, and noticed a picture of natasha bedingfield and liked her hair. so i googled this.

hilary duff. i like the bangs.

lastly -

i've asked for that cut a couple of times, and i've always liked it (i tend to really like mandy moore's hair). it works for me, but really, i think i should try something new, don't you?


Sunday, March 22, 2009

home sweet home

i'm on back in so-cal for a week (until friday). i flew into LAX friday afternoon, and have spent the weekend catching up with the fam and friends. it's surprisingly cool here (by LA standards, i mean. this is normal to warm-ish back in SF), but my allergies are being driven nuts by the LA air. ick.

anyways. yesterday, we went to portos (a must-have of course), and then to the americana, where we stood in front of two walls for 20 minutes to take a gazillion pictures. good times :)

ahhhh, i've missed these girls.

today, i hung out with amy and went to target for the first time in TWO MONTHS. the downside of living in the city is that there is no target (there is one not so far away, but it's a paint to get there using public transportation. pfffft). of course, i managed to spend more than i'd planned to - but the way i look at it, i've been saving more money by not having access to a target for 2 months, right? LOL.

more adventures to come in the coming days. while i'm here, i also plan to get a haircut...i'm thinking of going short-ish, but we'll see. also to follow is probably a ton of food, accompanied by a ton of pictures.

have a good one...happy spring! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

it's a pretty known fact that as a california girl (especially born and raised in southern california), i don't see snow. like, ever.

so i was pretty excited when we showed up at the cabin, and noticed snow on the ground. (actually, at first it was a huge nuisance because we couldn't even get into the driveway!)

yeah. SNOW. in the MIDDLE OF MARCH.

apparently, it was really cold last weekend and snowed a bunch. most of it was gone, but there was a bunch left on the ground in shaded areas. there were some parts of town that still looked very winter-y. luckily, the weather was actually kind of warm-ish (i think upper 50s or lower 60s), so we were actually able to enjoy it!

i HAD to take one of these "throwing snow up in the air" shots. actually, many of them. hee.

i told the boy to make me a snowman, and he came up with this 5 inch version. i said "THAT'S IT?!"

we also went back to big trees one day...we've been going there the last few times we've gone up to the cabin. we went in december, and it was sunny. we go in the middle of march and we get a winter wonderland. we actually ended up hiking in the was slippery but quite cool.

(i almost slipped when i went to go set the self-timer for this shot. oops.)

we were saying how we wished we had thought to bring sleds because it was perfect for sledding. oh well. now we know that big trees will be covered in snow a week after the fact.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

born to gaze in to night skies

we're leaving for the cabin soon...i threw together this mini for the boy's birthday. it was quick, but now i'm behind, and haven't finished packing yet. argh.

anyways, just wanted to share -

you can see the rest of the album here. :)

now off to rush and pack!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i've got platinum vision and a tin foil touch

starting to go through some of my photos from the last month or so, and figured i should share, since it's been a loooong while since i did a photo post :)

the valentine's window display at macy's. i loved it, so i took a picture. it also happened to inspired this layout, which i did for the garden at two peas this month.

ocean beach/land's end trail. on that particular day, i wanted to be was a nice day. i was planning to go to the tulip garden at golden gate park, but instead got lost, gave up, and headed to the beach. i've done this part of the trail before, but it's nice during sundown. i've also only done about 1/3 of it. if you keep going, it takes you near the legion of honor, and a bit further, and there's a second part of the trail which takes you to the bridge. one of these days, i'm planning to do the whole thing.

another ocean beach sunset shot.

i was looking forward to dine about town (restaurant week) festivities since before i moved. the boy and i decided on lunch at butterfly, which was along the waterfront. everything was delicious, but the best thing by far was this chocolate souffle for dessert. heavenly.

i have the fortune of being done at noon on tuesdays, which is awesome because i can take advantage of the free museum admissions on the first tuesday of the month. last month, i headed over to the deyoung museum. the best part was the view from the observation deck in the towers. i happened to be there on one of the rare clear days in san francisco, and the view was stunning.

these hearts were part of a public arts project...they were scattered throughout the city, and there were a few at union square. this one was probably my favorite.

i love all the fun little stores in japantown...i loved the colorfulness of these pens. i ignored the "no photography" sign and snuck in this photo.

i haven't explored dessert places in the city as much as i'd like, but i did stop by kara's. good stuff. :)

that is all for now :)

tomorrow, i head off into the boonies. woot. although i've got a million things to do by then....ahhhhh....

have a good one :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

and so it goes...

hi :)

i have a computer again!!!!

i finally feel like i'm a fully functioning person again. sort of. ha.

i have a bunch of pictures to share with y'all eventually, including ones from alcatraz and sonoma, but since i haven't gone through them yet, that'll have to wait.

for now, i wanted to share this with you -

i hosted the weekly challenge over at two peas this week. it's to mix up your alphas, because i'm sure we all have those half-used sheets lying around, right? hope you play along :)

so i ended up not having to move after all. which means that i'm in the process of looking for roommates. which can be interesting, i guess. lol.

the boy's birthday is next weekend, so we're taking off to the cabin again. i'm really looking forward to it. a week after that, my spring break starts, so i'm flying home to so-cal. i haven't been back since i got here, so i'm looking forward to that, too. except for the smog. lol. spring break means that half my semester is over and that i will have been up here for 2 months already...sheesh, time just keeps on flying.

have a good one :)