Friday, May 30, 2008

take me deep out past the lights

i'm blogging from the bay area :) everything has been perfect! and as usual, i've eaten waaaaay too much for my own good (and will probably continue gorging myself throughout the rest of my stay).

anyways. i finally have working internet and a moment to breathe, so i wanted to share my studio calico projects with you. this month's kit was perfectly juicy and fun!

having an early birthday celebration tonight...should be good tines :)

have a good one :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

soon everybody will ask what became of you

a couple of digi LOs to share:

(this is one of those LOs i did for no reason....just 'cuz.)

(this new kit by mindy terasawa has to be one of the most adorable things ever.)

the weather in so-cal has been completely insane...we went from 100 degree temperatures to rain and thunder in a matter of days. can't the weather make up its mind? geez. there's also been some other things which have also made me go "you have GOT to be kidding me."

currently cracking up to the british version of the office , and this little gem:

yes, that is actual japanese. lol.

i also can't stop listening to the new death cab album.

really looking forward to this weekend, which will involve a wedding, a memorial day BBQ, and a possible photoshoot. a bunch of people are also coming back to LA for the weekend so i expect to have some hangout time with them too! i am also way excited for next weekend, when i will start celebrating my birthday (yikes, am i really turning 23 in less than 2 weeks?!). should be some good times :)

have a good one :)

(p.s. i'm also looking for Sonya T, who won the free studio calico newsstand kit. are you out there (or does anyone know her)? it's been a while since i posted the winner, and i still haven't heard from her. please e-mail me or by the end of the weekend, or i am going to have to draw a new winner. thanks!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

you try to tell me that i'm clever

one. i got a haircut:

i didn't cut much off, nor did i change the style much, but it feels soooooo much lighter now. yay.

two. it's ridiculously hot. argh.

three. another sneak peek for studio calico:

i'm quite proud of myself for managing to figure out how to use those fruit beads. lol.

four. a few months ago, sharon from prima asked me if i wanted to be a guest designer for them. my stuff went up on thursday. here's one of the LOs i did:

(yes, i stuck an extra e in the title. ooooops.)

you can see more on their blog.

five. the office season finale. oooooooooomg.

have a good one :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it's not going to stop til you wise up

whoa!!! 192 comments!!! thanks for all the sweet messages, i'm sure steph will love them. the rest of us girls are so happy to have her at studio calico.

anyways, i asked to pick a random number for me:

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-05-15 00:53:36 UTC

the 11th comment was:

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Congrats Stephanie!!


5/13/2008 10:31 AM

congratulations sonya!! please e-mail to get your newsstand kit!

thanks everyone for playing :)

i have some peeks of my own to share:

in other news, i saw magnolia, and now i cannot stop listening to this song:

have a good one :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

have you heard?

the lovely and talented steph howell is joining us as the newest designer at studio calico. yay! :)

in honor of the occasion, april and scarlet are letting each of us DT girls give away a free kit on our blogs! simply leave a comment on this post and i'll draw a name tomorrow! :)

p.s. sneak peek night is tonight! stop by for some madness and fun :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i'm coming up only to show you wrong

today (or i suppose it is now yesterday):

- my day started off with a 7 a.m. wake-up call (waaaay too early considering i was up til about 2:30 trying to finish "there will be blood." which is a really good movie, by the way. dark but good). we were making our way to the nordstrom spring cosmetic trend show...which started bright and early at 8:30. it was quite started with a runway show with introductions to a bunch of new product and ended with an oxygen peel from philosophy. along the way, there was lots of makeup and product testing, and a discount! i am also now in love with this gloss (it's sheer with the perfect hint of juicy red. plus it's NOT sticky at all. it's also not tooooo expensive) and this liner (in smoke grey...i love the charcoal brown it's waterproof and glides on smooth. it also doesn't crease under my annoying asian eyes).

- went to grandma's and took more pictures...i feel like every time i manage to make my way to my grandma's house, i find something new there to photograph. the sunflowers were starting to bloom today! among other things...amaryllis and cactus flowers.

- went out for boba...and managed to take over 50 pictures...wha? i also laughed sooooo much. i love my crazy peeps. we're awesome. hah.

good day :)

now i must get to bed since i am now severely sleep deprived.

have a good one :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it's never too late to change lanes

i had quite a blast this weekend!

we celebrated elaine's birthday, and helped her ring in 23 with style:

hung out with these two (among others):

good times. i also ate entirely waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. it involved indian food, thai, crepes and huevos rancheros, waffles, hot dogs, all-you-can-eat sushi, chicago style pizza, pan asian fusion, and a ginormous ice cream sundae. yep.

i'm sad i had to miss all the fun national scrapbook day festivities. boo. but i tried to get my scrap on a little bit before i left:

in other news, i turn 23 in less than a month. wha? how did that happen? i am quite excited about my birthday plans, though!

have a good one :)