Sunday, September 28, 2008

you could have whatever you like

the new studio calico gallery went up last night!

of course, i'm going to have to say that the kit was amazing as usual. i know i sound like a broken record month after month...but it's true! i wish i had a chance to make more layouts with it!

anyways. took a quick little trip down to san diego this weekend. we played a little bit of rockband, walked around coronado and the la jolla cove, and did a lot of this:

....of course. and i had a ton of fun laughing about ridiculous things with them <3

have a good one :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oh at night when I sleep all the dreams come to me

i spent the weekend scrapping furiously with the october studio calico kit, and i finally have sneaks to share with y'all!

it's a fabulous kit, so be there on reveal night this saturday! :) if you're a current subscriber, just a reminder about the new billing system and make sure that you've entered your credit card information so you don't miss out :) also, if you order an add-on this month, april and scarlet have a little free goodie for you this month:

i did this LO for the ideabooks4u blog:

the challenge is based on the starting points book, and we were supposed to use some memorabilia from every day life (receipts, to-do lists, calendar page, etc) on our LOs...i thought of all the target receipts in my wallet and there you go :)

thanks for all the congrats on my last post...i'm still on cloud nine. it hasn't kicked in yet. my box is supposed to arrive this week...i'm sure it'll kick in when i'm trying to figure out how to store the stuff. lol :)

have a good one :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

and we'll no longer memorize or rhyme

when i first started scrapping about 3 1/2 years ago, i noticed an ad for KI memories and i knew i really wanted to scrap with that paper. unfortunately, my primary local scrapbook store at the time didn't carry it at the time, which did not make me happy.

i remember playing with KI paper for the first time...i loved the fun patterns and colors. after that, KI became one of my scrapping staples - it popped up in a lot of my pages! it's still one of my most-used products. when i got into the publishing and design team world, i always dreamed i would be on the KI design day.

and a few years later, it happened.

i cannot tell you how honored and excited i am for this opportunity! i was completely shocked when i got the e-mail from shannon and freaked out for about 20 minutes :)

i am one lucky girl.

in other news - the dodgers have a magic number: 9!

have a good one :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm writing you a symphony of sound

hm...i just realized i haven't blogged in a week. whoops.


i think i have a slightly unhealthy obsession with food...actually...taking photos of my food. these are among the things i ate thins week:

i'm blogging about what i ate this week. great. i think i'm getting boring. lol.

i took this random shot this week and it makes me happy :) makes me want to play with these watercolors...maybe i will this weekend?

i had a good week this week...some exciting happenings, some of which i can't reveal yet :) but among these exciting things: instead of another norcal visit, the boy and i planned a quick little vegas weekend and we finalized all the plans and booked everything this week. woot! i can't wait :)

on a sad note, this news has me shocked and heartbroken. aleida was such a big part of the studio calico community, adding a bit of spunk and sass (along with kindness and friendship) to the boards. her presence will truly be missed. an event like this also makes you realize how short life is, and how quickly it can all be taken away from you. it makes me want to hold everyone closer and let them know how much i care for them. so, for my friends and family who are reading this, do know that i love you and that life wouldn't be the same without you.

anyways. have a good one :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

shake down, you make me break

the LA county fair opened today, so we took advantage of $1 admission and frolicked. we ate waaaay too much deep-fried food. in fact, almost everything we ate today was deep fried! we tried the deep-fried spam, which was new this year:

sampled some deep-fried oreos:

and had a deep-fried twinkie, which was a favorite of mine from last year:

unfortunately, they did not have the krispy kreme chicken sandwich this year (i surprisingly enjoyed it last year). boooo.

we also had an onion blossom (or blooming onion)...mmmm....

and a huge red velvet cupcake, which was soooo yummy.

i'd read in the paper that they had a new stand this year selling muffin-sized cupcakes. i thought this was the one, since the cupcakes were quite huge, but unfortunately, it wasn't. hopefully, they'll be there next year so i can hunt them down :)

we also wanted a big turkey leg and a deep-fried snickers, but we were all too full from all of the above. next time...

we hopped into a photo booth:

and of course, rode the ferris wheel:

'twas a fun day!

have a good one :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

just like a heat wave, without warning

i can finally reveal this! the lovely layle from scenic route asked me a few months ago if i would be a guest designer for them. since scenic route is one of my all-time favorite manufacturers, how could i possibly say no? anyway, my stuff went up today, so you can check out my blurb here.

here are my layouts...i had a lot of fun playing with this stuff! :)

have a good one :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

we'll look at them stars when we're together

i'm back again! apologies in advance for a picture-heavy post...

here are my studio calico projects for the month...i finally got a chance to look through the design team gallery today and was once again blown away by the fabulous work in there. i think i speak for the entire team when i say this kit was quite lovely :)

so anyway. i just realized that it was labor day weekend 2 years ago when i first went up to norcal and became smitten. crazy how time flies, and crazy how i'm ALWAYS there now, eh?

highlights from my trip...

the boy and i had dinner at skate's one night...and while the food was fantastic, it was this view of the san francisco skyline that was the best part. we were lucky that it was clear that fog!

i had the chance to attend the last day of the outside lands festival in san francisco. it made up for not going to a single concert in 6 months. there were 150,000 people and there was lots of walking and standing, which caused my legs to be useless the next day, but it was quite an experience. i got to see stars (who were kind of disappointing), andrew bird, broken social scene, bon iver (who was absolutely terrific), rogue wave (who was also awesome), a little bit of wilco (i need to see them again!), and...

jack johnson. swoon. he was awesome and adorable and "better together" live was lovely.

i also ate way too many s'mores again...and by the way, bailey's + milk + rocky road ice cream is the best thing ever (hey. i'm getting my calcium). worked on a tan a little more...and while in the boonies. we almost got attacked by a squirrel. it's a bizarre story (it fell down the chimney. yeaaah), but it's quite hilarious now. i'll definitely have to scrap it! the boy also had this idea to tailgate with a pizza from zachary's and it was the best idea ever (and made up for the fact that the a's lost quite terribly).

i looked out the window on the plane home as we approached the LA area, and this is what i saw. check out the lovely smog. gag.

and....i miss him already. it might be a little bit before i get back up to the bay area but we've got something else in the works in the meantime :)

anyhow. happy labor day :) is it seriously september already?