Monday, February 23, 2009

i've been here for a month

thoughts after living in san francisco for one month....

* i've been making waaaay too much coffee. i'm surprised i'm not bouncing off the walls every day. i've also been using TONS of creamer.

* living along a MUNI route, while hella (omg, am i really using that word? sheesh, norcal person already) convenient, is also hella noisy.

* i've realized that i'll probably get LOTS of exercise while living here, especially because there are plenty of hills. well, that, and there are actually a bunch of walking routes to cool destinations, i.e. the beach, golden gate park, this cool recreation area haven't been to yet.

* i am realizing that i should've brought a rice cooker. i really am asian after all. luckily, the boy made a bunch and brought it over today.

* i miss living really close to a target. why is it a PITA to get to daly city?!

* i need a better solution for storing my scrapbooking stuff. storage bins/boxes are not really very efficient.

* i don't miss LA smog.

* i forgot to bring my dodgers shirt. i guess it would've been pointless to have it to wear to dodgers/giants games anyway, because it would be hiding under 5 other layers because AT&T park is so FREEZING. i guess it's a good thing i brought my dodgers blanket, then.

* berkeley IS kinda far. although i must remember that 20-ish miles sure beats 400. however, i do go over there when i'm craving zachary's.

* trader joes has the best packaged meals ever.

* i feel old in class. oh wait, i AM old.

* free first tuesday of the month museum admission + me having tuesday afternoons free = happy me. where to go this tuesday?

* space heaters are awesome. i'd freeeeeze at night without one. it's been pretty warm (by SF standards) in the afternoon, though.

* i'm moving. AGAIN. and then another time after that. oy vey.

* when it's nice outside, i like to do my reading/homework outside. at a park or beach or somewhere similar.

* 65 is warm now. 50 is still cold.

* i have yet to explore most of this city. so many places to go...

* it still rains every time the boy and i try to go somewhere. some things just never change, do they?

* i've been reading a lot lately (for pleasure). this is a combination of the fact that i'm still computerless and the fact that SF library rocks.

* no computer = i feel out of touch with the world.

* i freaking love this place.

Monday, February 16, 2009


hi, remember me?

i'm alive!

i still have no computer so my online time has been VERY limited, and so that's meant no blogging.

it's been 3 weeks since i got here to san francisco, and i've loved almost every minute of it. we had really nice weather (upper 60s, i think it even hit 70 for a few days, and clear) the first week or so i was up here. unfortunately, it's really really cooled down this week and it's been quite chilly and rainy. oh well. welcome to the bay area, right? ha.

i've been having fun exploring the city as much as i can during my free time, and i still have plenty more to explore. i checked out a couple of SF guidebooks from the library to find some cool spots that aren't necessarily super-touristy, and i have a list of places to check out. i haven't been wanting to be home much lately since they're remodeling my place and it's noisy and dusty most of the day, so that gives me plenty of time :) now, if only it would stop raining!

of course, every day hasn't been perfect, and i have my moments of loneliness and homesickness...but for the most part, i've looooved being up here.

i had a lovely valentine's weekend, which ended up being a 4-day weekend for me :) the boy and i went to luna park for dinner (we went there for my birthday last year, and went back), where i proceeded to eat waaaay too much. you can't go wrong with the poke and the build your own s'mores there. mmmm. mario and jen were up here this weekend for v-day weekend, so i went to lunch with them yesterday. i wanted to take them to mama's because i haven't had that amazing french toast in forever, but the weather meant that i didn't want to stand in line for an hour in the cold, so that didn't happen. it was nice to see some people from home, though. today, the boy and i tried to drive up to jenner, a coastal town about 80 miles from here. the day started off nice and sunny and continued to be sunny until halfway there...eventually, it started to hail. the rain stopped while we were there, but it would've been soooo much nicer had it been sunny. oh well. had a good time anyhow :)

photos to come sometime when i can unload all of them off my memory card and edit them.