Thursday, November 27, 2008

i want to thank you for so many gifts you gave with love and tenderness

happy thanksgiving!

so many things to be thankful for this year. this is only some of them. family, good friends, and a boyfriend who put up with my constant craziness....scrapbooking, which is so much more than a hobby for and cupcakes...southwest cell phone, which really is a piece of crap but has been sort of like my lifeline at times...creativity and so much more.

i have to be up in less than 5 hours and i still need to pack, so i'm off to bed. have a great thanksgiving, and don't eat too much turkey! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

begging you to sit for a portrait on the wall

i finally got a haircut!

i was watching heroes last night and noticed that i really liked elle/kristen bell's bangs so i asked for those. other than that, it's just very similar to what i had before, just shorter and lighter. but i like it :)

i got to partake in the pea profiles this month on two peas and they went up today. here are the LOs i did!

this one is for the KI blog. i got to play with the pop culture stuff which is available in the shop KI section of their can get a bunch of sets of the pop culture line for $10 each - it's a really great deal! pop culture is one of my favorite KI lines - it's so fun! :)

it looks like it's about to rain here...normally i would be complaining, but it's nice for a change.

have a good one! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

gold teeth and a curse for this town

sneak peeks of the december studio calico kit:

there is some good stuff in that kit. and now my hands are covered in silver ink (yep, i realized i had some and then i couldn't stop using it.)

trying to get back into the digi groove. and trying to catch up on those playlist LOs. lol. here's one for july that i did over the weekend -

i can't believe this is the last week of november. lots and lots of things to accomplish before thanksgiving. and then it'll be off to laughlin, where almost my entire family will gather to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday. only my grandma would rather celebrate thanksgiving with the video poker machine than a traditional turkey dinner. ha.

it finally feels like fall here. have a good one :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

do adults just learn to play the most ridiculous, repulsive games

it still feels like summer outside, but i've been holed up inside and knitting. i'd been meaning to knit a scarf this year, but never got motivated...but i was inspired by a post of elise from a couple of days ago. unfortunately, i didn't buy enough yarn, and discovered they were sold out of this particular color (it IS a pretty cool color) i started on a new scarf until i could get more yarn. :)

i receoved an order of freshly printed photos today, so i should probably switch gears and start scrapbooking...especially because my december studio calico kit is staring at me, begging to be used.

i've also got a couple of ideas for new, christmas-y stuff for my etsy shop, so i should probably jump on those too.

love it when i have a bunch of ideas and projects in my little mind.

oh, and one more thing....
crowdSPRING, hire kelly purkey for your new community marketing manager!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

so glide away on soapy heels

it's been 90+ degrees down here the last two days. something is wrong with this picture. it SHOULD NOT be 90+ degrees in mid-november.

earlier today, the sky looked like this:

yep, wildfires. they aren't in my area, but there is one fire burning about 30 miles to the north, and one about 30 miles to the south. there has also been another fire burning in montecito (santa barbara) since thursday night. unfortunately, one of the fires is near my aunt, uncle and cousin, who i heard evacuated earlier today.


a layout to share -

i was the guest for the color combos galore challenge this week. to really make it a challenge, i chose purple. i kinda like pushing myself out of my comfort zone, though :)

have a good one :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

come on and leave the fears that you were afraid to find

i've been home for a bit now but have apparently decided to neglect the good old blog. oops.


norcal was cold and rainy most of the time i was there. i think i was able to make the most of it, though.

we drove out to napa/sonoma, because i was convinced that it would be super gorgeous in the middle of fall. unfortunately, it rained and this is what it looked like:

oh well. it was still nice. we plan to return for a weekend when in the spring.

spent halloween party-hopping. we were originally going to go as austin powers and one of his sidekicks, but we changed our minds...

we were a hockey mom (my shirt is supposed to say "mavericks" on it, by the way) and joe six pack (although the boy got asked if he was joe the plumber about 10 times that night). the boy's mother came up with that, and we both thought it was brilliant and went with that :)

headed up to the cabin for a few days, and headed out to big trees when the weather decided to stop raining. the name is quite fitting...

seriously. as we continued along the trail, the trees kept getting bigger and bigger.

there was this one ridiculously huge tree stump, and i had to take the opportunity to jump on it!

the boy, although he enjoyed the trees, wasn't as enthusiastic about the photo-taking, i think. especially because i kept making him take pictures of me hugging every single tree i came across. heee :)

but, the best part of the trip was probably the moment i touched down at LAX. shocker, right? as our flight touched down and they made the announcement that we were allowed to turn our cell phones back on, my phone went off. it was the boy informing that barack obama had just been declared the next president. it was a lovely moment. i had to resist the urge to let out a scream of joy as we were taxing to the gate ;)


have a good one :)