Tuesday, February 26, 2008

maybe i'm wrong, i'm feeling right

it was quite an eventful weekend! it also decided to be cold and rain for 2 days, but i survived. i think i can take norcal weather now! heh.

the problem with the rain was that i didn't take very many pictures. plus, i accidentally left my memory card in my laptop on saturday. whoops.

but there was lots of food, new adventures, more zachary's and pool playing, and lots of good times.

i WILL be back. quite soon. and perhaps for a new reason now.

(this last shot made me really sad. sigh)

have a good one :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

and all the gold dust in her eyes won't reform into rain

so did i tell you LA traffic lame and i never leave for the airport at the right time (either i end up showing 2.5 hours early, or i start cutting it really close)?

today, i came ridiculously close to missing my flight. as in, i arrived at the southwest counter 11 minutes before my scheduled departure.

almost missed it...
(so i had planned for my photo of the day to be some cool plane shot. obviously, that did not happen).

i made it to the gate 3 minutes before takeoff. luckily, they were running a little behind and there were several other stragglers.

so i get on the plane...at this point my lovely A boarding has been bumped to crappy C boarding, which meant that i took a random middle seat that wass open. i was not pleased. especially when i discovered that i had ended up in one of the emergency exit rows and the guy next to me asked "are you 15?"

yeah. geez. thanks. apparently i look 14. hmph.

anyhow, i made it. i'm here. and the rest of the night was lovely - indian food, potato balls, lifehouse and telemundo (and trying to translate), and youtubing.

more adventures await me...cross your fingers that it doesn't rain....or at least *too* hard.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

laced with brilliant smiles

i just spent my evening playing with some actions.

i'd been looking for a set that wasn't too expensive, and would give me some pop that i couldn't get with my own editing. i'd noticed that a lot of free/cheap actions were incredibly crappy, but i didn't want to pay *too* much. i was blog surfing today and came across indie actions on becky's blog. i liked the before and afters, and it was only $20 a set.

so my photos don't look *quite* as good as the ones on the site, but i love the results so far :) plus, it's been fun experimenting.

in other news, this is totally making me sad:

*sigh* i have the worst luck with weather.

have a good one :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

wait, they don't love you like i love you

the weekend:
lemon cream pie, h&m, pinkberry, trying to redeem a southwest award, taco truck, rockband, maps, and scrapping a-plenty.

i have barely been able to put my studio calico kit down since it arrived the other day. here are a few more peeks:

(click for a bigger view)

three more days and i'll be up north again. yes, i'm aware that i was *just* there. cross your fingers for me that it won't rain (and that my flight doesn't get delayed).

have a good one :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

just to stay in the corner of your heart

i'm quite tired and my legs hurt, but i had some fun times at CHA! i looooooved meeting a bunch of new people (especially my fellow '08 masters, most of whom i'd never met, and my studio calico girls), seeing people again after a year, checking out new goodies, and talking to the MM staff.

some highlights:
- me walking around as davinie all day sunday because my badge was missing, and then having a bunch of people look at me going "i think i know you but you're not davinie."

- meeting april, scarlet, the g-man (aka greg, april's husband), the davinie sandwich (aka nicole h&s, and davinie), joy, and meeting kirsty (even though only briefly)! i must say the studio calico are absolutely awesome. i loooooved spending time with them and meeting them in real life! now i will associate all their posts with their voices!

- finally meeting celeste! she picked me up and said "you're so tiny!" (like almost everyone else meeting me for the first time hah). she's a hoot. i love her. i'm bummed that i didn't get a pic with her :(

- a mission with mle. hee.

- hanging out with the double-D girls and having some random guy jump into our group picture and look at home. it was the most random thing ever. you can see debi's LO of the pic here.

- FINALLY meeting jamie (and MR too!)

- meeting several of my fellow my fellow masters at dinner for the first time! they're awesome :) and i thought this last year too, but the MM staff is absolutely fantastic. i love working for them!

- meeting a lot of HMer girls! so fun :)

- running after all the food (dav kept making fun of me for it!)

- g-man doing make n takes! hehe. he has a man crush on tim hotlz ;)

- dinner at the cheesecake factory - nik's "arm." me taking pictures of food again. birthday singing. lemon raspberry cheesecake. yum.

i'll probably post about product later on the MMM blog :)

a couple of other people i saw:

may and audrey, whom i worked with on the SBA team. i also got the chance to be published in their awesome book, paper&pixels.

sweet, sweet becky.

cindy was supersweet also!

kelli crowe who is fabulous!

the supertalented kelly goree who was rocking the make n takes :)

the absolutely adorable elsie

i loooooved meeting kelly noel!

i finally met laura from my days on the late nite threads!

to anyone else i met this week, i absoltely loved meeting ya! so good to finally be able to meet people i hang with online!

have a good one :)

ETA: check out my product blurbs here.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

if you could've tried to trust the hand that fed

aventures at roy's:

- the waiter was coveting a dSLR (specifically, the 40D), and so he was amused while taking group pics of us and playing with my camera. he ended up taking, like, 5 shots:

(unfortunately it was really really dark and i had to use flash for all these food shots, which is tricky...and makes me want an external flash even more)

- i had this crunchy winter roll for my appetizer. it was shrimp tempura, avocado, shiso, curry aioli sauce and some other stuff and it was delicious:

- a few of us had this miso-glazed salmon salad, which was also delicious. the salmon was soooo tender and flavored just right:

- my main dish: crab dynamite...which wasn't actually crab (the sauce was crab-based). it was sashimi inside some seared fish. it was awesome. so, so good.

- for dessert, most of us got the warm chocolate souffle. let's just say...it was heavenly.

- one of us opted for this praline thing. it was like flan, but also quite good.

- we ended up in a huge food coma:

ah, restaurant week. i loved you. i wish i could've tried more places. now can next year's be here already?

Friday, February 08, 2008

dont worry you'll still be able to place me

this and that:

sweet temptations
- someone tell me how i baked 2 dozen of these, gave 10 or so away, and only have 7 left a day later? ...yeah.

i voted....
- i voted.

- have kept up with my photo a day plan so far...i've been posting them all on flickr.

- i'm feeling rather uncreative this week, and it's driving me insane.

- i have been searching for an elusive yellow coat from here (it's not even online, hmph). if i was a size bigger, this would not be a problem.

- i need a haircut. finding a possible style? giving me a headache. any suggestions?

- saw juno finally. loved it!

- there's a fun giveaway on the AC blog, along with a bunch of cute valentine goodies from the DT girls. where's mine, you ask? well, i'm kind of anti-valentine's day so i'm working on it.

- can't wait to eat at roy's tomorrow. did i tell you i love restaurant week?

- to help out a fellow studio calico girl - check this out and watch this.

- i'll be at CHA sunday and tuesday. if you see me, say hi. i'll be that girl who looks like she isn't old enough to be on the floor. haha.

have a good one :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

it's lucky i'm clever

it's been a good weekend: hanging out, plans for the end of the month, going to a rally, being within 15 feet of america ferrera, target, a get-together, cranium (and owning once again), charades, a good superbowl game (even though i didn't have a side), and restaurant week.

so we took this event as a chance to check out circa 55 at the beverly hilton for lunch today, and it was quite delicious - especially the dessert, which was amazing. soooooo good. i was so full!

(i know, i know. i spent way too much time taking pictures of the food before eating it. hehe. i couldn't resist.)

hoping to do another place on friday for dinner!

in other news, i played with chris's flash, and now i want my own. *sigh*

have a good one :)