Monday, April 30, 2007

stars, lollipops, flashes, and scrappy fun.

* citywalk fun.
brian got a new toy for his camera (aka an external flash), and wanted to go somewhere to experiment with it. unfortunately, he forgot to read his flash bible before using it. but i had some fun shots :)

* i scrapped up a storm. yay.

HMITM fun. marci's challenge is awesome. so go do it.

i *heart* colorstrology. and i love yellow, so yay.

dare fun. and i used a bunch of hambly that i'd been hoarding.

*tapex fun.
i made the decision to start shooting RAW indoors because i was getting tired of the lame white balance issues...and editing them, only to end up with a grey-ish pictures. RAW doesn't really help when you are taking crappy photos anyways, but yes, it definitely does help. these two are the only decent photos of the night (i wasn't in much of a snapping mood). will have play again wednesday.

(yes, i do love throwing lights out of focus with manual focus!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

peacocks, flowers, and waterfalls

we went to the arboretum wednesday.
peacocks, flowers, and waterfalls just about sums it up.
that and some ... uh ... dirty minds? yep.

brian took a bunch of photos of me with my camera. i know he wants likes my nikon ;)

chris has some stuff up too.

some digi scrapping:

tuesday was my anniversary for this blog! can you believe i've kept up with this for 2 years?! geez.

on a sadder note, this breaks my heart. please keep jen and joey in your thoughts...i have nothing but the upmost respect for jen...and i can't imagine what she's going through...and i really don't know what else to say. :( and if you haven't...check this out too. it would help out the family tremendously.

Monday, April 23, 2007

i *heart* norcal.

except for the chilly weather, of course (i'm truly a so-cal girl at heart. i'm not used to weather below 60 degrees!)

a recap of my lovely trip-

* somehow made it from the airport to berkeley on the bart. i'm surprised i didn't get lost. especially because these two extremely annoying girls were blasting their "cheap music" (as said by a nearby passenger) and i couldn't hear the announcements....i wanted to smack them.

* the shins were totally amazing. seriously. if you ever get a chance, you should go see them. they're AWESOME!

* while linda and elaine were in class, i finally did some scrap shopping (i haven't done any for MONTHS!) at scrapbook territory. ran into MG there...she is totally the sweetest. love that girl.

* had my fix of top dog and blondie's. and at elise's reccomendation, had nachos at la burrita and they were GOOD. and of course, strawberry nutella crepes. mmmm.

* also pigged out on chicago-style pizza at zachary's...that stuff ROCKS.

* loved the tri-tip at brazil cafe, which is literally a shack. i guess that is part of the experience. it's certainly a cool shack.

* and you just gotta love walking around in berkeley. i love the atmosphere.

* walked 1/4 of the golden gate bridge. i would've loved to go further, but we had no time!

* AT&T park is totally awesome. the only gripes? 1) it's the home of the hated giants, and 2) their parking is $30! (should've barted there. oh well)

* point reyes (i mean, check out the views on the site) would've been really amazing.....but it poured on us. and it was freezing. and foggy. apparently there's always bad weather on cal day (which was saturday). so i'm trying to convince the boys to roadtrip there over the summer...when it's not supposed to rain.

* pigged out at a seafood buffet in fremont. two words: crab legs.

* window shopping at elephant pharmacy. these organic/boho-ish stores have such cool stuff.

* me and elaine tried to finish 3 lbs. of ice cream at fenton's. well, we knew we weren't going to finish it, but ordered the ginormous banana special anyway. everyone kept looking over. it was hilarious.

* i didn't take that many photos. well, not as many as i thought i would. but here are some -

this thing sits in the lobby of my friends' apartment. it's been there forever. it's interesting

gotta love the flower stands on practically every corner up there! it's something you don't have in so-cal!

sather tower on the cal campus

one of the buildings on campus

from the japanese garden at golden gate park

this is probably a no-no in photo composition (distracting), but i kinda like it.

they had a place where you could have tea in the japanese garden. it was $3. i was up for it...then i saw that it wasn't very authentic. so i took a photo of these people instead. they look happy.

i love the buidlings/houses in san francisco! they're so cool - i want to live in one!

this is some palace in another part of golden gate park.

ah yes. the bridge!

at&t park. we sat next to some hilarious people. i was thinking that giants fans are so much nicer than LA fans....then we noticed that a nearby section was chanting "beat LA"...we couldn't figure out why...until we noticed that there were two kids sitting there and wearing dodger caps (why would you wear dodger gear to a giants game when it's not a game AGAINST the dodgers?)

i have a thing for stadium lights

a view from the stadium. told ya it was nice!

you can even see the bay bridge!

rainy rainy point reyes...we practically ran out for like a minute and ran back into the car. i'm sure this was not a good thing for my non-weatherproof camera...but i hid it in my coat when i wasn't using it.

this was from near the parking area for the lighthouse...i'm sure on a clear day you can actually see it. and i'm sure this view would be AMAZING on a clear day. but this is what i got. elaine was like "you could swear you were in a hurricane or something." ha.

out 3 lbs. of ice cream from fenton's. :)