Thursday, June 28, 2007

hello, hotness.

it was really hot today.
which made me really irritated today.
even at target. well this slow woman was irritating me there.

but anyhow.

- studio calico's DT gallery is up. which means i can finally share these pages -

- speaking of studio calico, the add-on kit also went up. it included these adorable crochet flowers that cindy made. which i ended up hoarding, and not using. but that's another story.

- some other scrapping -

this is what the title refers to. this also happens to be for the dare

and i finally got my own HMITM challenge done. check it out. you can win a cool set of stamps from pink sugar pop.

- have you seen this sneak peek of the new american crafts stuff? i just about hyperventilated when i saw that paper. good, good stuff.

- launchcast rocks. i love how i can create my own station.

- and finally....

i was invited to contribute to this book late last year. i was really excited about it - i absolutely LOVED the concept. i mean, sarcastic greeting card sentiments? totally loving it. the sentiments were absolutely hilarious and i enjoyed working with them. i had them show up on my doorstep the other day, and i'm gonna give one away. so just comment on this post and i'll pick a name in the next few days.

(ETA: the book is by north light books, and amazon says it'll start shipping on july 6. i'm not sure where exactly it'll be available, but i'm thinking paper stores. and borders/barnes and noble usually carries north light)

have a good one :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


lifehouse was AWESOME.

we got there later than expected but early enough to be able to stand 3 rows from the stage. which resulted in these pictures:

(there are days when i love point and shoots. like when they fit inside a travel-sized tampon box. yeah. awesome).

jason wade is ridiculously gorgeous (and his voice is sexy). i just about died when he walked out. i mean, i knew he was hot but he was just...hotter than i expected? i don't know.

oh and the music. that was awesome. besides the shortened set (but they were opening, so whatever). lifehouse is a really good live band.

<*/end teenybopper moment>

now. the goo goo dolls. johnny rzeznik = old. he walked onto the stage wearing this zip up hoodie, zipped about 3/4 of the way up, with nothing underneath. umm...okay. you're old and you're pale. he also left the hood on through the entire set...which made everyone go "TAKE IT OFF!"

their first few songs were iffy (i really did not like how he sang "slide"), but "iris" was beyond amazing. they totally redeemed themselves with that. so yes, the goos were pretty awesome too.

april tagged me, but i'm having trouble thinking about random facts, so i'll get to that later this week.

a quick digi (you can grab the template and word art for it here - for free :)

have a good one :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

lazy summer days.

- it was his birthday. so we went to celebrate.

- went to portos with the girls.

- have a hot date with, err i meant seeing in concert this hotness on saturday.

dude. jason wade is HOT.

there's actually this long story of us chasing down tickets, but i won't bore you with that (short version: the goo goo dolls decided to do this charity concert in september and postponed the original concert we were going to)

- scrappin' fun.

happy summer :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007


1. trying to get back into the digi:

2. CKU was a blast. minus the waking up at the 5:30 part. but it was cool meeting lots of scrappers! it was also cool to see people discovering the beauty of digital. jessica sprague is a genius and totally awesome (even when she is sick). also got to meet CD muckosky, who is a total sweetie, and ali edwards who was just really cool. also got to catch up with michelle van etten, whom i first met at CHA - love that girl.

3. didn't go to san diego for their graduation. exhaustion.

4. family picnic today. it's an annual thing. lots of yummy mexican food, silly games, lots of fun. and a bunch of photos of my little cousin. (there were other photos of other people. that didn't come out so great).

(this is supposed to be a really cheesy/fake smile, by the way. it cracks me up)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


it's officially summer for me now.
and then it's a few random classes in september, then off to san diego in january for part two of my college journey.
even though this first part took me waaaay too long.

another studio calico sneak peek:

april has a cool RAK going on her blog, so check it out. scarlet has some fun stuff on her blog, too.

speaking of things to check out...have you seen the american crafts blog yet? there's a giveaway going on there, too.

finished a mini which is posted here.
inspired by the "day in the life" blog entry which was inspired by skulls, which also has cool things going on.

things to do before friday:
- cut hair (i've only been saying this for the last 3 months)
- digi scrap (times 3)
- post office (BLECH)

okay, i guess my list isn't very long. but i forget things.

this weekend shall be packed:
- helping out jessica sprague at CKU on friday. if you see me there, say hi :) i don't bite.
- san diego (i think) for my friend's graduation
- family thing sunday.

my camera should get a workout.

anyhow. have a good one :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

she's up to something....

(click for bigger image)

have you heard about studio calico yet?

i was totally stoked to be asked by april and scarket to join them on their exciting new venture. they've put together some fab, fun, totally cute kits. i love that they include neutral colored cardstock in their kits, along with the coordinating shades. because sometimes that's *just* the right touch. and april has told me that she plans on packaging up her kits in a cuuute way, starting with august's kit. pretty cool stuff.

did you also check out who i'll be working with? the one and only super-talented kelly goree. she's one of my absolute faves, so i'm super excited!

i am sad to be leaving kirsten and TWTD but i can't wait to start on this new venture. i really believe in this dream of april's and scarlet's, and am excited to start!

oh, and check out their blogs for a little more about studio calico and a few more peeks :) the site premieres on june 14 (which is this coming thursday), so check it out!

(i'll probably put up another peek or two in the next few days).

and this for the saturday scraplift at DD. it's a life of the absolutely amazing steph so it was fun! (although...i really strayed from the original. oops) :)

have a good one :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

dim sum, wal-mart, bubbles and courier people. (and beer)

eventful day!

first - went to dim sum for lunch with the boys. good stuff. especially turnip cake. which we were arguing over (to see who gets the best, most well-done part).

second - decided to go to wal-mart. discovered some bubbles for really cheap, so chris bought some.

third - went to a park to play with said bubbles.

(i ended up shooting in RAW all day. did i tell you that the sharpness and quality is awesome? even though editing them is quite difficult?)

chris posted some photos too. for once, brian didn't bring his camera.

fourth - my newspaper adviser is retiring. so they threw a party for her.

she seriously taught me a lot. and brought a lot to the paper. the courier is not going to be the same without her.

got to see a lot of people (staffers, current and old) that i haven't seen in FOREVER. good to catch up! especially with this girl -

fifth - a couple of us went for drinks afterwards. good fun. great time catching up some more. i snapped a few photos.

must do this catching up thing more often. because courier people are awesome.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i'm 22.

um yeah. how did that happen? lol :)

i kept forgetting it was my birthday today. is that happens when you start getting old? hehe.

went out with some buddies to gordon biersch for garlic fries and drinks.

my photos were kind of ehhhh. but here they are anyway.

stopped by a nearby frozen yogurt place afterwards, where everyone in the store proceeded to sing me happy birthday. can we say...dying of embarrassment (thanks LINH)? i guess it was all worth it because i ended up with a coupon for a free yogurt. hehe.

(this guy had skills. he was FAST. apparently he used to be a drummer.)

it was a good day :)

- to brian, chris, david, amy and linh for taking me out.
- to april and scarlett for the package.
- for all the phone calls, facebook wall posts and myspace comments.
- the posts on 2Ps and scrapinstyle (esp. to breanne and celeste.
- all the cards from the DD girls.
- to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :)

(i sound like i just accepted an oscar. or something)

you all made my day :)

some random weekend scrapping -

for HMITM.

(i found a new source of inspiration in my high school yearbook. good stuff in there. this was inspired by what judy wrote, but there were a lot of hilarious things in there that would make a good scrapbook page.)

oh, and my news may have something to do with this.
looks fabulous :D
more on that later.