Monday, April 28, 2008

hold me down, sweet and low, little girl

it's ridiculously hot here. it's also been humid, and it's driving me insane. ugh. i mean, we're still at least a month away from summer, right? sheesh.

so anyway. the studio calico reveal was last night, and it was crazy times (which resulted in some technical difficulties). can i just say again that the whole design team is friggin amazing? i recommend that you RUN to the!!! there is so much eye candy in there, it's unbelievable!

here are my creations for the month:

(i had to steal pics from linda for that last LO. i was really determined to use this robo stuff, hehe)

my cousin's baby shower was yesterday, and one of the games was to sculpt babies out of bubble gum:

my creation (the top left one) was the winner. lol.

the happy parents-to-be:

have a good one :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

it's a blue, bright blue saturday

i was at my grandma's house again today, and it was around sunset time - perfect, warm lighting. i thought it might be a good time to experiment with some flare...unfortunately, i failed but i kinda like them, anyway.

normal shots:

and of course, the dog got chased around by my camera. i think she hates me now :)

i put my 50mm lens back on my camera (all the photos above were shot with it)...mostly because it weighs half of my other lens. it's kinda fun to play with it again...but it feels weird to have to zoom with my feet again. and i forget that i can't get as close as i can with the tamron. but then i realized how much this lens rocks :)

off to a baby shower to hang out with the fam tomorrow...then hanging out at the studio calico. and i am really, really looking forward to next weekend.

have a good one :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the glove compartment isn't accurately named

i realized the other day that april 24th was my blog anniversary. which happens to be today. which means that i've kept up with this thing for three whole years. crazy, isn't it? who knew that i wouldn't tire of it? it's kinda crazy has this blog has kind of evolved...i originally started it as a place to write for fun, and to air my thoughts out...but then it turned into a scrapping blog, then eventually mostly a photo blog. not necessarily a bad thing.

in honor of this momentous occasion (ha), i finally changed my banner, which is inspired by this layout i did earlier today:

i am majorly in love with those paint circles by mary ann wise, which are hitting the shelves at designer digitals this weekend. it's bringing out some mojo in me - a good thing because it seems like it's been in hibernation for the last month.

anyways, i also finished up some more layouts for studio calico, so here's another peek:

i've felt behind on life since i got back monday, but i'm tackling things on my to-do list one by one, and it feels good. i'm also partaking in some spontaneous planning, and although part of me thinks i'm crazy, it's a bit exciting. we'll see how it goes.

i also cannot wait for grey's to return tonight. along with more of the office. woot.

have a good one :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

cuz i love the way you say good morning

so. the last couple of days were a whirlwind.

randomly frolicked around san francisco and somehow ended up at the palace of fine arts where there were lots of these cherry blossoms.

kept roaming, ended up at a random beach, and discovered the golden gate bridge covered in fog.

took a road trip out to hearst castle, which was gorgeous and crazy all at the same time

drove along the hilly, windy roads of PCH, which overlooked cliffy ocean views like this.

walked around the albany bulb, where we found sculptures made of trash such as these.

fell in love at first bite..

went out to an a's game, tailgated for the first time, and ended up missing the first 4.5 innings. reunited with someone i had been missing. had way too many hot dogs. connected with a certain someone while dog walking (among other things). took a trip out to stinson, noticed it was cloudy down at the beach, drove back, headed out to the lake, sunbathed and picnicked. ate way too much. watched the office with elaine and freaked can you not love jim?! he's so...adorable. had the customary zachary's. had an awesome moroccan meal. drank way too much coffee. had many laughs. felt really, really happy.

flying home was bittersweet. gosh, i can't wait to be back.

Monday, April 14, 2008

with no alarms and no surprises

ah, you've gotta love cupcakes :)

nothing like some frosted goodness to put you in a good mood :)

here's a small peek of the may studio calico kit:

less than two days until i'm up in the bay area! i sooo cannot wait! :)

have a good one :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

this night's a perfect shade of dark blue

i was at my grandma's house today. so i took that as an opportunity to finally play with my poor, neglected camera:

unfortunately for the dog, that also meant she had to model:

in other news:
- it was over 90 degrees here today. what the...
- the office was brilliant. it was all in the nonverbal acting. soooo good. soooo painful. i loved it. and i still want a jim.
- i'm watching dawson's creek. ah, nostalgia. don't judge.
- i'm still soliciting book suggestions!
- i've been feeling super uncreative the whole week and it's driving me insane. especially because my may studio calico kit dropped yesterday and it's quite fabulous. speaking of studio calico, tomorrow (sunday) is sneak peek night. be sure to join in on the boards for some pre-sneak craziness. there will also be some RAKs up for grabs, and you know they're going to be fabulous because they're from april&scarlet. :)
- i can't stop eating cinnamon pull-apart loaf. it's addicting and evil.
- four more days and i'll be back up in norcal. so so soooo excited. especially because the weather will be 10 degrees cooler than it is here. among other reasons ;)
- the dodgers finally won. FINALLY.

have a good one :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

to an artificial tune, i see you swoon.

a summary of the last week or so:

- i keep thinking it's the day after whatever day it actually is. so i keep thinking today is wednesday (well, technically it is wednesday, so now i think it's thursday).

- this is the only photo i've taken in the last two weeks:

methinks i need to use the camera more.

- been listening to this song over and over lately:

- came down with a cold. i still have a sore throat. grr.

- 2 days until spring break. one week until i'm back up north. i so can't wait!

- purged 700 sheets of paper tonight. yikes.

- i'm a bit boring lately. i apologize.

- been discovering lots of good tunes on pandora. itunes is getting lots of my money right now. sigh.

- was sad the bruins lost in the final four. sadness.

- i realized that i haven't read anything outside of class for a really long time now, and i want to. any suggestions for books i should read? (besides jodi piccoult and eat, pray, love since a lot of people seem to be recommending those)

have a good one :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

you know the way to keep me on my toes

hm...i realize that i've been a stanger on this blog lately. whooops. i just feel like i don't have anything interesting to say or post about lately. or when i do, i just forget to post about it or get really lazy.

sharing my studio calico goods for this month. i loved this kit so much - i just wish i had more time to play with it! perfect, fun mix of colors and textures and patterns.

happenings since my last post: a road trip, chicago style pizza, mojitos, time spent with certain special people, dim sum x3, the beach, a botanical garden, a burrito that was literally the size of my calf, pool, a "zen master," enchanted, ramen, apples to apples, boba, happy hour and ordering all the appetizers on the menu, the best ribs/bbq/mashed potatoes/biscuits ever, 30 rock, curb your enthusiasm, chili cheese fries, and lots of phone calls.

oh and an exciting happening in my world - the start of baseball season! i love the fresh feeling of the start of the season - it seems like anything is possible for my beloved dodgers. of course, this usually ends up turning into angst and frustration as the season progresses....but for now...let's just pretend that everything is going to be juuuuuust perfect for the dodgers, shall we?

ah, i've missed baseball.

have a good one :)