Friday, September 28, 2007

red carpet

the new studio calico kit is up.

here's what i did with it:

i loved, loved, LOVED that kit. the combo of elements in there is really unique, and almost a little hard to work wth, but once you get going with it, everything just flows and it seems to be the most natural thing ever. seriously. awesome.

i would also suggest that you check out the work of the other girls, because there is so much eye candy in that gallery that it will seriously blow you away.

i've been slowly crossing things off my to-do list, while being distracted by the sims and heroes. seriously, why is are sims addicting? they're hilarious.

oh and grey's is back. let the good times begin :)

have a good one!

Friday, September 21, 2007

viva las vegas!

i'm back from memorytrends!

i posted about the product over here on my MMM blog, so have a looksie there. in a nutshell, i was in love with the new making memories fifth avenue line, MOD, MME's out and about line, new AC vinyl thickers, and the ultra-thick hambly overlays.

i chatted with a bunch of people, including these three:


ali edwards


these shots are from walking around vegas (half of them are from the ventian, i think):

(because chriselda told me to prove that i had a crepe. oh btw, it was a darn GOOD crepe)

this was from the plane home. those clouds were a clue that we would be having cold-ish, fall-like weather in LA.

last but not least...

studio calico sneak peek!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


or rather yesterday, i suppose.

went to the LA county fair with these people:

ate this:

deep fried twinkie, krispy kreme chicken sandwich, and deep fried coke. all three were surprisingly rather delicious. everyone should try them once!

and this:

turkey legs. it was funny because jason was talking about them in some radio interview a few weeks ago, and also during the show.

met them:

oh yeah....i met lifehouse. we were walking and judy happened to spot them at hot dog on a stick and called out to me. but i missed getting a photo WITH them. i did get to chat with rick (the drummer) about gator bites (on their blog on myspace, he had talked about how he was looking forward to them and i was wondering that they were), and jason said hey to me. i was about to faint and i was shaking. that was lovely. anyway, they both agreed to a photo, but while they were gathering the troops, this lady with her cute little baby son jumped in front of me and got her pic, then their tour manager said they had to go. sigh. next time, perhaps.

they rocked the show:

seriously. i think i like them more and more every time i see them. which makes me want more, which keeps making me go to concerts. but they're really worth it. they were spot-on today, and had a lot of energy, despite 90% of the crowd being in their seats, which annoyed me. especially the people in the $100 section, who were all sitting down. grrr.

went on this:

today was intensely staisfying.
and a lot of fun.

now i must finish packing...i'm going to arizona tomorrow (my second cousin is here from japan, and we are dropping him off at my aunt's, where he's staying for a week, and then to vegas monday...memory trends tuesday and wednesday. let me know if you're going :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

christine+ryan (the end), HMITM fun

finally finished up the wedding photos -

i finally did a HMITM's been awhile:

up next: i found this cool area to shoot in while out for dinner one night, so i went back the next day and had a fun photo shoot. so i'll post pics.

oh - and if you're going to memory trends, let me know! some things are working in my favor right now, and i believe i will be going! :)

have a good one :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

christine + ryan (part 2)

continuing with the wedding pictures...

my shots from the ceremony were poo...mostly because i don't know how to deal with direct sun and harsh shadows (i figure the official photogs were getting them anyway...which is why you should hire a pro). i also was shooting from the crowd, which meant i ended up cropping out a lot of heads afterwards...but that's another story.

after the ceremony:

during the toast:

first dance, the cake, amd other stuff coming later!