Wednesday, February 20, 2008

laced with brilliant smiles

i just spent my evening playing with some actions.

i'd been looking for a set that wasn't too expensive, and would give me some pop that i couldn't get with my own editing. i'd noticed that a lot of free/cheap actions were incredibly crappy, but i didn't want to pay *too* much. i was blog surfing today and came across indie actions on becky's blog. i liked the before and afters, and it was only $20 a set.

so my photos don't look *quite* as good as the ones on the site, but i love the results so far :) plus, it's been fun experimenting.

in other news, this is totally making me sad:

*sigh* i have the worst luck with weather.

have a good one :)


Rebecca said...

Sweet! Your photos look awesome already! I love the clarity and you mind me asking what camera you use?!

Glad you like them!

Jill said...

I have two sets of indie actions and LOVE them :) of course, not that I'm getting much use out of them lately! grr

Pound said...

i'm lol at the weather thing. :P but boooo for bad weather!!!
i am so getting that set, well you know when. hahaha.

Caroline said...

becky - i have a nikon d50 :)

Jon said...
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Lisa Dickinson said...

ooooh you read my mind with this post! I was looking at some actions to the tune of $99, but I think i wil try these first! love the way your photos look!

Jill said...

The before pics are great, but I can totally see that "pop" in the after pics. Niiiiice.

Vee said...

love your photos, i think they look great. at least you are getting rain, this is our second day of snow!

ali mclaughlin said...

love the photos.. I wondered if those actions were good..although I already have a million actions.