Tuesday, May 29, 2007


was really really really hot.
that's all i can say.
although. it was fun.

i really didn't take many photos, and wasn't really impressed with the ones i did take, but here they are anyway.

view of the sunset from my aunt's house. the view used to be a lot better, but there are soooo many new houses today! seriously, it seems like every time we go, there are a bunch of new houses in the neighborhood.

a 60 oz. margarita on the river (in laughlin). i shared it with my aunt. i knew it was waaaaay too much for me.

roadrunner in my aunt's yard. they used to visit her place allll the time. and her and my uncle used to feed them...but they haven't really been there since my uncle passed away a few years ago. this one kept running away from me...and since i don't own a telephoto lens (and don't plan on buying one for a while), this was the best i could do.

flowers in my aunt's yard

driving along red rock canyon, a little bit out of vegas. the air was kinda smoggy, so that's why you get this yucky blue tint.

the front of one of the casinos in laughlin. (this photo explains why i'm planning to buy a wider lens next week)

on the agenda tomorrow with the boys: mini golfing (among other things) at boomers. i had this urge after seeing tara whitney's blog.

Friday, May 25, 2007

making me happy. (+ 20 questions)

- 4-day weekend (friday is part of my weekend)!
- honey nut chex mix.
- good win by the dodgers
- this amazingly flattering dress -

which was also fabulously cheap. gotta love forever 21 (they also have fab, CHEAP camis and basic tees).
- an e-mail from scrapbooks etc.
- an early birthday present.
- an amazingly fun package from gigi.
- lovely catalogs, aka eye candy (delias, jcrew, urban outfitters).
- pirates 3! it was good. although. you need to pay attention and remember what went on in the first two. or you will be lost. but the ending was good. and i freaking love jack sparrow. and i think i need it to watch it again to process it (watching the midnight showing when you're sleepy = not that great an idea).
- costco toilet paper (random, i know)
- pesto alfredo shrimp pizza. from some place at the LA farmers market. really good stuff.
- fun stickers from mrs. grossman's. yes, you read that correctly.

anyways. hillary tagged me, so here goes -
1. regular or diet soda: diet. because i drink a lot of it and i felt way too guilty when i was guzzling the regular stuff. and when i switched to diet, i lost 10 lbs.

2. salt or pepper: i like pepper for some reason. well, except when you have to eat a whole spoonful of it. which my friends dared me to do once. i wouldn't recommend it!

3. hot or cold weather: um. neither. can i go with in between? but i think i like hot better. i can't survive in the cold.

4. dogs or cats: dogs. cats hate me!

5. dieting or exercise: i would rather exercise. because i can't give up my beloved food.

6. cooking or doing dishes: cooking. all the way. i don't mind cooking, i kind of like it sometimes...but i HATE doing the dishes afterwards. ewww.

7. sleeping or shopping: oh man. tough choice. i'll go with shopping!

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse: i actually don't know, because i've never really eaten at either.

9. classical or hip hop music: depends. love some hip hop, but some of it annoys the crap out of me because they play it over and over and over... and i'm a huge classical buff.

10. dancing or playing sports: dancing. i'm slightly better at it. we ikejis are NOT atheletes.

11. back rub or foot rub: back rub.

12. fruits or vegetables: hmm....fruits.

13. Grey's Anatomy or House: grey's. hands down. although i've never watched house. even though i hear it's good.

14. coffee or tea: coffee, baby.

15. curling up with a good book or a night out on the town: that would totally depend on my mood and whether or now i was feeling lazy that night.

16. Straight hair or curly hair: straight.

17. skirts or shorts: skirts. i never wear shorts. but i love wearing (and buying) skirts.

18. burgers/hotdogs or chinese food: that would depend on a number of factors.

19. vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico: switzerland. it has this romantic european vibe.

20. sports car or SUV: ummmm. SUV. it would make up for my shortness. or something.

i tag: amy, ali, jill, and yen.

i'm off to 110-degree arizona tomorrow.
have a good weekend! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

wednesday night bonfire/BBQ

oh yes. fun with fire and food again. we had a bonfire/BBQ at tri's last week and it was totally fun...so the boys decided they wanted to do it again. this time with some more food (including s'mores! whoo hoo!) and a few more people.

i totally gave up on trying to take photos in pitch darkness last time...but with the help of a little fluorescent lamp and the fire itself, i tried to experiment a little.

(he kind of looks like he's being eaten by the fire. haha)

(there's some weird distortion going on here. i don't know why but i can't fix it. it might have something to do with the editing, though.)

good times, good times.

my mother and my aunt came back from japan today (i guess it would be yesterday, technically) and i am rather happy. did i mention they came with japanese snacks?

i think i've made up my mind about which lens to get next. hopefully, it will be in my hands in the next few weeks! :)

have a good one :0

Monday, May 21, 2007

it's my weekend and i....

* watched a lot of baseball.
went to two dodgers vs. angels games.
too bad the dodgers got spanked in both of them and eventually got swept.

* scrapped. a lot.
because i think my mojo is back. finally.
finished up some random challenges and dug into the stuff i'd been hoarding (basic grey, chatterbox, hambly).
feels good to use things

(this one is for HMITM. it was a good one this week. check it out)

(photo by brian. wanted to make use of those camera in face shots that we always seem to be taking)

hm. i'm kind of boring.
uh. here's a photo from the other day.

from the bonfire/bbq thursday night with the boys.
the only decent photo i had.

in other news.
i turn 22 in 2 weeks which i find crazy.
i can't believe it's almost june which i also find crazy.
i'll be in arizona/laughlin over the weekend (and maybe vegas too) and it'll be crazy HOT. not looking forward to the weather...but looking forward to finally getting one of those ginormous margaritas in laughlin. i don't even think i'll be able to finish half of it, but i just want one for fun. and because the glass is cool.

have a good one :)

Friday, May 18, 2007


i haven't done much.

no photo outing this week. tri had to move.
bonfire/BBQ tonight...but shooting in total darkness is rather difficult.
maybe i'll take my camera around for a walk or something tomorrow.

gilmore girls made me cry.
i really didn't watch the last 3 season or so...but i'll miss that show.
and i need to rewatch it on DVDs.
it was just really cute and witty show and i loved it.
it also sort of made me think...about where i am in life...and how i'll have to leave home soon like rory. that just got to me.

grey's made me cry.
that scene with cristina in the end was just amazing.
and just ... wow.
so many emotions running through there.
and other stuff, but i can't think straight at the moment.

been spending way too much time hanging out here.
added a bunch of eye candy to my flickr favorites.
finding fun recipes here
(although i only have to cook for a few more days...my mother is coming back from japan on wednesday).
obsessed with this song (i don't think it has an actual video by the band, but oh well)

might have exciting news, might have not.
we shall see!

happy for a bunch of friends who graduated last week/are graduating this week.

trying to drag out my scrapping mojo. because it has been driving me nuts lately -

thinking that i need to organize my space this weekend.

realizing that i'm up WAY too late!
have a good one :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

i have an adorable cousin.

family get-together today for mother's day
(even though my own mother is out of the country for another week and a half).
lots of food, water (although i didn't swim), dessert, and a game similar to cranium (our team won).

oh and my cute little cousin.
she even played little supermodel for a little while, while julie directed her from behind.

anyways. i turn 22 in three weeks. that's kind of .. um...crazy. how is it that i looked forward to 21 so much and then 22 just feels kind of old? i know it's technically not old, but i just feel like i get older and older from now on, and not younger. ha.

some hmitm fun :)

oh, and i have a little snack obsession right now: archer farms key lime cookie straws. so much that i had to run to target for a second box today. really light and refreshing. which actually makes me forget how many i eat, but oh well...oh, and they're on sale this week. which makes me kind of upset that i made 2 target runs last week to buy them. hmph.

have a good week :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

cliffs, fog and sunset.

it's wednesday - so me and the usual gang headed out for another photo outing. we were originally going to go to the santa monica mountains, but it's been really hot here and i whined that i didn't feel like hiking, sooo. we ended up at the beach again. this time in palos verdes.

brian had spotted portuguese bend on google earth. after looking it up, i also found point vicente, which was nearby. i then found some awesome sunset photos taken there and i was swayed. so i suggested we leave later so we could frolic until the sunset.

bad idea.

the path to portuguese point was blocked off. okay, fine. we find a place to park at this cove park area. we walk around...we see people on the beach. we walk around some more...finally find the pathway to the beach. then we realize the area closes at 4 (okay, first of all...a beach park closing at 4?!). by the time we get there, it is already 4. bummer. so we head down to point vicente. so far so good.

then the fog started rolling in.

who knew it gets this foggy in LA?! eesh.

we made the most of it. it was a very gorgeous scenic area. now if i could see the sunset there one day...it would be nice. ha.

photos from the day :)

after leaving the area and then eating, we headed to cabrillo beach, which we went once upon a time. not an area with a spectacular sunset, but 'twas fun anyhow.

(this will be on the cover of his new emo record. or not. but it looks very emo, doesn't it? haha!

oh. here's a digi i did last night :) i was totally inspired by some wallpaper i saw while flipping through some mag (i forget which) at target. loved the colors and they also had this flower motif...so i played with some jason gaylor brushes to customize that graph paper. fun stuff :)

i did this one for the user highlights on peas for national scrapbook day. i was thrilled when sande e-mailed me ! :)

have a good one :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

scrappy galore.

so, in honor of national scrapbook day/weekend, i -

- changed my blog banner/colors (most of the stuff is from this adorable kit by mindy terasawa.

- spent WAY too much time on the computer.

- had a blast hosting at DD and had even more fun hanging out at all the other chats.

- hung out on peas and scrapsupply for more scrappy fun.

- didn't do much of anything else.

- oh yeah, and i scrapped. like, a lot.

my may TWTD kit got here at exactly the right time. this was my favorite of the kits that kirsten & co. picked out at CHA, so i was excited to FINALLY play with it! :)

fun challenges at scrapsupply

(no patterned paper!! hehe)

there was also a fun challenge to create your own journaling tags which i loved. i made a couple, and can't wait to use them...and to make myself more! so fun :)

HMITM craziness -

(50 rub-ons or stickers..or a combination of them...plus scrap an inanimate object. not as hard as it sounds - i think i used 70! if you do it, link your page here).

a digi with this pretty kit from paislee press. which happened to match these pictures of my cousin quite perfectly.

all in all....a very scrappy weekend, indeed.