Saturday, February 09, 2008

if you could've tried to trust the hand that fed

aventures at roy's:

- the waiter was coveting a dSLR (specifically, the 40D), and so he was amused while taking group pics of us and playing with my camera. he ended up taking, like, 5 shots:

(unfortunately it was really really dark and i had to use flash for all these food shots, which is tricky...and makes me want an external flash even more)

- i had this crunchy winter roll for my appetizer. it was shrimp tempura, avocado, shiso, curry aioli sauce and some other stuff and it was delicious:

- a few of us had this miso-glazed salmon salad, which was also delicious. the salmon was soooo tender and flavored just right:

- my main dish: crab dynamite...which wasn't actually crab (the sauce was crab-based). it was sashimi inside some seared fish. it was awesome. so, so good.

- for dessert, most of us got the warm chocolate souffle. let's just was heavenly.

- one of us opted for this praline thing. it was like flan, but also quite good.

- we ended up in a huge food coma:

ah, restaurant week. i loved you. i wish i could've tried more places. now can next year's be here already?


Chris said...

The desserts look yummo.

kokopuffs said...

i heart Roy's.
and how could someone NOT get the souffle???

melissa said...

looks like a fun night out-and a yummy one too ;)

ricanlaw said...

Everything looks so delicious!

Trude said...

Yumyumyum. Going to have to try that place! My girls and I love food comas too, although we usually go to Honda Ya for that. You should definitely check it out of you're down in the OC:

They're open til 1am, which is perfect for after-hours snacks. :)

Pound said...

man that foofy sushi looks sooooo good. damn you. and restaurant wk. :P

Vee said...


Lisa Dickinson said...

oh my i'm drooling. it all looks delish!