Thursday, October 30, 2008

winner winner chicken dinner

i'm up in norcal where it's freeeeeeezing and where it's supposed to rain for the next 4 days. ugh. anyways. i had the boy randomly choose a number between 1 and 200 (the number of comments on the giveaway post) and he chose....


which is...

please e-mail april & scarlet at so they can get your add-on on its way to you!

have a good one :)

(p.s. ben & jerry's pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is just about the best thing ever.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

over my head and underneath my feet

here's a fun surprise :) all of the studio calico girls are giving away a past add-on today. you will soon be able to buy past add-ons on the studio calico's not quite up at the moment, so for now, you can e-mail if you want a past add-on and they'll add it to this month's kit with no extra shipping!

anyways, leave a comment on this post and i will draw a winner on thursday (the 30th). as i mentioned before, all of the DT girls are giving away an add-on too. you can find links to their blogs on the right (yes, i finally added them to my sidebar! hooray!)

the november kit went live a few hours ago. i am completely in awe of the gallery. every single project in there is blowing me away. seriously. if you need some eye candy, head on over there. NOW! that's a demand ;) here are my contributions for the month:

have a good one :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

come with me my love to the sea

had quite a busy weekend thanks to the abundance of end-of-october birthdays. seriously, half my friends seem to be born in the end of october. craziness.

so we went out for crepes and such (not the same crepevine as the ones up north) for judy's birthday:

and then amy and cris had a joint birthday affair the next day. we created a personalized monopoly game for cris, and it was soooo much fun playing it. our version was quite hilarious :) i just wish i had better pictures, but oh well. i was too busy playing!

i've been busy scrapping the last week or two...i was in charge of coming up with this week's KI blog challenge. i decided to go with using teeny tiny photos :) hope you play along if you get a chance!

the studio calico reveal night festivities are in a few hours. of course, the kit is fabulous!

hope you join in for what should be some good times...and perhaps some fun surprises? maybe.

speaking of reveal are a couple more tiny little peeks :)

going up north next's been a few months. looking forward to some zachary's pizza :) plus, the boy and i have the best halloween costumes planned. woot. just hoping that it doesn't rain...but as i seem to always bring rain wherever i go, it's on the forecast. UGH.

have a good one :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

or just not to stay, to leave without saying why

(click for larger image)

the november studio calico kit is quite delicious, and really versatile. you can go girly, you can go boy-ish, you can go fall, you can go vintage, you can go bright...the options are endless :) really, really loving it :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

show me how pretty the world is

so i still don't have a working laptop. which meant that i hadn't scrapped a single digi layout in about 3 months. i refused to scrap on this computer because i hate the software on it. but this weekend, i caved...

yes, i have plans on scrapping all the playlist layouts that i've missed. i actually kept track to scrap at a future date. hooray for itunes playlists.

speaking of playlists, i saw nick and norah's infinite playlist last night. it was cute. not the best movie ever, but worth seeing...especially for the soundtrack. which i'm in love with at the moment (my two favorites from it are "speed of sound" by chris bell and "how to say goodbye" by paul tiernan). the music is right up my alley. and also, michael cera is adorable.

other than that...boooo dodgers. sadness :( i *heart* tina fey. and amy poehler. i'm hooked on the wire, thanks to the boy and elaine. it feels like summer again here...when are these 90 degree temps going to end? geeeeez. i have the most annoying canker sore every. ben&jerry's strawberry cheesecake ice cream rocks. i need to go to sleep.

tomorrow = playing catch-up. have a good one :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

so many foreign roads for emma, forever ago.

* one: i was asked to be a guest designer for fiskars crafts. i loooove their new scallop squeeze punches! you can see the full layout here.

* two: it finally feels like fall here. i woke up saturday morning, kinda chilly, and wanted to stay in the covers forever. i haven't felt that way in a looooong time. it was a nice feeling :) i was able to break out the boots, hat, AND scarf this weekend. to celebrate, i bought myself a new sweater.

* three:

the dodgers! after looking quite pathetic in two games in philly, they had life tonight. here's to hoping they can crank out three more wins. i think they can ;)

* four: while hanging around old town pasadena with the girls, we walked in front of this:

so we knew we had to buy ourselves some....

and then we ate sarah palin. literally.

best. cupcakes. EVER. (not so much taste-wise...)

have a good one :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz

i had the chance to be a guest designer for elle's studio this month! i had so much fun playing with her super adorable tags! she sent me a lot of christmas items, but as you can see, most of my layouts were non-chirstmas ones :)

i also have some cards and a little q&a up on the site, so check it out!

i'll be cheering for the dodgers this weekend! i was NOT happy with yesterday's game...have a good one :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

tell us a story, i know you're not boring...

(view of the strip from the top of the eiffel tower)

ah, yes. there are always interesting times in vegas. we packed in a lot during our short stay there, and i think i'm still recovering. lol.

to sum it all up, it involved: "are you guys married?" (riiiight...) lots of pumpkin spice lattes. the bellagio buffet, crab legs, lobster ravioli and 83579793 desserts. lots of pumpkins and scarecrows. crazy winds, an annoying yapping street preacher, and a canceled bellagio fountain show. rain. watching the dodgers win the NLDS!!! :D (we caught the last 2 innings or so) late-night pina coladas, spinach & artichoke dip, and buffalo wings. sunday morning football. forgetting sarah marshall. quiche, steak sandwiches, mimosas, and patio dining at mon ami gabi (i highly recommend it for brunch). an uneaten crepe. an eiffel tower pina colada. dressing up. dinner at penazzi (also highly recommended). walking...lots of walking. cruising through the venetian, palazzo, ginormous vases, the wynn, and waterfalls. the bellagio fountains - finally. the fake eiffel tower (which was actually really cool). the bellagio fountains again, from 560 feet above the ground (the best way to see them, in my opinion). more walking. "autentic" irish food, and semi-convincing irish accents. football-shaped strawberry daquiris. spicy chicken sandwiches, happy meals and apple pies. sharks, lizards, and fish. fish & chips and caramel cone ice cream. video poker, wheel of fortune, and a ginormous slot machine. lions, daquiris, and jello shots. a ginormous pepperoni pizza.

it was lots of good times...although i don't care to go back to vegas for a while, i think :)

anyhow. here are a few pictures!

...and i miss him.

have a good one :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

and he's the one who likes all our pretty songs

this is making me quite happy:

who knew the dodgers would actually *gasp* win not one but TWO playoff games this year? this team has been quite fun to watch :)

go dodgers! :)

gotta love october - yay baseball playoff season!

anyhow. i did my first official layout for the KI blog...

it uses the new sheer delights, which are awesome :) looooove them. i cut mine up into accents!

been dealing with crazy weather here in so-cal the last week. it was 100+ degrees earlier this week...someone explain to me how it's october and 100 degrees?! is something not wrong with that picture? after crazy hot's supposed to rain tomorrow.

off to vegas this weekend with the boy :) personally, i'm over vegas, but he's never been so this should be fun! and of course... it's also supposed to rain in vegas tomorrow. greeeeeeeat.

have a good one! :)