Saturday, March 31, 2007

photos photos photos.

i guess that's all my blog posts are these days.

these are from san pedro (aka the beach) with the boys -

dragged another one into the dark world of dSLRs. chris got a D50 this week. they're discontinued now and apparently quite hard to find!

i made the brian take ridiculous photos of me posing with stuff i drew in the sand. and with MY camera. ha.

it was inspired by this..

i thought this would come out cooler than it did.

he needed a facebook photo. actually, he was the only one without a dSLR. so he had to model.

the boys liked this one.

he looks all emo. hahah!

so remember the lighthouse i was talking about in my last post? this is the walkway to get to it. i'm glad we didn't go. well not that we could, because the walkway was blocked with a "DANGER" sign. but look at those waves. crazy. and the boulders WERE crazy looking.

and these are from yesterday - the getty with the girls.
i didn't take that many. and i was unimpressed with most of my photos. these are mostly from the garden...

i have a thing for chandeliers, apparently. unfortunately, neither of these photos are my favorites.

i'm starting to realized that i need a new, wider lens soon. even though i absolutely ADORE my 50...

just wanted to get these up before heading off the the beach tonight. because i anticipate another pile of photos.

oh, and i digi scrapped.
lots and lots of cool new goodies at DD...or to come tomorrow! just HAD to play with them!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


first. here's this week's HMITM LO. if you're like me, you have tons of ribbon. USE IT. 30 pieces. or more if you like ;)

second. one of my LOs is features on disc talk radio this week. it's on dishin' the digi coast to's a free show so listen in :) shanah and deann almost made me cry with their sweet comments. and they're both a hoot, so they cracked me up too :)

third. the weather is strange in so-cal. we had some crazy wind yesterday.

fourth. one of the other boys got a D50 too. did you know that now that those things are discontinued, they're a PITA to find? eesh. i know the D40 is an "upgrade," but there are certain things that i think the D50 has an advantage with. like the lens compatibility issue.

fifth. sanjaya needs to go. seriously. what the #%(*&#($*& was up with that pony hawk?

sixth. to celebrate chris's new purchase, the boys and i were going to go to this lighthouse. which looked cool. and it has a 1.5 mile "walk" to get to. sounds cool, right? til we read that it's more of an "adventure." oooh, adventure. yeah, you can get soaked by the waves. and there are boulders. tons of boulders. several stretches of boulders, including this one crazy long stretch. you can see it from google earth (zoom in). then we read that they won't let you near it anymore for security reasons. yeah, okay. time to find a new lighthouse. hahah.

seventh. what's an entry without photos? went out with the girls yesterday. went to portos for lunch.

(she had a foodgasm. ha)

then the mall, and caltech for pictures. except it was cold and everyone was cranky. hahaha.

you can tell it's cold and windy here. everyone looks like they're freezing.

(she wanted a new "emo picture for facebook."

what's a shoot without jumping shots? :P

okay, so that was a lot of pictures.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

so these boys.

i've been hanging with them a lot.
and i like them.
why? they walk around with a camera like i do. (well, and they're cool)
and even though they SOMETIMES whine when i stick a camera in front of their face...
well i'm not the only one who's doing it. so i don't feel as bad.
and one of them also shoots with an SLR. he actually nudged me into the SLR world.

so anyways. we've had a couple of outings this week.
first, we went to exposition park, which has a bunch of museums. and a rose garden.
we ended up walking into the museum of natural history. bad call. because i went there for field trips about 4 times between grades 1 and 6.
and nothing has really changed.
and the dinos were closed, which made me feel ripped off.
a couple of shots -

today. we went to santa monica...because us SLR nerds wanted to shoot the ferris wheel at night.
so i figured out how to set my camera at night. and i played around a lot. and got some cool stuff.
and we made the non-SLR shooters a bit jealous :P
and this one photog guy complimented us. that was sweet. although when he first came up to us, we thought he was going to steal our cameras. haha!
and realized i needed a tripod pretty badly. because i was using this little ledge that people use to put fish bait on to hold my camera steady.
and it was slimy and it smelled like crap. ewwww.
but i got good shots. and i borrowed brian's tripod too.

okay, so i realize that this post was VERY photo-heavy. sorry for the loading time!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the congrats on my last post! i'm still giddy from it all :)
and HUGE CONGRATS to the HOFers!!! especially to my buddy jill. especially because she pushed me to enter this year :)