Friday, June 27, 2008

i caught a glimpse but it's been forgotten

my studio calico projects for this month:

the rest of the DT girls have outdone themselves once again...the gallery is gorgeous. run, don't walk over there!

it was exactly one year ago when i found myself at the first studio calico reveal night. today, as i was partaking in the reveal night festivities (or at least trying to. i kept getting lost since all the threads were moving so fast), i was thinking about how far SC has come since then, and how much it has grown. it's amazing to see how april & scarlet turned their vision for their new venture to what it is today, and i am so honored to have been see it grow from the very beginning. i consider myself to have hit the scrapbooking jackpot when april called me just over a year ago and asked me to design for her and scarlet. i would get to play with the most fabulous, classy kits every month, and be a part of this incredible community. to be able to be a part of the best kit club out there.

so...happy anniversary, studio calico. here's to many, many more!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

by the rosebush laughing

more studio calico peeks:

did i tell you i loved this kit?

anyway...reveal night friday. i can't wait to see that gallery!

so last weekend was insanely hot and i slept on the couch for 2 nights (it was like an oven in my room). i'm also realizing that i've taken maybe 30 photos total this whole month. must do something about that. linh had a BBQ over the weekend - that was fun. yummy, yummy food (korean BBQ ribs!). the dodgers are totally frustrating me at the moment. ugh. discovering some new tunes...always fun. cleaning out a bunch of old pile was starting to get ridiculous. eating ben&jerry's...cinnamon bun...out of the carton. so bad, but SO delicious.

can't believe it'll be july next week. yikes.

have a good one :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

i had a dream that i could fly from the highest swing

it's that time calico sneak peeks:

i'm sure you keep hearing this over and over again from the rest of the DT girls, but this kit is super gorgeous and awesome and you're gonna love it. because i sure do. lots of goodness.

anyways. i realize i haven't blogged in over a week...100+ degree weather = not in the mood for much blogging or scrapping. or much of anything else, for that matter. although, i was craving cupcakes so badly that i decided to go ahead and bake them the other night (at 10:30 p.m. yes, i'm ridiculous). bribed judy with them so she could come over and take a dip in the pool with me. went down to irvine for nora's graduation. still thinking a lot, and trying not to freak out. watching lots of sex and the city. bought some cute summer tops for super cheap. have another norcal trip in the's not for over a month, but i'm totally excited. it will involve a couple of days at the lake (and plenty of food, of course)! my cousin and his wife had a baby girl earlier this week. aww. can't believe it's the end of the month already, and that half the year is over.

that's what i've been up to.

have a good one :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

i wanna be so much more than this

i've been scrapping a bit lately. for no reason...just because. i haven't done that in a while...most of the time, i'm working on assignments or with my studio calico kit (which actually arrived's goooooorgeous). most of the time, it's because i have stuff piled up everywhere and i'm too lazy to sort through it to find what i want to scrap with. i think i really need to clean my scrap area. i have piles of boxes and paper everywhere. it ain't pretty.

anyways. here are the goods:

this one went on the MMM also uses some new fabulous taglets by linda.

this next one was done for MM a while ago...

i came up with the june master's challenge, which is to create a LO with products from 5 manufacturers. this ended up being a challenge for me, too...because i kept wanting to use more. haha. anyways, play along and post your page here

now, digi is another story. that mojo comes in spurts...when i'm feeling it, i do a bunch, when i'm not, i go for a while without doing a single digi.

this is the monthly playlist LO.

so in other news... i've been doing a lot of thinking lately...mostly about what i want to do with the rest of my life. i'm thinking of going in a new direction than originally planned...because what i was so sure i wanted, i don't know if i want so much anymore. (sorry, i know i'm being vague). i'm considering all of options and possibilities, and weighing each pro and con. there are just so many factors to consider... the problem is that the clock is ticking and i need to make up my mind soon, but i don't want to rush into things. i currently feel kinda stuck in life, and i need to move on and get with it, but it's a bit overwhelming.

anyhow. summer vacation here i come! i've also been itching to take pictures...i hope i get to soon! and thanks for all the birthday wishes and such on the last post :)

have a good one :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

amazing still it seems, i'll be 23...

yep. i'm officially a 23-year-old.

wha? how did this happen? i'm still in denial.

okay, so 23 isn't that old, but still...

my actual birthday on wednesday was rather uneventful. however, my long weekend up north was as close to perfect and amazing as one could ever ask for. there was lots of food (of course!), including fondue-style s'mores, sushi, crepes and huevos rancheros, a romantic french dinner, dim sum, top dog (of course), and plenty of cupcakes. celebrated with strawberry mango mojitos (YUM!), screwdrivers (with fresh squeezed orange juice!!), and pina coladas. went to another a's game, tailgated again, and had some really awesome seats (is it sad that i've been to 2 a's games and no dodger games so far this season?), somehow turned into an awesome bowler, did a bit of scrap shopping, met a bunch of new people, walked some cute dogs, got plenty of sleep (until the last day), and spent lots of quality time with



and him

yep, a him. some of you (or maybe not) might remember me making a brief mention of a boy back in this post (i also said that there may be a new reason for going up to norcal here). little did i know that 4 months later, that boy would end up being my boyfriend. it was the last thing i expected when i told linda (who was his roommate at the time) to "tell" (not ask, tell) him to go to dinner with us at zachary's, but we hit it off, especially while playing pool afterwards. eventually, one thing led to another and here we are. this whole living 400 miles apart thing sucks and is obviously not ideal or easy, but we're making it work and i have not been this happy in a while.

so. yeah.

more birthday festivities this weekend. yay :)

have a good one :)