Tuesday, March 18, 2008

will you say when i'm gone away

yeah, i realize that i haven't blogged in a while...it's a mixture of business, laziness, and not much of interest to report.

anyways, i figured i'd check in with a sneak peek of the april studio calico kit...which is obviously fabulous as usual. but this one is really fun, and i'm enjoying working with it.

anyways. i am quite excited for this weekend - a chance to see certain people i've been missing. yay.

have a good one :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

wrap my arms around your name

i can't say it enough. these guys are awesome.

so last night involved 4 hours of waiting in line. a lucky entrance into a radio "soundcheck" party, and a hug from jason (i did not see that one coming but he apparently recognizes me). all of the guys are so nice and down-to-earth. meeting new fans in line/after the show. front and center right on the barricade. lots of photos! almost getting stranded in the middle of wilshire because we almost couldn't retrive our car from the parking structure. a t-shirt mysteriously disappearing.

the show itself was awesome and intense. jason got pretty emotional during several songs. the front row was, once again, awesome. and yes, i say awesome way too much.

matt nathanson also opened, and he was pretty awesome. he's really charismatic, hilarious, and quite adorable. i also got to meet him after the show and he was really sweet!

good times :)

(from soundcheck)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

squeeze the air and keep the rest out

headed over to the huntington library this afternoon to take advantage of free admission, walk around, take pictures, and admire cherry (or are they?) blossoms.

it's been a year since i last went, so it was fun!

i also tracked down some girl scout cookies. samoas (or caramel delights, or whatever they're called now) and lemon chalet creme. i would've gotten thin mints but i'm still recovering from peppermint joe joes and didn't want something minty. however, i'm sure i will pick up a box before the season ends, because i think thin mints are the BEST of the bunch! (a certain someone begs to differ, though).
for the ♥ of samoas

'twas a good day.

so celeste tagged me to list seven random facts about myself, so here goes:
- i went to japanese school every saturday for nine years. it meant that i couldn't do fun activities on saturdays, or have go to sleepovers on friday nights. plus, i had additional "j-school" homework. i hated it. i'm still bitter about it.
- i sometimes buy clothes in the kids' department. hey, i'm tiny. i like buying jeans there because they're shorter (and cheaper).
- i really wanted to be a horse jockey when i was, like 10. actually, i was really into thoroughbread racing when i was growing up, because my dad followed it. my cousins like to reminisce that when i was 3, i liked to yell out "and away they go" and pretend to be on a horse.
- i cry like a baby every time i chop onions. it's a huge problem everytime i make FOS (french onion soup). ugh.
- i'm a lefty. no one in my immediate family is a lefty, so everyone thinks i'm an anomaly. they also tried to switch me in japanese school (since japanese writing goes right to left, and therefore being righty is easier), but i eventually went back to being lefty.
- i am currently craving mexican food. yep.
- right now, i'm obsessed with eating ritz crackers with strawberry cream cheese. my favorite snack at the moment (yes, i realized that half of these facts are food-related).

i'm supposed to tag 7 people: linda, jamie, nik, nic, davinie, ali, hillary.

tomorrow i see them. yep. again.

have a good one :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

jump straight on into this picture so pretty

so the weather down here has been lovely the last few days (minus saturday). it's making me a teeny bit less anti so-cal for once. it was perfect on sunday - i couldn't let it pass by without getting outside. so i dragged judy out for a mini photoshoot.

it was an excuse for me to show off this cute dress, lol:

other shots:

hooray for spring-like weather!

looking forward to this week...lots of good stuff coming up :)

have a good one :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

a thousand years in on piece of silver.

i cut my hair today:
a haircut!

i am in love with it.

also in love with:

vampire weekend. it's happy, fun music.

in other news...possibilities abound and it has me quite excited. it's been a long time coming...but we'll see.

ETA: i realized that i never posted my march studio calico LOs here, so here they are :) this was, like, my favorite kit ever.