Monday, December 03, 2007

complex notes inside the chords

randomness on a sunday evening:

* how is it december already? i feel like i blinked sometime back in january, and then all of a sundden it was the end of the year. crazy, crazy.

* i just realized that i really don't know how to dress myself cutely in the cold. i either freeze or look like asomthing the cat dragged in. argh

* the office is seriously the best show ever. i'm finally hooked, and am dying of laughter while watching my seaosn 2 DVDs.

* i am loving rosie thomas lately.

* i read about a cool technique in the photojojo newsletter and i immediately had to try it. the result:

it was fun to do something cool with the camera, because it has barely been used in the last month or so. definitely trying other shapes and other effects this weekend.

* busted out some digi:

have a good one :)


Anilu Magloire said...

Love the pic effect. So cool!
The digi pages are fabu, as always.

Vee said...

i love your pages, saw that technique on the newsletter too! I can't believe we are in the last month of the year too!

Jocelyn said...

i bet you're fab at dressing for the cold- just go for the layers :)

and i really love that picture!! Gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous pages!!!

Yup... looking cute in winter is really hard! I'd say go with layering.. that always works for me better. :D

Waleska said...

you're too funny! love that shot and the pages :)

melissa said...

what a cool technique :) lovin the digi too

Pound said...

of course we suck at dressing for cold. look where we live!!!
still planning my super secret bokeh challenge. :P

MsGrace said...

love your effect with teh picture. I need to play with my camera more.