Monday, December 29, 2008

the timings stop replaying over in my mind

the january studio calico kit went live last night! these are my contributions to the gallery this month:

the rest of the gallery is quite amazing this month. seriously. you've gotta take a peek!

i also did my christmas playlist LO:

my hands and wrists are currently sore thanks to me overworking them by knitting allllll day. i'm like a granny, lol. i'm trying to finish up some scarves for these post-christmas gatherings that are coming up this week.

lots of fun stuff coming up this week! i'm hoping i get to squeeze in a photoshoot in there somewhere, too. i can't believe it'll be 2009 in a couple of days, geez.

have a good one :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

work and play they're never okay

hope you all had a lovely christmas! our family get-together was fun, and i think this one enjoyed opening all her gifts for the first time -

and i don't think she ever tired of the process -

so yesterday, we were at jo-ann and spotted a gingerbread house kit for 50% off. yes, it was a day late, but who cares?

anyways, tonight is the studio calico reveal. join us for what should be some good times, some awesome kits/add-ons, and what i'm sure will be eye candy in the gallery!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

last christmas i gave you my heart...

merry christmas, y'all!

as a present, i've finally got some studio calico peeks for you!

have a great christmas! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

where I had hidden myself somewhere in your charm

changed my banner to a christmas-y one :) even though christmas is in, like, 3 days.

i created this quickie photo calendar today:

(click for larger image)

it was a quick, fun, and easy project. i blogged about it on the studio calico blog!

i've also spent the last several weeks frantically trying to catch up on my playlist layouts. at the beginning of the year, i decided to create a playlist every month with songs i'd been digging at that particular time. i was scrapping them pretty diligently until my laptop died, and now i am caught up, except for december...but the month isn't over yet!

i'm also planning to add an extra christmas playlist page. i'm planning to get all these printed as a book, and will probably include a burned CD or two with all the songs from the lists. i'm hoping to do this again next year, too!

have a good one :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

santa can you hear me? i have been so good this year.

oooh yes. a christmas wish list.

this is mostly to direct whomever my secret santa is...but there are few very wishful items on here.

so. let's begin.

nikon d90. yes, wishful thinking, i know.

the office DVD game. i'm not even sure who i'd play with (except maybe linda...but come on. who wouldn't want to play with schrute bucks? and jim figurines?

a holga.s or really, any fun toy camera.

camera remote.

a sewing machine!

wishful thinking again. yes, the yellow one. my ipod is old. very old. mini old. and it's not even technically mine. ha.

a chunky cowl/shawl-neck sweater. kinda like this one. or this one.

a red cardigan (i believe elaine asked for this one last year, lol). i wouldn't mind a yellow one either. or turquoise.


other random things: a new, decent paper trimmer...southwest gift cards/jetblue true blue points...ticketmaster giftcards...colored stamping ink...cute dresses (perhaps for new years ever?) jewelry...mag subscriptions (real simple/domino/paste/glamour)...sunglasses

*note to my secret santa: this list is subject to change at any time ;) consult others in case of additions. ha.

only 5 days til christmas. YIKES.

have a good one :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

woud you lie with me and just forget the world?

i made these tags today:

they're up in the etsy shop. they're also going on my gifts this year.

now, to get started on my christmas cards...

i'm kinda in denial that christmas is 10 days away. WHERE oh WHERE did this year go?

anyhow. i am starting to realize that i barely take pictures these days. need to work on that...

have a good one :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i made a vow, to carry you home

it is currently freezing in southern california. it was also quite cold in norcal (at least at night), but for once it didn't rain AT ALL!

speaking of norcal, i encountered some gorgeous sunsets throughout the trip.

this one was from the drive up to the cabin...i saw this out of the back and i had to make the boy pull over so i could take a few photos.

this one was from the cabin...i looked out the window one evening and saw a purple-ish sky peeking through, so i ran out to the deck, and then eventually out on the lake. it was FREEZING, so i ran back inside after 2 minutes, lol.

i'd seen some amazing pictures of the golden gate bridge around sunset time, and i kinda wanted to take my own. i had some time to kill one day while the boy was at work, so i went into san francisco and trekked out to the bridge. it was a bit foggy and chilly, and the view was kind of disappointing when i got there. however, when the sun came down, this is what i saw:

have a good one :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the full moon dips its golden spoon

yikes, it's december! craziness.

anyways. here are my studio calico projects:

laughlin was madness, but quite fun. all 26 members of the ikeji family trekked over there, so it was quite awesome. my grandma sure enjoyed herself!

i find it kind of unbelievable that it's december...especially because it was so hot last month and i still don't feel like we ever went through fall. ha. i did start listening to the christmas music today, though. here's a sampling of what's on my playlist:

it's pretty random. you've even got some *nsync in there, lol.

a few more days and i'll be up north again...the last month sure did fly by!

have a good one :)

(ps. the frames used in the layout in my last post are digital. they can be purchased here.)